Unlimited Profit System Review

Unlimited Profit System Review : In case you aren’t in the know, Unlimited Profit System (UPS) is the latest auto trader to be released and is full on promises. Unsurprisingly, this signal software has attracted criticism and negative reactions from different stakeholders, particularly the traders. Some of our friends, and readers, got in touch with us and asked for our opinion on the system and we decided to carry out some research to enable us to get to an informed conclusion. If you are one of those who were interested in knowing whether Unlimited Profit System deserves your trust (and money) or is just another scam, then this is for you. Also, if you didn’t know about the system, you might want to read through the review for future reference. Some extra knowledge never hurt anyone. Knowing the best Brokers will improve anyone’s Trading!

Unlimited Profit System Review

Unlimited Profit System, commonly referred to as UPS, is a binary options auto trading algorithm that was introduced to the market a couple months ago and has courted a lot of controversy ever since. The software was supposedly developed by Brian James, who introduces himself as Lead Developer and CTO of the system. Whatever that means. Brian James, in the sales video, says that UPS is able to rake in between $600 to $4,000 in profits every single day for each trader on the members list. It seems like Brian James, apart from being a ‘trader’ and ‘developer’, can predict future events with certainty, never mind that binary options is extremely unpredictable by nature. Unfortunately, he doesn’t explain how exactly he and his team arrived at those figures and the exact trading methods that are incorporated into the system to make it possible. This gives the impression that the quoted daily profits are nothing more than a public relations strategy and judging by the large number of complaints we saw, it most certainly worked.

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Beta testing

Generally, software developers randomly recruit beta testers midway through the development process to try out the softwares and give feedback on what they would love to see in the final version. As a fact, softwares that have passed the final development stage do not require beta testing unless the developers plan to release an updated version later. That said, it is very confusing that Unlimited Profit System, which is sold as a complete software capable of making you a couple hundred dollars richer every single day, has some “20 Beta Testing Spots” available as posted on the site. What more, Brian James, appearing in the pitch video, claims that the software is not really for free and that he is only giving it out for free for a select number of people, presumably on a first-come, first-serve basis. He even goes ahead to design a counter to show the number of slots available and the time left.

As you guessed it, the counter is not real and it is just there to give the software a premium feel to it and make you to sign up fast, hoping to be among the few special ones. To prove that it’s not real – check out the counter and note the number of slots left then try refreshing your browser and see if there will be some consistency. In our case, there was not. Initially, we saw there was 5 slots left which miraculously became 20 after refreshing the browser. Also, from what we know, Unlimited Profit System is a complete software and that is why it has been released to the market. As such, there should be nothing like beta testing or anything of the sort, more so when the said beta testers are required to test the software’s functionality using their own real money. That doesn’t make sense at all.

Unlimited Profits Main Page Promotional video

Affiliated brokers

In most cases, auto trading sites will have no problem disclosing up front the names of the brokers they are affiliated with. However, as we have seen, only legit sites that have nothing to hide do that. The rest, who are the majority use a range of distractions to take the traders’ attention from that. In the case of Unlimited Profit System, you will have to dig deeper – meaning opening an account which means giving your email address and signing up for daily promotional messages written in bad English. God knows what else the fools will do with your email. Anyway, we did manage to see the broker options available and suffice to say, we perfectly understood why it remained under wraps. First of all, there’s no depth to the list at all. Just 3 brokers are available, and all of them are unknown to many, including us. Even worse, none of the listed brokers are regulated by CySEC or any other regulatory authority, which is always one of our main requirements before recommending any auto trader/broker. That perfectly explains why, Brian James, in his painfully exaggerated pitch, did not say anything to do with quality brokers, who are the main players in the trading process. There was simply nothing (good) to say and we urge you to be very careful when associating with any of the brokers given on the site as options. You’d rather put your money to better use, excluding buying alcohol, instead of risking it in unscrupulous brokerages.

Fake testimonials and screen shots

From our experience, scams are more likely to use screenshots, testimonials and live Twitter feeds as proof of their credibility and acceptance among the masses compared to the legit sites. Most certainly, these are always fake and/or doctored to suit the marketing agenda. As you go through the official site of Unlimited Profit System, you will note some screenshots showing huge bank balances, which is apparently what some beta testers earned over a given time from the Unlimited Profit System. Basically, the screenshots appear real and if you didn’t know better, you would most certainly believe them. However, we know better and understand that crooked sites use editing software to create and/or edit templates, including images and screenshots. For all we know, the faces on the testimonials column could have been pinched (most likely contrary to copyright laws) from sites such as Shutterstock or even pictures of ordinary people stolen from their social media pages. Also, the live Twitter feed shown at the bottom of the main page is not doctored/edited but straight up FAKE. We can confirm that all the accounts featured do not exist and that Unlimited Profit System does not have any social media pages. Also, we found it odd that all the testimonials, bar none, were congratulating Brian James and his partner for making them rich. There was not a single negative tweet or a query, which we find it odd as from our interactions with ordinary people, someone will always have negative things to say, no matter the situation. Unanimous adoration or acceptance by human beings does not exist.

Nothing like get rich quick

Listening to Brian James speak, there is no doubt that he’s talking of some sort of get rich quick scheme. Of course a lot of people would want to make the $4,000 a day profits with minimal effort, which clouds their judgment and renders them unable (unwilling maybe?) to ask all the hard questions on how the auto trader works.

Unidentified creators

All through, we’ve been mentioning Brian James as the main brain behind Unlimited Profit System as he is the main speaker through the sales video. However, he has a colleague, who goes by the name Justin Weigel, who apparently is the CEO of the site. Absolutely no problem with all that. Except that we didn’t find anything about the two partners online. Basically, for businessmen as successful as the two claim to be, there must be at least one or two articles written about them or even a few mentions on Google. This is sadly not the case here which leads us to believe that the two crooks are just using the names to cover their tracks. And it makes sense – no one would use their real name if they’re planning to commit international financial crimes.


The entire site, particularly the sales video, is put together in such a way that it is quite misleading if you’re not properly informed. Nonetheless, Unlimited Profit System is a scam, no matter how you look at it or how well it is made to appear legit. If you really value your money, you would want to stay away from the site. As you do so, be sure to look out for Option Robot, one of the best auto traders around and our absolute favorite. A lot of other people agree with us too. As usual, if they’re good at it, we will say it. If not, well…

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