Xpress Money Bot Review

Xpress Money Bot Review: Looking out for simple ways to earn good money? If you haven’t heard of the term “binary options automated trading system”, then now is the time that you acknowledge its importance. Binary option robot trading system is a great platform for those who wish to make it big on the online platform by earning huge profits. It only requires to searching for a reliable and best binary options brokers such as IQ Option or options signals platform like Option Robot and then you can invest some money into the same. This gives you the access to start trading online with the help of the particular trading system.

Xpress Money Bot Review

As lucrative as might sound, there are certain risks attached to it as well. As there are some reliable binary trading portals, you would also come across various fraudulent portals that simply run away with your hard-earned money. The question is how you should identify a fraudulent trading scheme. This is why we always come up with our detailed review of various online trading platforms such that you are able to do the analysis. One such name in the binary options trading industry that we would be reviewing today is the Xpress Money Bot trading software. If you have not heard of this trading system before, you can get an overview of the same through this comprehensive review of ours.

This trading system is an automated trading software that provides the online platform to the traders to generate money. The system claims that it is quite simple to use the trading software. There is no prior knowledge or experience needed in the binary options trading system to earn profits from this trading portal. Therefore, even as a beginner, you can invest your money into this system. However, all of these claims need to be verified to place your trust into this binary trading system.

The most alarming revelation about this trading software is that there is absence of any information about the creator or founder of this system. Moreover, the company name behind the functioning of this trading system is also missing. This implies the fact that this trading system might not even be registered. As the company name is missing, one cannot expect to find the contact number or address of the trading company as well. Therefore, it can be considered that it is an entirely fake service that has been set up with wicked thoughts and motives. It is advised to the naïve as well as to the experienced traders to not place their trust on this trading platform. If they would do so, it would be at their own risk.

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How Does Xpress Money Bot Work?

As far as the working of this trading system is concerned, there is very little information on this aspect as well. The trading system enlightens too little about the algorithm, method or strategy used by its software for helping out the traders in earning a good amount of money. The only available information that is actually available is that the traders can open a free demo account in addition to the real binary trading account with this trading platform.

There has been no single revelation about the working of this platform, or what principles or algorithms the software was created. Moreover, the traders are also not given any proper indication about what they should expect out of this trading platform. Therefore, there is no accepting this trading software as a legit or reliable one.

xpress money bot main page and the only page view they allow user to see

Disturbing Facts Found About Xpress Money Bot Trading System

The most alarming thing that was found by the experts of the binary options trading system with this trading software was with respect to the registration page or form. When the traders are asked to fill the particular registration form, this trading system opens the binary trading software automatically with an option to create the demo account. Is not this some kind of forced act? You might think that there is no big deal in opening a free demo account with this trading system. Therefore, several newbie traders fall into the trap of creating a free demo account with the same. However, what happens later is the main catch.

The demo traders with this system are completely fake and scammers. This is because of the fact that these transactions and activities are not occuring in the real trading market. The trick has been laid out only to cheat you. This would make the traders eager to deposit some real money into this trading platform. The traders would stay under the thought that Xpress Money Bot is a highly profitable trading system. When you would deposit real cash and as trades would happen on the trading market, you would eventually start losing the money. This is the big fraudulent delusion that these scammers put you in. As a result of this, you end up losing your money which goes straight into the bank accounts of these scammers.

There are several more proofs presented by the experts of the binary options trading system that confirm that this trading system is nothing, but a big scam. For instance, for trading successfully with this trading software, the traders would require a broker. However, nowhere on the entire website you could see the mention of any name that would confirm the fact that the brokers that present on this system are reliable or not. As you would be dealing with unlicensed brokers, there are higher chances of losing the trade and eventually, your hard-earned money as well. As this trading system is completely anonymous, you would not even be able to file any legal complaint against the same. Therefore, it is advised by the experts that you stay away from this dangerous scam.

Fake Testimonials on the Xpress Money Bot Site

There is nothing promising that could be found on the official site of this trading system. There exists a major lack of information about the vendor of the Xpress Money Bot trading system. Once you would land on the sales page of this trading system, you would be prompted immediately to fill the registration form. The lines that appear on your screen as “the best software to make money automatically” are tempting enough for the naïve traders to invest their hard-earned money into this portal.

