Tesler App Review

Tesler App Review:The Tesler app is thelatest and trending trading software online that is currently making its impact on the Binary Options trading industry. However, the sad reality is that that this particular system or software is not reliable and has been proven by research to be a big time scam. This app is an illegitimate scam that has been developed to lure the naïve traders of binary options industry towards investing their money in the fraudulent Tesler App trading system only to lose it all with a single button’s click.In case you are thinkingof making an investment in the binary options trading industry for earning higher returns, then you must read this detailed Tesler app review beforehand to know about its truth.

Tesler App Review
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Tesler App Scam System

Let us begin our review by presenting the detailed information about the founder & owner of the given Tesler app –Stephen Abrahams.As claimed to be the founder & CEO of Tesler App, Stephens Abrahams claims himself to be a multi-millionaire who has developed this binary options trading app to transform the lives of the online traders out there. He even proceeds to present that he has been referred to as “Mr. Midas” on the Wall Street. This is because he is a kind person in addition to being uncontrollably in love with money and the desire to earn it. Through in-depth research, it has been observed that there are several rough scammers who like to portray themselves as “Mr. Midas” & thus, reveal out to be only money maniacs and big time scammers.

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Tesler App Scam System

For identifying the scam trading software from any kind of real and legitimate trading apps, the trading experts recommend to observe the associated profits with the given binary options trading software or system. One should also give a closer observation to the exact offering given by the service provider or the owner and the overall team. Most of the scam binary trading apps like Tesler App face this concern of being linked to offering unrealistic profits to the traders that they might themselves have not heard of within the binary trading industry.The Tesler App has a similar story.

scam binary trading apps like Tesler App

One of the most suspicious things about the Tesla App is that it claims to make a whopping amount of $5700 to around $10,000 on a daily basis. This figure, however, tends to be far from being close to the real profits intothe binary trading industry as revealed by the experts.

The Tesler App also claims to be ensuring the profits to the binary traders which are not measured by the prowess of the users who are into trading.In case you happen to be a newbie binary trader, then you simply requireto invest an amount of $250 and then click on the option “trade” to start earning profits on a daily basis. You can simply make the investment and watch as your account balance boosts as claimed by Tesler App. However, all of this results into a dirty lie. The main point here is that Stephen Abrahams is not real with the traders and wish to scoop their hard-earned money. He is just aimed at selling the get-rich-quickly scam to the traders throughout the lengthy promotional video on the official site of the Tesler App trading system.

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An Insight Into the Tesler App

In the Tesler App review, several points of loopholes have come up that determine the unreliability and illegitimacy of this binary trading system. The most important feature that implies the same is the accuracy as claimed by the Tesler App towards the execution of trades. Mr. Stephen Abrahams claims that his software is capable of losing only one trade in a total of 98 trades. This figure, as claimed by him, is able to match up the loss incurred upon the traders during binary trading and the account of the traders is credited with $85 upon the loss. However, this kind of offering has never been heard of in the binary options trading industry.Even the percentage of accuracy offered by the Tesler App is highly contradictory.

Tesler App is highly contradictory

How does the Tesler App Scam Work?

Once you would visit the official site of the Tesler App, you would be flooded with several annoying Live Update that keeps popping up all throughout the promotional video of this trading software. This claims that the Tesler App would be offered to just 10 more people. Therefore, the app asks you to hurry to make the investment in order to earn the desired profits. However, this is a very old trick used by the scammers in the binary options trading industry.

During the video representation of the software, the spots would keep decreasing gradually. As per the experts of the binary options trading, the spot will never be filled up. After scamming their target on a number of naïve investors, the Tesler App scammers will not be found anywhere. The investors would not be able to withdraw any of their claimed profits within a single minute of making it. The truth is that there is never going to be any profit.

However, there is no assurance that you can trust any binary option signals or trading portal and it would give you the desired results.


Through this detailed review, it has been proven that the Tesler App is a big scam in the binary options trading industry. Therefore, you must be careful of investing your hard-earned money into the same. If you wish to make good profits from a reliable binary options trading platform, then Option Robot is the perfect option for you. OptionRobot is a highly legitimate binary options trading platform that offers only what it claims

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Tesler App is a big scam in the binary options trading

The verdict

After thoroughly scanning the website and their claims, we are left with many doubts. The website indicates that they have been in the service for the last 12 years but probing on the internet suggests that the domain has been there only for the past 9 and a half year. The website indicates that the customers are given 100 percent money back guarantee but we couldn’t find any confirmation of that anywhere on the Internet. The website’s tall claims have been put without any substantial data and that makes it very difficult to believe them. Further, the website doesn’t look very professional and looks more like beginner website creating further mistrust. We can finally say that it is very difficult for us to believe what has been claimed on the website and hence recommend our readers to stay away from it.
We further recommend our readers to use the services of a known and reputed signal service provider like the Option Robot. The Option Robot has a very transparent financial dealing along with a safe and secure platform. The platform also has the affiliation of a large set of very reputed brokers who have earned their reputation with consistent and timely service delivery. The performance of the Option Robot’s signaling service is consistent and has been providing success ratio of about 70 percent on a regular basis.

Overall, we recommend our readers to avoid the Tesler App completely and register with the option robot for their signaling requirements.

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