The Military Millionaire Review

Trading in binary options comes with a number of risks even as it becomes a very popular way to carry day trades on a wide variety of assets. In recent years, many Forex traders have been migrating to binary options trading mainly due to the technological improvements that trading platforms have introduced to online binary options traders. As a trader, it’s always important to do a little bit of research before signing up with any trader and stay away from any offers which are promoted through email solicitation because they aren’t credible enough.

A lot of people want to make money online through binary options trading. Enter Military Millionaire, a free binary options robot designed especially for traders who are short on time. Developers of the Military Millionaire software indicate that they offer short and long-term trading capabilities on an advanced and easy to use trading platform.

This free software is supposed to predict minute fluctuations in the binary options market and it comes with a detailed training manual which will provide step-by-step tips to use when placing trades. The system’s creators also claim that it provides over 120 signals daily with a guarantee of 87% trading accuracy. To see if this self-acclaimed tool is as great as the developers claim, we provide this review in order to examine the nature of this trading system.

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The Military Millionaire Review – Is it a SCAM??Honest Investigation Read This Extremely Important Article Before You Invest!!

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Introduction To Military Millionaire

The Military Millionaire website looks just like any other free binary options systems except for the graphic war scene used as the background image. There is a video that says only one membership spot is available, plus there is an email subscription form on the site too. The creator of Military millionaire is a Vietnam War veteran called Stan. Stan claims that he came home in 1971 and his life was a living hell for the next 43 years, that is, until May 2014 when he became a millionaire through developing this trading software. Stan goes on to say that anyone can follow him and become a millionaire in as little as 10 weeks. A caption on his website says, “Sign up now and make $100,000 every week”.

According to Stan, Military Millionaire is the first community based real-time binary options trading software. This software lets users share and collaborate with others in their participation in order to maximize their profits. This trading platform gives users trading signals based on what binary options they ought to trade in. This software is fully automated as to work on complete autopilot meaning traders don’t need to keep checking signals or staying logged in while trading. Its developers also add that it’s the only multidimensional trading software of its kind and it comes with the intense ability to multiply users’ profits without making any unwanted losses. Additionally, the creators of this trading platform claim this superb software that has been designed with both professional and beginner traders in mind.

How Military Millionaire Works

The Military Millionaire trading software is a binary options trading platform where traders are cable to make $15,000 per day and a $100,000 every single week. Or so the developers claim. The software comes at no cost and anyone can get it through downloading it from the web site. The app is essentially a resource that has been created to assist traders in getting binary options trading signals. According to the developer of this platform, the main advantage of this software is that traders who have just rudimentary understanding of the market can start investing straight away without undergoing huge losses.

Military Millionaire allows traders join the world of trading in binary options at $250. According to the terms of their brokers, a standard account will require minimum deposits pegged at between $1,000 and $2,500. The amount of money that traders may borrow to trade with will also vary depending on the chosen type of account, meaning large amounts will give larger returns for a trader who made a deposit against the investment amount.

For forex transactions, there’s no commission charged which means traders can place any number of deals per day without being worried about incurring high costs paid to a broker. This trading platform also promises investors the following features;

  • Over 87% accuracy
  • The trading software is free
  • Over 120 trading signals per day
  • The software comes with short and long term trading capabilities
  • Binary options signals are provided on 1-minute or 60-second
  • The software has an online Web Version available too
  • Traders get notifications through a free messaging service
  • The software has an easy and simple to use interface
  • Comes with a built-in risk management control module
  • The software may be used on any smart phone [iOS plus Android Apps are available]

These are among the many promises made by the creator of Military Millionaire software. The website also has a number of testimonials with people claiming to have made millions using this software.

How To Join Military Millionaire

Traders can download the Military Millionaire software in order to begin trading on the system. Once it has been downloaded, the software goes to work searching for and placing trades on autopilot. Its developer claims the system has achieved such a high success that remains unmatched in the binary options market. To become a member, follow the steps below to successfully sign up;

  1. Head to the Military Millionaire website
  2. Choose a different email address from the one you normally use
  3. Select a brokers of your choice and fund your account
  4. An email with the download and further instructions will be sent to you
  5. Complete the process as prompted by the system
  6. Download and install the free software

Once the software has downloaded, traders are well on their way to make real money online. Traders must fund their trading accounts with $250 so they can access the download link so as to start receiving live trading signals.

Military Millionaire System
Military Millionaire System

Important Facts About The Trading Platform

Finding honest reviews on many online trading systems can be extremely difficult because of the large affiliate marketplace. But those looking for the honest truth regarding this software need to know that it is a scam. For one, traders are pressured into signing up through claims that only one spot is remaining. As if pressuring users to sign up with the Military Millionaire trading platform isn’t bad enough already, the developers of this software take it further by offering promises and guarantees that are extremely unrealistic. They try to convince traders that they stand to make $100,000 per week for the rest of their lives. To those familiar with the saying, “If something sounds too good to be true, it often is”, then this software is a perfect case of how this statement is true. One disturbing fact with the Military Millionaire platform is that it seems to be targeting war veterans who are simply looking for an honest way to make money.

The Vietnam War story crafted by the software’s creator, Stan, is totally made up. The real person behind this trading platform is a marketer known as Ian Ross who is very good at fabricating such stories being a copywriter. Many people pay him to write scripts and make sales pitches that will convert into buyers. The truth is that this is just a promotion for a binary options trader with fake stories and testimonials that have been crafted to make traders really want in because it doesn’t work the way the system’s creator say it does. The sales pitch video itself which was meant to provide a relatable struggle faced by many war veterans is poorly narrated, and the fact that the people behind this trading platform are targeting struggling military veterans is beyond disrespectful. This software is scam that will simply deceive and make users lose their hard-earned cash.


Hoping that the Military Millionaire software will get the job done is a fool’s errand. This trading platform is one big con considering this system will neither calculate nor predict trading results. Being one of the biggest industries in the online trading world, the binary options niche is not immune to fraudsters. There are many fake services in the market that claim to generate trading signals and as demand grows there will be an increase of internet scammers who merely want to deplete your account within hours. If you’re thinking of signing up with Military Millionaire, don’t!

It’s important to remember there are many trading robots that will make money without promising unattainable profits. Serious investors are thus advised to sign up with Binary Options Robot which is certainly among the most reliable trading robots currently in the market. All the necessary information traders need before signing up with Binary Options Robot is out in the open and there are no underhand dealings – your gains will always be guaranteed. With the Binary Options Robot, your investment experience is improved by being provided with reliable brokers who will increases any trader’s turnover tremendously. Because the Binary Options Robot brings more capital to the binary options market, you have a wider selection of binary options assets to choose from. Traders who use the Binary Options Robot will find that it’s considerably easier to trade in this volatile industry.

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