Just near to the registration form section, the users would encounter the FAQ section of this trading platform. When you would view it, you would be confused with the jumble of spelling and grammatical mistakes. Now, which reliable platform would do that? In this section, the traders are told that this trading software makes use of some mathematical methods that ensure a high winning rate of 87 percent at all times to the traders. Then, the system goes on to tell that only 13 out of every 100 clients or traders are not satisfied with their services. If they are so good at mathematical calculation, why couldn’t they apply some math here?

If the software had a remarkable winning rate of 87 percent, then there would be no chance that any customer would ask for a refund. This is because the software would be offering an 87 percent win for every trader. The Xpress Money Bot is an automated binary trading software. Therefore, it is supposed to offer the same trades to every single client or trader. This would make the math equation making no sense at all. Therefore, there is no sense in why the trading system is claiming to have a winning rate of 87 percent. The whole layout is very poorly constructed and should not be trusted at all.

Xpress Money Bot Demo

The services of this trading system are promoted greatly with the help of its demo account. This is because they target the traders who would feel that if the particular trading company is giving them the freedom of opening a demo account, then they could test its reliability. However, when you would test the demo account of this trading portal, you would come across several deficiencies and flaws.

When you would closely examine the interface of this trading platform, you would come across the fact that the scammers have simply created a replica of Option Robot. This is another tell-tale sign that you should not be investing even a single penny into this trading platform. Moreover, the demo account offered by the trading software should not be trusted at all. Promoted to win by the execution of fake signals for generating a high success rate is quite evident of the fact that this trading system is not looking out for your best interests. Therefore, it can be said that Xpress Money Bot is a big scam version of the highly legitimate version of Option Robot.

Is Xpress Money Bot Trading System a Scam?

The experts of the binary trading systems have deduced that this trading software is a complete fake portal. You would find nothing inside the functioning of this trading system good or promising. Though the first-time traders might get enticed by the lucrative fake offers and claims made by the same, yet this is exactly that the scammers are looking for. They are in constant search for the naïve traders who would fall into their traps and would invest their hard-earned money into the portal. As such, they are given the freedom to snatch and run away with the money of the traders.

The Xpress Money Bot is a big time scam and does not deserve any of your precious time and especially money. They only have one clear intention –to loot all your money. The lack of this trading platform to provide any relevant information right from the beginning like the company name, address, founder or contact number; has been quite a downplay of its reliability parameters. The experts of binary options trading systems have revealed that the performance results of this trading software have also been highly pathetic.

If in case, you would register with the trading system by providing your email id and contact number, then you should be prepared to receive a handful of spam emails and messages that would constantly urge you to make the investment. You should be careful of the same. This is because even if you end up losing your hard-earned money into this portal, there is no company against which you would be able to file a legal complaint. Therefore, this is a highly dangerous scam and you must stay away from it at all costs!


As the binary options trading experts have revealed that the Xpress Money Bot trading system is a big time scam, the question that arises is that which is the most legitimate trading portal out there. From the reviews and testimonials of thousands of traders from across the world, it can be concluded that Option Robot is by far, the most reliable and legitimate binary trading system on the online portal.

With OptionRobot, you can be convinced of receiving complete details like the company name, address, contact number, founder, team and so much more on its online platform. With the presence of complete transparency about its services, you can place your trust on Option Robot. You can trade with Option Robot as it assures you of the highest returns that are quite possible in the real trading markets. With the help of Option Robot you can open a free demo account to test its reliability in the real sense of trading market scenario. OptionRobot is a 100 percent legit and auto trading software that offers the ease of online binary trading to the beginners as well as to the experienced traders.

OptionRobot works on a profitable money management binary options trading system that assures the traders of the best winning results. With the use of expert indicators, the traders can become aware of the success rate of their trades. The binary Option Robot of this trading platform generates trading signals for the traders that can be executed automatically directly to the linked broker accounts of the traders.

Therefore, if you are in a fix to invest your money into some legit trading system, then Option Robot is the most feasible option for you.

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