Tudor Trade Review

Tudor Trade Review: The binary options robot and trading is perceived as one of the fastest ways to convert the financial decision into substantial profits. The success stories floating around the internet about the binary traders have also helped gain the popularity among traders. The rise has attracted numerous brokers and traders on the arena, making it one of the crowded market on the internet. The explosion of binary broking community requires you to carefully screen the brokers so that you embark on a pleasant journey. We take pride in providing consistent and reliable advice on that front and have assisted many readers to choose the right partner.

Today, we are going to assess the relatively new entrant in the binary community, namely Tudor Trade. The review of the Tudor Trade has been completed through our rigorous screening and the following text provides the complete details.

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Tudor Trade Review

The company takes pride that their well-equipped staff has either traded for themselves or have been dealers in professional dealing rooms. The organization which owns and manages the Tudor Trade website is the IT Cloud Limited with registration number: 23153 IBC 2016. The company does not hold a valid license from any well-known regulatory body for the binary trading.

The Platform

The theme used by the Tudor Trade is white, black, and dark-blue, which makes the website attractive and gives a professional feel. The platform provides ease of navigation and secure trading environment for the traders. The broking website offers around 220 assets which include currency pairs, commodities, stocks, and indices. The list of assets includes popular names; currency pairs – USD / GBP, EUR / USD, USD / JPY, commodities – copper, silver, gold, platinum, oil, stocks – apple, Facebook, Microsoft, google, and world indices – FTSE, AEX, DOW.

The broking company has one of the most comprehensive lists of assets and option types to cater to the varied needs of the traders. The company offers expiry ranging from few seconds to the several months. The rapid expiry range includes 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 120 seconds, and 180 seconds while the short expiry range includes 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes. The long-term expiry range includes 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, up to 6 months. The expiry range offered by the Tudor Trade covers the entire gamut of trader requirements. The broking company also offers one-touch and turbo trading options for those who loves fast paced trading.

Tudor Trade Main Page View
Tudor Trade Main Page View

The aesthetically designed platform also offers one click social trading opportunity to follow the footsteps of the most successful traders on the platform through copy trading option. The platform provides a detailed report on the trades, deposits, and withdrawals along with the safe and secure handling of your hard earned money. The platform offers to choose a currency of choice for trading which includes GBP, CYN, USD, CAN, GBP, CHF, AUD, JPY, and RUB. The broking house offers no tab for education and provides no material for learning and educating oneself on the binary trading. The above facets clearly indicate that the broker has set itself for a specific type of trader community and does not prefer the novice of the field.

The enrollment in the site is pretty straightforward and requires minimal fields to complete, but it asks you to complete the KYC and AML formalities before initiating the first trade on the platform. The Tudor Trade offers up to 150 percent bonus on the deposit amount and provides payouts up to 90 percent of the invested amount. That’s not all, the organization offers few other goodies on the specific types of account. The Tudor Trade requires a minimum deposit amount of $ 250 to start the trading and offers to invest as low as $ 5 per trading transaction. The minimum deposit and trading requirements are bit higher compared to the competitors who requires a deposit as low as $ 10 and $ 1 as minimum transaction amount.

Today, the world has moved to the pocket-sized mobile phones and the binary trading has also moved from desktops to the mobile applications. Dishearteningly, the Tudor Trade does not offer a mobile application for the customers who prefer to trade on the go.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The Tudor Trade offers limited options for the withdrawals and deposits. It allows deposits only through bank wire and credit cards. Though the organization limits the minimum deposit amount at $ 250, it does not restrict the maximum deposit amount. The withdrawal is also straightforward and it is concluded to the instrument through which the deposits have been made. The withdrawal to the credit card does not attract any fees, however, the wire transfer attracts a processing charge of $ 25 equivalent of the currency of choice.

The organization asks you to fulfill the KYC and AML guidelines before processing the withdrawal request. The withdrawal request takes up to 3 days to process and it may take further 3 days to funds to reflect in your bank account. The company also restricts the number of withdrawal per month; allows only one withdrawal to the clients who have deposited less than $ 5,000, only two withdrawals to the clients who have deposited funds between $ 5,000 and $10,000, while four withdrawals are allowed to the customers who have made deposit of more than $ 10,000.

