Signalss Online Review

Signalss Online Review: The popularity of online trading (Binary Options, CFDs, STD, Forex and so on) as a means of making money online is rising every day. This has provided a lot of individuals with a means for making their livelihoods. Every day, a new ‘guru’ or ‘expert’ who knows all and has seen it all when it comes to trading is born. Many auto trading systems are also being born on a daily basis. This availability of so many options then causes much confusion for the trader especially those that lack experience. Signalss Online is one of the signal trading system apps you will find online. With the level of risk that is associated to online trading, it becomes very vital that traders become really informed about the signal or brokers abilities. They need to be informed about which of the available options are legitimate and those that are scams.

This article is intended to review Signalss Online for you. It is intended to help you reach an informed decision on whether to invest your money with the system or not. Read on and you shall surely be much more informed by the time you are through.

Signalss Online Review

Operated by UR TRADE FIX Ltd of Cyprus, Signalss Online is a forex broker. It says its operations are for traders from all nations. It says its social trading model is a feature that is unique to only it in the whole of the industry. The model allows traders to connect with active and experienced traders in order to learn trends and ask questions. All these activities are carried out through its website which is said to provide all the necessary tools. The website is also serves traders from around the world in eight different languages. This excludes those from the United States.

With sign up indicated as being free on the website, Signalss Online says it has the tools to enable you copy experienced and successful traders’ moves with just one click of your mouse. This shows that the system is automated (most systems are). But with all said and done, there are some very vital questions that are screaming for answers. Such questions need answers concerning the model, system and the system’s website.

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Success Online’s Website

Even though Signalss Online’s scanty website can make it easy to use, at least there are vital statistics and information that are very necessary on every site’s homepage. Such information assist every potential first time visitor in forming a primary opinion of who he is dealing with. Such information could also help in building trust from the very beginning. These are absent on this site. A website that contains no navigation buttons to any vital information like an ‘about’ page, a ‘help’ page or a ‘knowledge base’ page, one might be tempted to think that not all cards have been laid on the table. These are just some of the many flaws that were seen on the website. They form part of the questions that are screaming for answers.

  • Scanty: Like already stated, the website is so scanty a layman might not even understand the kind of business it is supposed to represent. In such cases, an FAQ category button could work wonders. But there is none in this instance. The website’s homepage lacks most of the vital information that enable you to understand what a business is all about before deciding whether to trust that business enough to part with your money or not.
  • Leading Traders: On the uppermost left hand corner of the website, it is written in huge bold letters that you get free trading signals from leading traders. But just beneath that sentence, it is also written (in smaller and not so ‘bold’ letters) that you can easily execute such recommendations via just one single click of your mouse. The question is; is the really possible? Receiving recommendations and going on to execute them can hardly be possible with just a single click of the mouse.
  • Sign up: The sign up button is a green one located to the right just below form fields for collecting your essential statistics. It has ‘START NOW’ written on it. When you click on that button, you are taken a bit further up to the field where you are supposed to put your first name. Does this not seem obvious that your basic information is wanted in a hurry? The normal procedure should have been that button leading you to another landing page where your vital information is then taken.
  • Risk: The website tells you that trading is risky and you might be risking your entire investment. This is true. But will any broker that sincerely believes this to be true still offer a leverage margin of 200:1 while, still allowing you to limit and stop orders that are as close from current market price as .1 pip? Wouldn’t you admit that your entire investment is already at risk with this?
  • Developers: You are just told that the system and platform was built and developed by social and forex data experts. But who are these experts? There is nowhere on the site where any information is given about them. Only the name of the company that operates the system is given. It is also interesting to note that the brand name under which the company operates is ‘TRADEO’ and not ‘UR TRADE FIX Ltd’ which was given as the name of the ‘operator’ on the site. With this, will you say all cards are on the table?
  • Members/Users: The website does not show any indication whether it has any registered members. It does not even show any testimonies from users who have made money from the system. For a business system that wants to convince more members to sign up, one would have expected that its website will include real testimonies from those that have truly made money from the system. So much for proving that the system is worth your time and money!
  • Awards: “Awards say enough about our success”. That is the sentence you find when you scroll further down Signalss Online’s website. Although the sentence says ‘awards’, there is only on award from one DailyForex. It was an award for the ‘Best Social Platform’ and not ‘Best Social Forex Trading Platform’. They are two different things. Any platform can get an award for being the ‘Best Social Platform’. That does not prove that it is making its members any substantial profits from their investments.
  • Mentions: The website lists a few reputable websites it has been mentioned on. but it does not give any proof of the exact light in which it was mentioned. A reputable website mentioning you in relation to your shortcomings is still a mention after all. Signals Online should have given us concrete evidence about the light in which it was mentioned by those websites. If it cannot summarize what they said for readers, links could have been provided to such articles or content that did the mentioning.

