Wall Street Killer Review

The Wall Street Killer is a binary options trading  robot or automated software that offers novel ways of controlling a trader’s investments in binary options trading. Its catchy name intends to attract people and make them believe that it can do just that – take down the Wall Street. Can it really deliver the profits that it promises to give? Would it be able to give the best trading signals and possibilities?

Each individual needs to face situations where a certain decision could entirely solve the problem or create a disaster. In general, engaging in binary options trading involves risk. Choosing a reliable broker and trading software is crucial.

Whenever something is being introduced to the market or you hear it from a friend, it is best to get to know more about it before trying it yourself. In this case, learn a bit more about Wall Street Killer before taking the plunge.

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Wall Street Killer Review

Jennifer Simpres is the founder of the binary option system called the Wall Street Killer. It is one of the auto-trading software that binary options traders use to help them get more wins than losses.

Ms. Simpres once worked in Wall Street and claimed that she spent seven years in the financial sphere. She came up with system to oppose the “Stranger Danger” practice that her co-workers in the Wall Street usually apply. The so called stranger danger factor is a term that simply means that they are operating in closed circle – they did not have any intention to include a stranger in their circle. Ms. Simpres revealed that they were making quite a lot of money and all thanks to the market knowledge that only a few people know.

Jenifer Simpres claims that she based the programming algorithm of her software, the Wall Street Killer, on the theories provided by the greatest minds of all time such as Archimedes, Carl Gauss, Lagrange, Sir Isaac Newton, and Euclid. However, she did not elaborate just exactly how she used the theories to develop the system.

There’s not much substantial information regarding the identity of Ms. Simpres. There are no impressive achievements that can be linked to her. In the video clip that her company has provided, a female voiceover (supposed to be Ms. Simpres) said that she graduated from one of the Ivy League universities. However, there is no evidence to support the claim.

Ms. Simpres stated that while studying in one of the Ivy League universities, she already started researching the early theories and science books and she found them amazing. She went back to the time when she learned all about the early theories, which have worked fantastically for thousands of years, and she decided that they are the most effective to use for the system that she is trying to develop. She has decided to adjust them and make them work to today’s dynamic markets.

It took her so many years of testing and the entire process was not easy. After searching for a certain period of time, she finally found and hired the best programming team in her book. Even after the system has been developed, she kept testing it for another 2 years before introducing it to the market.

Wall Street Killer, Efforless 150 000 dollars sounds interesting?

In some of the videos, the traders showed proof of their earnings in large amounts and said that they used the Wall Street Killer to help them achieve such amount of money. Ms. Simpres also proclaimed that most financiers can grant an individual or company around 8% growth on their account per year. The said growth, according to Ms. Simpres is considered a bad profit increasing output. But, the facts speak otherwise.

The 8% annual growth is in fact a very sturdy outcome. This is especially true if the person or company has just begun trading. The percentage may seem inadequate, but understand that a trader must have gained an experience of at least a couple of years to be able to raise his winnings to around 20%.

Ms. Simpres offers the system for free, but only a maximum of 50 people can access it for free and earn at least $3,000 per day. She is encouraging everyone to hurry up and register while it is still being offered for free.

How Does the Wall Street Killer Work?

Like most binary options trading software or system, it is created to aid traders gain the most number of wins in their binary options trading. The app is said to utilize the same effective mathematical formulas that the greatest mathematicians in history have created. The mathematical formulas are said to be the binary options trading program’s engine.

Ms. Simpres adapted the same schemes, with some adjustments, to her auto-trade system. The finished and tested system should be able to bring considerable amount of profits to the trader who will use it.

Many are curious regarding the application of the formulas, which Archimedes and other renowned math geniuses had created, in the binary system. But, you won’t find any explanation coming from Ms. Simpres or her team regarding that aspect.

To make it enticing, the Wall Street Killer can be accessed for free. However, you need to fund your binary options trading account so you can start trading.

Getting Started

The binary options traders can use the software for free. Here are the steps to follow so you can use the system when making a binary options trade:

  1. Sign up

Go to the software’s site so you can register. You need to supply the necessary information that is being asked from you so you can use the system. It is advisable to exercise prudence at all times, especially when divulging your personal information. If you think that the things being asked from you don’t bear any connection with the purpose of your visit, then it is best not to give it.