The restrictions on the deposits and withdrawals of funds are very deterring and seem more than warranted. This is a big negative for the traders.

Signup and Bonuses

The generic form filling and deposit of $ 250 gets you started on the Tudor Trade website. The company requires you to comply with the KYC and AML guidelines in order to withdraw the funds.

The Tudor Trade attracts their customer through generous bonuses on the deposits. The organization offers as high as 150 percent of bonus for the deposit amounts along with other perks with specific account types. The following text describes the account types and offerings in details:

  • Introduction
    • Minimum deposit range: $ 250 – $ 499
    • Demo account balance: $ 100
    • Bonus up to 50 percent of the deposit amount
    • Risk-free trade: 1 trade of $ 25
  • Traders’
    • Minimum deposit range: $ 500 – $ 5000
    • Demo account balance: $ 300
    • Bonus up to 75 percent of the deposit amount
    • Risk-free trade: 4 trade of $ 25
  • FX Traders’
    • Minimum deposit range: $ 5000 – $ 15000
    • Demo account balance: $ 2,000
    • Bonus up to 100 percent of the deposit amount
    • Risk-free trade: 5 trade of $ 250
    • Volume insurance of funds of 40 percent of invested capital
    • 4 percent guaranteed monthly interest
    • Weekly money management consultant meetings
  • Pro Traders’
    • Minimum deposit range: $ 15000 above
    • Demo account balance: $ 5,000
    • Bonus up to 150 percent of the deposit amount
    • Risk-free trade: 5 trade of $ 750
    • Volume insurance of funds of 55 percent of invested capital
    • 8 percent guaranteed monthly interest
    • On Demand personal money management services.
Tudor Trade Accounts

Payouts and Trading

The winning trades provides up to 90 percent of invested amount plus the investment capital to the traders on the Tudor Trade. The payouts are very generous and fall in the upper band of the offerings from the competing websites. The brokerage house offers more than 200 assets including currencies, commodities, stocks, and indices. The company also offers a variety of expiry ranges to suit the various needs of different traders. It offers short term expiry ranging from 30 seconds to 1 hour, also, it offers long-term expiry of assets ranging from 1 day to 6 months.

The comprehensive lists of assets and their expiry range is definitely one of the best available in the binary trading market. Though the website is mobile compatible, it does not offer a dedicated mobile application for the android or IOS powered devices. This might be a limiting factor for the customers who prefer to trade while they are on the move.

Customer Support

More than 80 years of combined experience of the Tudor Trade team has been visible in their robust customer support system. The customer service department is equipped with state of the art tools and knowledge to answer any query a customer might have. The customer can reach the support staff through a web-form and raise any query which he might have. The web-form requests are processed on ASAP (as Soon as Possible) basis. The customer can also connect with the support staff through an e-mail.

If the customer is in the United States and wants to connect with the support team, then he can do. so by dialing them. Not only that, the customer can get instant gratification through a live web chat. The class leading customer support system is robust and provides answers on trading or technical matters.

The Verdict

The professional looking website and the placement of tabs for the trading and accessing various resources are smooth and hassle-free. The company offers about 220 assets in a variety of categories to meet the requirements of the traders. It also offers the entire range of expiry durations to meet the trader’s need, and they start from 30 seconds and goes up to several months. This is the biggest positive about the website. The modern platform does not fall short when it comes to offering generous bonuses and payouts, as it offers up to 150 percent of deposit amount as a bonus and up to 90 percent of investment amount as the payouts.

Our worry comes from the fact that the company’s registration number and address are shared with another binary options broker, along with restriction imposed on number withdrawals. Also, the broking company does not have a valid license from the competent authority.  This has led us to a conclusion that the traders should definitely avoid this broker and embark their journey through well-established brokers.

One such, established name in the binary trading arena is the Option Robot. Although the Option Robot is a trading software, it has an affiliation with the strongest brands like Banc De Binary, IQ Options amongst others. These brands have established themselves over a long period and with consistent and superior customer service. They are known for the timely withdrawals and are regulated by likes of Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commissions and other competent authorities. Finally, we would recommend our readers to go to the established brokerage houses then the lesser known and un-registered Tudor Trade.

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