There are many questions that need to be answered concerning the Signalss Online website. But we will stop here so that we can focus on questions from other aspects while answers to these ones are being sought.

Signalss Online Main Page

The Signalss Online System

Signalss Online claims to be an international forex broker but only operates with just 4 currencies. With the USD, JPY, GBP and EUR being those it works with, it means certain international traders cannot trade with the system. There are certain developing countries that can only trade with the USD. There are even some that do not have access to trading with any from among the 4 options. So, the system cannot be said to be truly international. Such and others are the questions that arise when one scrutinizes the system.

  • The Experts: Signalss Online claims that its ‘unique’ model works by enabling beginner and inexperienced traders to copy the trading activities of experienced, leading traders. The question is that who are the experienced and leading traders here? There is no personal information about them, their experience level or what they have achieved with the system anywhere on the site. How do you believe anybody is an expert if you are not convinced that he knows what he is doing with a system like this? Do you even know what his trading goals are or whether they resonate with yours? Or, do you just follow an individual just because he is a ‘supposed’ experienced and leading trader? Wait, is it even possible to follow and copy somebody’s trading activities in a business where time is of utmost importance? A business where just a few seconds could mean huge gains or huge losses. So many questions are begging to be answered here but let us just leave it at that.
  • Orders Execution/Risk: The Company’s terms and conditions state that you are to accept the risk of financial losses when you receive a delayed notice or when you do not receive the notice at all. The question here is; who is responsible for effectively sending such notices? When the notices are either delayed or you do not receive them and they cause you a financial loss, what caused that loss? The terms also state that, when internal messages which are sent to you by the company in relation to the Company Online Trading system are undelivered, then you are responsible for any financial losses that might bring too. Although the company claims that undelivered messages are deleted automatically within a 3 calendar day period, they can be readjusted to a period which ensures that all vital messages remain until they are delivered.
  • Initial Deposit/ Bonus: With Signalss Online, you do not get any bonus when you sign up or make your initial deposit. This much was said in their ‘terms and conditions’ pdf document. Talking about the initial minimum deposit, there are two versions of it. The first version shows that you can make an initial deposit of a minimum of $149.99. But the second one says your initial deposit after you sign up should not be less than $250. Which of these two options does one then choose? If the site had contained any educational materials, how it works or FAQ sections, then may be one would have gotten an explanation for the discrepancy. Unfortunately none of these category pages is available from the home page.

A leverage margin of 200:1 as promised by the Signalss Online website will never be easy to effect. Experienced, expert traders will surely attest to this. That caps leverages are not easy to attain is true of real online forex trading. So, you should not be fooled by huge caps leverage margins.

Signalss Online Payments


It is not easy at all to figure out what the Signalss Online system can do for you. One can even hardly say how far you can go or what you can achieve with the system. This is as a result of the scanty nature of the website. The site mainly passes the message that you can study and copy the trading activities of experienced and leading traders. But it does not actually tell you who those leading traders are or what actually makes them leading traders. There are many websites like that on the internet these days.

But there are still others that are legitimate and sincere. They are sites where real traders have actually traded and made real profits. Such sites hardly promise you heaven on earth. In fact, they hardly over advertise their services online. Most of their advert comes from mouth to mouth advert through those that have used their services. Option Robot is one of those legitimate options.

Option Robot is an auto trading system that is simply and openly presented. It does not exaggerate concerning what it can do for you. It modestly tells you what you stand to gain when you use the system only for you to be pleasantly surprised when you start using it. This is because you will discover that all the brokers that are featured on Option Robot are licensed and rated by the CySEC, a body that is responsible for regulating activities in the online trading market.

Its system has a great standard payout feature which does not take how much you have deposited into account at all. When you experience Option Robot and all the education it offers, you will forget that scam systems exist as you would have completely forgotten about them.

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