Most binary options trading software allow you to use the binary options trading platform of your choice. However, that is not the case with Wall Street killer.

  1. Fund the Binary Options Trading Platform that the SoftwareHas Given

You are required to deposit a minimum of $250 to the trading platform that the system has given so you can start your binary options trading. You cannot use the software to your other or chosen binary options trading platform account because it won’t allow you to do so. It is advisable to stick to the minimum amount to start trading and don’t add more funds. The autopilot feature will take care of the trading for you. All you need to do is wait for the outcome.

  1. Activate the Software

Once you have registered and deposited the needed fund, you can activate the Wall Street Killer software. Once activated, the software will start trading for you.

There’s no clear information or details regarding the withdrawal of funds. The usual practice takes 5 to 7 business days to process the withdrawal due to the verification procedure that the account holder must fulfill.

Who can Use the Wall Street Killer Software to Earn

A trader who successfully registered in the website can use the software. You need to make sure that you have enough funds in your account to start trading. You can opt to add more funds, but it is not recommended to do so while you are still trying to discover the things that the system can provide.

The software does the trading in your behalf. If you are a novice trader, you may find the auto-trade feature convenient. However, it is prudent to learn more about binary options trading before doing the actual trade.

Features of Wall Street Killer

The software has the following features:

– You can use the software when trading in any currency. However, you should only use the binary options trading platform that the system has provided.

– The system was developed based on the mathematical formulas that the greatest mathematicians have created. Ms. Simpres and her team made some adjustments so the formulas can be used effectively in the modern binary options trading.

– The software runs in personal computers, laptops, and tablets and other portable electronic gadgets that are internet-ready.

– The system can do the whole trading process for you.

– It is easy to use, and most suitable for novice binary options traders.

– It is free to use.


Here are the good things you can expect from Wall Street Killer software:

– The software’s website is easy to access and user-friendly.

– It provides a fully automated trading that most novice traders will appreciate.

– It is easy to set up and use.


Here are the bad things about Wall Street Killer software:

– There is no concrete guarantee that you will be able to gain the promised amount of profit per day.

– The story in the video that Ms. Simpres has narrated may not be true. The company failed to provide substantial information regarding how the system really works.

-The trader does not have a freedom to choose his own binary options platform and must stick to the list of brokers that the software has provided.

– The brokers from the provided list are all shady.

– There are just too many disapproving comments about the software.


Everything about Wall Street Killer seems legit at first glance. Ms. Simpres did not stick to the idea of using modern algorithms in developing the system, but discussed about the ancient theories that have been working for a long time. She and her team made a little adjustment to make them effective in the modern market. The different mathematical formulas may be responsible for Wall Street Killer’s capability, but Ms. Simpres failed to shed some light about how the system actually works.

There is no solid proof that the identity that Jenifer Simpres assumes is real. She did not mention which Ivy League university she graduated from. She did not mention the name of the firm she worked with. She failed to make a brief introduction about the members of her programming team and the capabilities of each member. It usually takes a number of people to create an entire programming team because each module of the system’s program must be handled by a single programmer. Although, there are also cases where several modules in the program are authored by one programmer. It would take ages to finish the program of one big system if only one programmer will work on it.

The story that Jenifer Simpres supplied the main idea in the creation of Wall Street Killer is believable. Anyway, she admitted that she hired a team of the best programmers to code the program for her software. She did not hog all the credits surrounding the creation of the software. It may appear as a legit and not scam software, but it is still advisable to stay away from it. Remember that you must have the freedom to choose your own binary options trading platform and not just pick from the provided list.


Learning more about binary options trading can help a lot in developing your expertise in the world of binary options trading. It is wise to choose a binary options trading software with good reviews, like Option Robot. It allows you to choose your own platform or broker when trading and it offers 100% automated trading.

You just need to go to the Option Robot website to register, deposit the investment amount, and activate the autopilot mode. You will just need to wait for the result and it usually gives 83% success rate.

It is impossible to get a 100% success rate when trading. There are a lot of things that affect the flow of market and a slight change in one area could affect the amount of asset being traded.

If you are a novice trader and you want to have a good start with binary options trading, then it is prudent to choose Option Robot as your trading partner. You will gain a worthier time using it than choosing or starting with other software like Wall Street Killer.

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