Thousand Dollar Days Review

Thousand Dollar Days Review: “Sign up with Thousand Dollar Days trading software and be the next instant millionaire. Getting rich has never been this easy!” That’s the lucrative promise you’ll get once you visit their website.

Amongst all the Brokers and Binary Robots many of us are probably thinking that this is an opportunity of a lifetime. But let’s pose for a minute and think- what’s Thousand Dollar Days automated software all about? Can any signal service or software really turn me into an instant millionaire? Stay tuned as we uncover the truth in our Thousand Dollar Days honest review.

Thousand Dollar Days Review

Statistics indicate that 90% of incoming investors have a mediocre understanding of how the binary market actually works, more specifically trading robots. This is the sole reason why a large number of them fall prey into the hands of deadly scam creators. Every month, hundreds of traders are robbed by scheming marketers who use emotional cues to trap their victims. These scam creators spread the gospel of “Holy Grail Robots” that feature the power of turning any ordinary trader into an instant millionaire. This is ludicrous! Binary trading is not as casual as many may think, even with the presence of a trading robot.

Back to Thousand Dollar Days; the software is presented as a million dollar opportunity but in reality this is nothing but scam. Thousand Dollar Days is an emotional stranglehold that afflicts unsuspecting investors trying to join the binary market. If you’re considering registration with this trading bot, it is important to spend 5 minutes in reading our full review on this software.

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What is Thousand Dollar Days?

According to the developer David Sampson, Thousand Dollar Days is a highly sophisticated trading system that can help potential investors make a thousand dollars every single day. Sampson further claims that his software is completely automated which means that you do not have to stress yourself with the technical bit of binary trading-the system does it all for you.

All you need to do is input your email address and thereafter you’ll be presented with a congratulations video. Next, you’ll have to fill in your personal information which is involved with opening a broker account from Thousand Dollar Days.

Detailed Insight on David Sampson: The Truth Isn’t Always that Nice

Imagine a software that could make you a thousand dollars every single day? How much would this software be worth? The answer would be hundreds upon hundreds of billions. This would directly mean that David Sampson is the most sought man in the financial world. With such a sophisticated software, Sampson should probably be featured in every financial media platform for being the most successful option analyst in the world.

Sadly, the facts speak differently. First and foremost, David Sampson is an anonymous identity. He does not have any social media presence nor does Google recognize him. This only points to one thing, they guy is a total fraudsters!

Yet Another Lie

During his welcome video presentation, Sampson claims that the platform provides a 24/7 customer support service. This claim did not go down well with the traders that had direct experience with the website. Their attempts to contact Sampson always proved abortive. This casts serious suspicions on whether the trading application is legit or scam.

Thousand Dollar Days claims to have been in the market for a couple of years. Since inception, the software has built a reputation for being the most reliable signal provider. This is highly disputable-through the search, we discovered that the platform was registered a few weeks ago. Why would the developers lie about something like that? The answer is simple, Thousand Dollar Days is fraud.

In his video presentation, Sampson claimed that he wants to give you ThousandDollarDays app free. This is yet another lie. For what reason would he offer this one of a kind software for free? Its either the application does not work or Sampson is receiving hidden profits from freely offering his software. Whichever the reason is, we know for sure that Thousand Dollar Days is not free in any sense. For one to use the software, they’d have to actually dig deep into their pocket. Signing up is free but in order for investors to open a trading account, they’ll need to deposit a minimum of $250. Sadly, the money never gets to stay in the trading account; these scam creators grab it even before you get the chance to actually start trading. Even worse, traders are usually heavily charged when funding their trading account. This is information that is never revealed, you get to find out when using your debit or credit card.


thousand dollar days logo
thousand dollar days logo


For those who are baffled by the positive testimonies presented by Thousand Dollar Days, please don’t be. The testimonies presented are from paid actors who try to perpetuate the software’s legitimacy. We can confirm that David Sampson is a paid actor from He is paid as little as $10.

We can also confirm that the investors presented in the website and video presentation are not real traders. Their pictures have been sourced elsewhere from the Internet. How are we to believe in a system that uses fake testimonials to justify its authenticity? It is evident that the application is nothing but a scam. A legitimate platform would present verifiable information about those that have used their trading system to determine its authenticity.

Thousand Dollar Days is Suspicous Because

No endorsement: the platform has not been endorsed by any reputable binary website There is nothing good that comes with the software, only negative feedback has been reported. The application has only been endorsed by, where actors have been paid to portray the software as being legit.

No clear explanation on how the software works: The developers of Thousand Dollar Days did not bother to explain to their potential customers how the software actually works. All we’re told is that the software has the ability to make $1000 a day. A legitimate platform would explain the science behind its algorithmic software.

Absence of a demo program: Thousand Dollar Days does not provide any educational support to its potential clients. This is quite unfortunate because traders cannot get detailed insight on what the system is all about. Its only interest is in luring unwitting traders to sign with the software. Never opt for an investment program that does provide any educational materials.

Learning From History

Drawing into the past can help predict the future. With that said, Thousand Dollar Days website is an exact replica of This is another scam software that was unveiled months ago. When the scam creators discovered that their trickery was unveiled, they moved on to another project, Thousand Dollar Days. When you look at the sales pitch of these two platforms, they are exactly the same-sign up with our miraculous software and make millions. This leads to one conclusion; these are the same fraud marketers who are recycling their script for new scam releases.

No Need To Say More

By now, the answer is as clear as day. Thousand Dollar Days software is nothing but a scam.

  • The platform has failed to conceal its true nature.
  • In return, it’s working with paid actors for reviews.
  • The software is promoted by unknown identities.
  • 100% success rate would be billions in Wall Street, yet the developers choose to make a few bucks from unwitting investors

Investors who’ve fallen for have lost money and are now being counted as mere statistic. If you were opting on trading with this platform, it would be wise to hold your investment until a good opportunity is presents itself. This is a fair warning to all.

We have no doubt that these shady marketers will be back again. We therefore urge our readers to take note of the details presented in this review. In order to stop the project of these shady marketers, we urge our readers to share this article with their circle of friends and family. Once these Scamsters are exposed, they’ll have no other choice but to stop their shady schemes.

For those who are looking for a legitimate software, here are some things that you need to look out for.

  • Identify a trading software that offers educational support. This will help you gain insight on how the system actually works. You will also be armed with the necessary details needed in executing successful trades.
  • Identify whether the software is regulated by relevant authorities.
  • Try and watch out on fake authentication badges. A legitimate badge should open details of authentication when clicked. Perform a thorough search by identifying whether your identified bot has been endorsed by other binary trading sites.

For those who want to pursue a career in binary trading, we’ve done a thorough research and we can assure you that Option Robot is the best trading system out there. The software is highly recognized as a reliable signal provider. What’s more is that it has been tried and tested by real users which means it features authentic reviews. To crown it all, the software has won a number of awards like Best Signal Provider 2015 and Best Algorithmic System. This is one system that delivers what it promises.

That’s all for now, so until the next time, trade safe everybody.

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