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Nothing attracts new entrants in volumes like an industry or trade that is gaining popularity with a global audience drawn by their need to get a good return on investment. This is what is happening to the binary options trading market. This entry is by both traders and trading platforms. Traders need protection from some of these new platforms which are nothing more than scams masquerading as trading programs. In the absence of global regulation, the best thing you can do as a trader is to gather as much information as possible about any binary options robots that you may come across. Here you will find out what TRENDtrader is all about.

Understanding TRENDtrader

The TRENDtrader app is a fairly new binary options trading software. It is a fully automated platform whose creating is credited to one Jonathan Miller, the CEO, who is reportedly a successful trader in binary options. He claims that he has developed the software from the bottom up aiming at creating the best trading platform ever. Apparently he drew most of his ideas in the creation of this software from his many years in binary options trades.

The creator of this software claims that TRENDtrader that they are at the moment hitting very high accuracy levels owing to the advanced code that drives the platform’s operations. This is somewhat the same rhetoric you will hear from every other binary robot in the market and more so the new entrants who are only in it for your money.

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The Program

The CEO of TRENDtrader reckons that his trading system has the ability to hit a 97% rate of successful returns. His creation should therefore be among the most profitable binary options robots the world has ever seen. The problem though is that this has not been proven yet despite boasting that professional traders are flocking to his program for essentially these same percentages. Why such professional traders are not shouting about this massive achievement is for you to guess.

Being fully automatic, you will not need to come armed with loads of technical knowledge and experience in binary options to trade. Just signing up, posting your deposit and registering with a broker is all you need to begin trading. Within weeks as the platform claims, you could be making profits going as high as $2700 in a day by applying TRENDtrader’s generated signals.

Trend Trader main page
Trend Trader main page

Signing up for TRENDtrader

Signing up for this software is a piece of cake. All are invited; professional traders and beginners alike. They will find bonuses on deposits and a training video for the newbies. You need to have your device free of cookies first before commencing on the registration process.

You will then watch the promotional video to learn more about the software, what it promises and how it intends to do just that. After this video and some more promotional clips, you will be directed to the members’ area. Here you will find an information capture form which you will fill. You will need to enter your name and a fresh password to begin your trading. The password should not have been used for registering in any other binary options robot.

From here you will be assigned a broker. This is the actual person whose expertise will guarantee that your trades are winners. Here you will not be allowed to import your broker when you join the software. You will register with this broker by making a deposit of at least $250.

The Promises

  1. TRENDtrader promises you a minimum rate of 93% in the accuracy of their trades should you choose to join them. This is somewhat deceptive knowing very well that very few traders, even the those with years of forex trading ever make this rate consistently.
  2. The low trading minimum investments per trade will allow you to make trades with a low risk factor. This will allow you to get a feel of the software before making higher risk level trades. This low risk trades are also beneficial to beginners who will use such trades to fine tune their trading strategies. This makes them gain confidence and it also assists them to study the trends, the signals and the expiry times.
  3. When trading, you will be using a platform that promises to make you at least $1300 every day. This is quite a good amount to make in profits for a trader who needs to give just a few minutes a day to set the trades. You will then leave the program to make the necessary trades on your behalf. All you will need to do is check the accounts regularly to see how your profits are being credited with each trade.
  4. TRENDtrader’s software is fully automated. This means that you will not need to study the various indicators and subscribe to all the financial news outlets and monitor the indices to make it in binary business trading. The developers claim that beginners will love this program because all they need to do is sign up and they become traders already.
  5. The program developers claim that by joining the TRENDtrader software, you will be getting yourself into a new realm of customer support that you will not have experienced before from a binary options robot. This they promise will a 24 hour undertaking that will last your lifetime. This will be done though live chat, email and phone support.
  6. TRENDtrader says that they use deep financial databases to help them generate endless signals every day. They will also provide you with constant updates should you with to make your own trades. These updates and consistent signals are what they claim help them to make winning trades time after time.


  • The software is easy to use, even for traders who are not very used to computer operations. It is professionally built to give you a very easy time when you log in or when you visit their website. It is also easy to download.
  • The TRENDtrader app is appealing with an intelligent visual design and plenty of art to give your trading time a cultured elegance.
  • The customer support is OK. While it is not perfect or as it should be, it works well most of the time.
  • Portability: In the world today, any program that is not compatible with a variety of gadgets people have with them is not a serious app. TRENDtrader is accessible from any smart phone, tablets, and PCs that operate with Windows. Trading across such devices is the same in terms of quality of the interface as well as the reception of signals and trading results.

Trend trader slogans

The Red Flags

TRENDtrader seems like great software from a distance but once you study it thoroughly, you will see an abundance of suspect issues should slow you down if you had intended to sign in. These include:

  1. The minimum 93% accuracy promises are just that; promises. There has been no independent verification of this claim. It looks like part of a deceptive advertising campaign. Traders who have used this program complain that these accuracy figures are an imagination and they are no more than an inducement to register and make a deposit.
  2. The binary options market has not confirmed claims of thousands of traders making a minimum of %1300 dollars every day. Great figure this one, if only it could be independently verified.
  3. Looking at the website and all the promises the platform gives, it is not difficult to find out the fact that TRENDtrader is just a newer, flashier and easier to use clone of other websites.
  4. The claim by the developers that they have a secret code that helps them to make winning bids is an old story now. It is what almost all binary options robots advertise to make you want to join them and make deposits.


As a binary options trader, you will not gain anything more than you are already making elsewhere, in fact you are more likely to lose money than make it with this program. Being among the newer ones, you had better give it some time to take root and attract traders. It is their experiences that will conform that this program is not a trustworthy one. Trade with TRENDtrader at your own risk.

What you need to do

Getting a good return in your investments is what you will be looking for in binary options trading. It is with this knowledge that you should join one of the most successful binary robots for all their trades. Binary Option Robot the software you need to engage with for the best ROI in the market.

Tis platform does not allow rogue brokers to trade from their platform, in fact, they employ the services of only reputable brokers who are renowned globally for profitability and integrity. Their customer support is top notch as is their withdrawal method which ensures that you withdraw your profits with a little time allowed for processing.

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