Wonder Clicks Review

Wonder Clicks Review: Technological advancement has influenced all areas of our lives. This includes binary options trading which is among the foremost ways for making money online. The ever rising popularity of auto trading systems or binary robots has given rise to so many options that traders become confused as to which brokers are the legitimate ones. Although some of these options already show themselves as ones you should not touch with a one meter pole, there are some that look legitimate from the way they present themselves. Wonder Clicks is one among available auto trading or signal system apps. Aggressively advertised with a professional website, should you spend your money and time on it? This is the exact decision this review is intended to help you make.

What Is Wonder Clicks?

Wonder Clicks trading app is a binary trading system app. Its website claims that it continues to learn from its previously stored data to enhance your outcomes. The site says this is because it is a trading software that is smart and is powered by the algorithm of auto intelligence. This enables it to locate lucrative signals and send instant alerts to even your Smartphone or Tablet. It can send as much as 297 daily signals enabling you to trade as much or as little according to your convenience. The creator of the app claims that the app can make you an average of $1378.96 every day. This he claims is made possible by the app’s 80% or more accuracy score.

With these mighty claims, the website backtracks to tell you that the amount you can make is dependent on your initial deposit. It promises a 100% bonus for all such initial deposits. This is a known tactics for many system trading apps to get traders to commit more money to using them. Another addition with this tactic is the free sign up offer. The site says your sign up costs nothing for 60 days. It says your payment details are not even needed until you decide to continue making huge profits after the trial period. That is when they will then supply you with the details of their secure payment system. But is it not possible that the system might be designed to make trading just s bit more ‘profitable’ for you during this trial period? If so, then there is every probability that it can be done to make you want to become a subscribed member. These and many more are some of the questions that need answers from the creator of the Wonder Clicks app.

Wonder Clicks
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The Wonder Clicks Website

Even though the Wonder Clicks website looks professional, it seems that is the only thing it has going for it. But this can also be a mighty con for you the user as it makes it easy to look legitimate while that isn’t so. If you really look below the surface polish, you will discover some flaws on the website.

  • Licenses: The license’s for a CAT – call to action – at the top corner of the site is nothing but just a JavaScript-powered countdown timer. It is not an actual reflection of any user signing up to the services of the site. It was probably designed to make people rush by adding a touch of scarcity to the welcome page.
  • Ticker Canvas: The ticker canvas which scrolls across the face of the website is just a JavaScript too. The user names that scroll by are very unreal. The names and monetary amounts are just made up by auto generators.
  • Awards Badges: Although they appear real, who awarded them and what do they mean? They are just badges that have been added to instill some feelings of trust. If you study them closely, you will discover that they were just randomly selected from around the internet.
  • Guests: The 50 random guests are nothing but stock pictures and photos of individuals randomly selected from around the internet too. If these people had anything to do with Wonder Clicks, then a cat has everything to do with the science of building rockets.
  • Premium License: The premium license which is claimed to be free by the site is not even a license at all. The link just lands you on the website of a Binary Options broker named Max Options. So much for a ‘free premium license’ wouldn’t you say?
  • Earnings Claims: Where is the authentic proof of the daily $1,378.96 profits the site claims you can make? Everyone knows that Binary Options are very high risk in nature. Only traders who are lucky or highly experienced can make such amounts or, any other amount for that matter from trades.

Wonder Click’s Videos

Wonder Clicks has several advertisement videos both on its website and many other video marketing channels like YouTube. The clips are divided mainly into those that relate user testimonials and one that introduces the app and explains how it functions. Mr. William, the alleged app developer boasts that you will surely experience a 180° turnaround in your life just by using the app which can even automatically trade on your behalf. But you must authorize this function via a single mouse click which is not explained. This is among several other loopholes present in the videos.

