Ultimate4Trading Review

It is not every time that we come across a trading system developed and/or affiliated to a certain broker. In most cases, brokers are simply third parties and play no role in the creation and marketing of the auto trading system. However, the case of Ultimate4Trading is an odd one in all aspects. First off, the name itself is extra funny and weird and screams lack of imagination in triple digits decibels. Second, and most importantly, the system is affiliated to Cyprus-based binary options broker, EZTrader which is the default broker. If you happen to like Ultimate4Trading but for whatever reason you don’t like EZTrader, you can as well stop reading this now as EZTrader is the only broker you’ll be able to link to the software and do some trading. What happened to consumer sovereignty?

Ultimate4Trading Review

Ultimate4Trading is the latest auto trading system to attract our attention due to the numerous complaints we received from our friends. The system was supposedly developed by John Cross, who is also presented as the owner which we don’t think is true, as we’ll explain later on. According to the John Cross, the software is able to get ‘more than 3 out of 4’ trade predictions right. First, this sounds rather stupid and not because it’s a lie – what the hell is more than 3 out of 4? For all we know, there is no half or quarter trade and simply 3 out of 4 would have driven the point home. Then there is the issue of credibility and believability, if you may. The site offers no explanation to how they ascertained that every 3 out of 4 trades executed by the system hit In The Money finishes. There is not even a trading history chart (real or doctored) to show the number of trades the system has executed over the months and how they fared.

Moving on, the Ultimate4Trading system trades in a range of assets for short term expiries between 60 seconds and 20 minutes. No objection on this as every site has got to have a niche. Our problem lies in the way signals – specifically for the 60 seconds expiries – are delivered. For instance, while we were trying the software (in manual mode), the signal for the 60 seconds expiry for a particular asset was posted on the dashboard and stayed there for close to an hour. If you have traded binary options before, in particular short term investments, you know that every second matters. We would expect the signals for the 60 seconds options to keep changing every other minute or so as the market changes. If this isn’t lack of efficiency, we don’t know what is.

Another thing that caught our collective eyes as we went through the promo video were the claims by John Cross that Ultimate4Trading software has helped more than 50,000 traders to multiply their earnings tenfold. For all intents, this is not a small achievement. Only that it’s not true. How do we know this? Well, for one, Mr. Cross does not tell us who these ‘traders’ are neither does he provide evidence to prove that these people actually got the profits. The only thing we get is a bunch of badly written testimonials from wannabe traders (or even John himself) saying how thankful they are for the site for helping them achieve their goals. Funny enough, all the names of the ‘traders’ who wrote the glowing testimonials have only the first names in full, the second ones are either initials, or blanks. Coincidence? We think not.


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Free of Charge But….

As expected for such a low class software, opening an Ultimate4Trading account is free of charge. Of course this is not news as hundreds of other auto traders carry no registration fees. That said, there is a little bit of a swerve here – the site runs an referral program and invites traders to invite their friends and generally any other trader to try out the system. If the invited friends open an account and make deposits, the people who referred them earn some commissions. From the face of it, this is a very noble idea. However, for a site that gives a free product and presumably receives no money (other than small commissions from the broker), how could they possibly pay commissions for referrals? More so when the so called site owner claims that the software is the best in the world and has changed the fortunes of 50,000 people. Logic states that if the system was half as good as they say it is, John and his team wouldn’t need to say it loud. The quality would speak for itself.

Demo Account

Having looked through the system, we were shocked to find out that it features a demo account for testing purposes. It must be said that we’re strong advocates for demo accounts, especially where brokers are concerned. We aren’t that passionate when it comes to trading systems though. The reason for this, as we found out with Ultimate4Trading, is that demo versions can easily be manipulated to create a favorable impression on the prospective client. In our case, we had a total of 10 trades with the demo and 9 of them were wins. We thus expected similar results in the real version though, in hindsight, we should have known better. When we tried with our real money, more than half the trades the software executed for us were losses. And we are not alone in this – a large number of complaints against the site had to do with the system’s low accuracy that has the capacity to wipe out someone’s trading account in days.

Ultimate4Trading and EZTrader – Birds of the same Feather

Earlier on, we mentioned EZTrader as Ultimate4Trading’s partner broker. One of the requirements for getting started with Ultimate4Trading is that one opens an account with EZTrader and deposits at least $250. We happen to know some few things about EZTrader and one of them is, they cannot be trusted. We had investigated the broker sometime back and while we can’t really say with finality that it’s a scam, we couldn’t find a trace of credibility no matter how hard we looked. Naturally, a scam like Ultimate4Trading would be associated with a fellow scam as a partnership with a legit broker would be hard to accomplish. The fact that the system is linked to a suspicious broker while there are tens of legit and approved brokers around is proof that it the creators are not concerned about the quality and efficiency of the software but by the amount of money they can milk out of innocent traders. To make it worse, traders’ freedom to choose their favorite brokers is taken away and all are forced to join EZTrader, regardless of their preferences. Like consumer sovereignty doesn’t exist.


Fake Quotes and Badges

In an outrightly foolish attempt at appearing trustworthy, John Cross throws in some screenshots showing some financial magazines paying glowing tributes to Ultimate4Trading app. Some of the magazines mentioned include Boston Financial Herald and Yahoo News. Pretty good names, only that they only exist in the small minds of Ultimate4Trading’s creators. For instance, we’ve heard about The Boston Herald but not the Boston Financial Herald, and no, they’re not the same. In the ultimate sign of desperation, the site goes ahead to claim that Ultimate4Trading was awarded Innovation of The Year Award (2015) by StartUp365. We have never heard of such a site before and when we read about the award we had to run some background checks. We found out that StartUp365, just as the name would tell, is not a legit site and gives no awards. In fact, it is almost certain that the site was formed only to market Ultimate4Trading of which it fails terribly. Like who in their right mind would take a site with a name like StartUp365 seriously? Certainly not us.


Simply put, Ultimate4Trading is a scam, no two words about it. The only difference is, some (little) effort has been made to try and hide that fact. Nonetheless, it doesn’t take an expert to see through the lies and deceptions. Right from the header where Ultimate4Trading is described as the best auto trader with the ability of adding several thousands to an individual trader’s account to the highly deceptive demo version, it is clear that Ultimate4Trading is a get rich quick vehicle for John Cross. The fact that the software is affiliated to EZTrader makes it even more obvious that the crooks who run both sites are working in cahoots to steal from naive traders. We wouldn’t want to see that happen and that is why we advice our readers not to go near this system.

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