Sign Binary Review

Sign Binary Review: The Binary Trading has emerged as one of the most favored trading platforms which have gained momentum in the last couple of years among binary robots. This momentum has bought several niche players like signal software service providers on the foray. The abundance of choices regarding software bots have made the life of a naïve trader difficult. To assist the readers in selecting right trading partners and signal service partners, we put them under our stringent review process.

To continue our legacy of providing comprehensive analysis, today, we are going to review the Sign Binary – an automated signal service provider. The following text details the various facets of the Sign Binary for your consumption.

Sign Binary Review

A document on the website of the SignBinary suggests that it is owned by the Lionsman Capital Markets Limited. Our further investigation on the Lionsman Capital Markets Limited unearthed that the Lionsman does have a valid license from the CySEC (Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission).

Though the Sign Binary claims that their parent company is the Lionsman, the research on the company indicates otherwise. This has induced our suspicion about the Sign Binary and it seems that the real promoters of the Sign Binary are hiding behind the known name or the Lionsman is using the Sign Binary as the vehicle to acquire new customers. To get the better understanding of the signal service provider, we continued with our investigation.

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The Platform

The binary signal service provider generates signals which are 1000 times faster and provides the alerts to their registered users at lightning speed ensuring that their registered user places their trades before everyone else. Though this sound very promising, the website does not provide any information on how these signals are being generated and what are the principles on which it is operating.

The Sign Binary also claims that they have more than 20,000 active users who are using their services and have provided reviews of some of them on the site. If you have read our reviews of earlier imposters, you would understand that probably the images used on the site and reviews posted on the sites are unreliable.

The Sign Binary also offers a demo or free account with $ 500 to test the signal service with a condition that it is valid for only 7 days. After the exhaustion of free period, the website offers you either free or paid signal service again with a condition that with the free service maximum gains which can be generated is % 7,000 only. Such marketing tactics are used to lure the investors into their pro version and grab as much money as possible from the susceptible traders. We have also read reviews wherein individuals have explained that while using the demo account the trader has been on winning streak but as soon as they converted into real money account, surprisingly, they winning percentage has declined considerably.  The demo or free account can easily be manipulated to provide 100 percent winning trades but when it comes to real money account the winning ratio starts to decline. Hence, it is advisable not to take the results of the demo account at its face value.

Sign Binary

The Sign Binary is available free of cost for a limited period to select customers. This is also another technique used by such imposters wherein they try to create emotional pressure by claiming unreal winning ratio and unbelievable success rate which will expire soon if you do not grab the opportunity now. Our request to readers is not to fall for such prey as there is no scheme in the world which can make you a millionaire overnight. The extraordinary claims on the website have made us more suspicious about the company and their dealings. Our major concerns about the website have been outlined hereunder.


The major concern which we have is about the owner’s identity. The website does suggest that it is owned by the Lionsman Capital Markets Limited who has acquired a license from CySEC. While there is no evidence that the Lionsman is behind this robot and it could be a case of misrepresentation facts to hide behind the legitimate license holder’s identity.

Our research on the Sign Binary also indicates that there is another website with same claims and same layouts offering the same signaling services. This fact has further strengthened our doubts about the owner and its identity.

Insufficient Information

Though the website suggests that the traders can generate gains by using the Sign Binary signal service, it does not provide any information or data to substantiate their claims. The website also does not provide any information regarding the developer of the system nor about the principles on which the signal service generates the signals. No information or misrepresentation of facts has made us believe that it is not a reliable service.

Limited Period Offer

The website indicates that the signal service is available for a limited period and after the expiry, they will not accept new registrations. This is also a marketing gimmick used by many online marketing companies to persuade the visitors to sign up immediately for their services and make payments.

Suitable Brokers

As you are aware that the signal service cannot trade on its own, and is required to have a broking partner to execute the traders. Such vital information regarding their affiliated broking partner is missing on the website. The website also does not provide any information regarding the financial dealings on the website creating further doubts.

How Does  Sign Binary Work

The website remains silent on the principles on which the algorithm has been developed. It does not provide any information regarding the parameters it uses to identify the profitable opportunity in the market. We understand that signal service will not provide the actual algorithm but can definitely provide information regarding the principles on which it is based upon.

The Verdict

The research on the Sign Binary has unraveled many important aspects of the signal service provider. Thought the website indicates that their signals can put you ahead of the rest, it does not provide any information regarding the principles of algorithm creations nor it has any data to prove their claims. The website ownership is also questionable and the eye-catching similarity with another signal service provider strengthens the suspicion. The website uses all the marketing techniques to generate the sales which have been used by many scam artists on the internet. All the above aspects make it clear for us that it is difficult to trust the Sign Binary as the reliable signal service partner.

Hence, we would recommend our readers to stay with the established players like Option Robot for their signaling requirements. The Option Robot has gained its popularity because of consistent customer service and having clear ownership. Also, the Option Robot is very transparent in all its dealings and provides all the requisite information regarding the principles they use to generate signals and the affiliation they have. Their affiliated brokerage houses are also well-reputed organization having a crystal clear track records. Also, the website of the Option Robot does not make exaggerated claims about the profitability while their reviews on the internet provide enough trusting material. The sheer transparency on the part of the Option Robot makes it as our recommended signal service provider.

Overall, we cannot establish the trustworthiness of the Sign Binary and hence we would recommend our readers to stay with the established signal service providers like the Option Robot for their signaling requirements.

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