  • Testimonials: The video testimonials are not real at all. They are just paid actors hired from micro-job sites like Fiverr.com. Such sites are popular as a playground for unprincipled Binary Options affiliates. They buy all sorts of real-sounding testimonials for peanuts on such sites. An example is a certain inexperienced ‘Julia’ who praises Wonder Clicks at a live event. She has a profile page for recording HD video testimonials for just $5 on Fiverr.com. The most interesting aspect is that although she has a 4+ star rating on the micro-job site, her profile page has been reviewed by only 98 clients. This shows that Wonder Clicks just spent a little money (maybe $100 or less) to get a huge number of such fake testimonials to give the impression of being legitimate.
  • App Introduction: The app introduction and explanation part also follows the same sales pitch as the testimonials. After the testimonial clips, next comes how their particular system makes you a lot of money. They claim that the system uses prompts generated by their computers (signals) to alert you whether a Binary Option will rise or fall. The problem is that generating a system like this will be too expensive in relation to its effectiveness. No real Binary Options affiliate will foot that kind of bill. Such software do not work as trading is a long term process because it is part art and part science. You can never detect the outcomes of trades of between 5 minutes or less. You can do what the software does by yourself. It just scans for the rough up or down trend in trading history and suggests that to you. You can do much better than that since you have the ability to think and understand trading trends.

Another indicator that the testimonials in their video are fakes is the offer that you can use the software’s premium version free in exchange for a testimonial. The offer requires that you can become a paid user after 60 days. Although there is no way for testing this, it will not be surprising if they enforce this. What’s more, they might not even need to as you might have lost enough money by then to think of nothing but quitting.

The Sign-Up Process

For the sign up process, you are expected to give a valid email address (you might then die from constant spamming). Once you give it, you are then redirected to the broker’s sign up page. It is another professional and legitimate looking fake page. The page has one ‘Jacob Mitchell’ who is claimed to be an ‘expert trader’. If truly he were an ‘expert’, then he must be ashamed for associating his name with such a scheme. But the problem is that the ‘expert’ is a stock photo from fotolia.com. The ‘expert trader’ scheme is ineffective as you are not told where he works. You are also not provided any link to his personal website or company if he has any. It seems the lure of Binary Options just made this ‘expert trader’ turn to utilizing his physique on stock photography sites. There is a probability that this broker’s page will also redirect you to a member’s area on the Wonder Clicks website. But as I was not ready to lose $250 after all the flaws and inconsistencies, I did not click the broker’s sign up button.

Wonder Clicks Claims


Although the Wonder Clicks website looks legitimate and professional, do not let that deceive you. The site shows that all of their members made tremendous profits with none of them recording any loss. Is that ever possible with any kind of business? Well, it is possible if the testimonies are coming from paid actors. The app generator has forgotten that it stated in their terms that “Wonder Clicks makes no express or implied guarantee of any incomes”. That is why their claim that you can make more than $1000 daily consistently appears across all their marketing materials. If they have stated that there are no implied guarantees, then how does one believe any guarantee they imply in the course of their marketing?

For the people who claimed to have made huge amounts from the app, they are definitely not real members. This is because there is nowhere on the website or in the video where their live trading accounts were shown. They were not shown making the claimed amounts of money. They were also not shown anywhere with such huge earnings being withdrawn. In addition, their un-clickable names do not even lead to at least their social media accounts. This makes us unsure whether these huge earners even exist. They are actors that do not even know what Binary Options trading involves.

For the 50 random traders that testified to making money with the app in a survey, when you obey the prompt to click their profile to see what they say, you are redirected straight to the broker’s sign up page. And their profiles automatically disappear once you sign up. The license counter keeps refreshing often so you will never fail to get one if you need it despite the feeling of scarcity it was meant to create.

Mr. William, the alleged developer of the Wonder Clicks app appears just once in the entire video clip. He should have at least given every newbie and beginning trader an opportunity to learn from him by linking to all his social media accounts. Call this a case of an expert who wants to hide himself and you will not be far from the truth.

In summary, the whole concept of the Wonder Clicks app is full of loopholes, flaws and inconsistencies. There are many other legitimate trading system apps out there you can choose from. Option Robot is among the foremost of such legitimate options. It is currently very prominent among the most popular auto traders.

With Option Robot, you get to choose from a very extensive list of registered, regulated and licensed brokers. The auto trader app offers you an asset index that happens to be among the most robust ones the whole industry has to offer. What’s more, the app’s website gives you all necessary information. You are given a complete breakdown of how the system works without hiding anything. You can also acquire much knowledge about trading Binary Options through the website’s regularly updated blog. With a helpful and brilliant customer care that is second to none, Option Robot offers consistent huge standard payouts that do not depend on your account type.

Once you go through the Option Robot experience, you will never want to touch other auto trading systems like Wonder Clicks again even with a one meter pole like was said in the beginning of this article.

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