Safe Zone Strategy Review

Earning a good return on investment is the primary reason why you would want to trade in binary options. The program that you employ for this purpose therefore becomes paramount and a careful understanding of what is on offer is of essence. This is what will lead you to give a careful study of all programs that you are interested in. Safe Zone Strategy is one such program and here we will explore what it is all about and whether it can actually give a good rate of return on your investment.

The Strategy

Safe Zone Strategy employs the strategy of making safe trades. This they do by making a study of losing trades and learning why they are losing trades and making changes to minimize such trades in the future. The traders here will find a system that focuses on minimizing losses as a way to give a good return on investment.

Safe Zone Strategy focuses on five rules that tend to make trading better investors in the binary options markets. These rules are:

  1. Rule number one is cut down on losing trades. This is done by looking keenly at the reason behind the losses and making the right adjustments to keep this problem at a very low level. This effectively eliminates the aspect of losing streaks as the loss become less and less as trading improves.
  2. Rule two focuses on not placing more than 5% of a trader’s investment in one trade or on one pair only. This has the effect of spreading the risk to avoid major losses at the same time. If for example you place 20% of all your investment in one trade, a loss could give your account a serious dent. What this strategy ensures is that nothing beyond 5% of your total investment goes into risk at the same time which is another aspect of minimizing losses.
  3. The third rule is that traders should not just make trades just because they have been on an upward or downward trend on a whim. They should allow the Safe Zone Strategy to generate the actual signal before each and every trade.
  4. The forth rule lays emphasis on putting a lot of trust in the system’s analyses, algorithms and data collection and collation which is what will give traders great signals. Intuition and hunches have no place in binary options and making informed trades is the difference between making profits and losing your money.
  5. Patience forms the fifth rule. While it is appreciated that a trader wants to maximize his profits in as short a time as possible, this kind of mentality can also lead to the making of hasty trades without a solid backing of facts and analysis. Waiting for the appropriate time to make a trade that is backed by actual insights of the global financial climate is better than making multiple trades without solid intelligence.

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Safe Zone Strategy Review – Full 100% Honest Authorized Investigation Is it a Scam or Profitable Software? Can You Make Big Bucks With it?

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The Software

Safe Zone Strategy System is easy to download and navigate from your desktop. The strategy of laying focus on not losing much seems like a good strategy as well. It is suitable for beginners and for professional traders too. What this system does is to seek more winning trades for their traders placing them at an advantage when it comes to making the rightpredictions about the movement in value of all pairings in binary options.

You will get a helpful summary with Safe Zone Strategy System and it will guide you into making intelligent trades. It is these trades that will give you the profits that you are looking for. This is especially so when the system provides an analysis of the market which keeps you informed about your next trades even before you get to them.

The Sales Video

The sales video looks like the in thing with all new binary options platforms these days. It seems like the primary tool to introduce the product to the binary options world. Safe Zone Strategy System has one too where the narration is not dissimilar to what other programs have to offer.

It features one a voice who says that the CEO, Tony Flanagan, has developed a strategy that will beat theother binary robots to shame because of the intensive research that has been carried out to make it superior. It also features the testimonials that explain how the system has made so much difference in the financial circumstances of the people who make these decisions.

Searching for this Tony Flanagan away from this program and from the sites of affiliates has proven futile. It is either that he does not exist or that he is a recluse. The explanations of the system seem more concerned with giving detail more than substance. The sales video gave the system a great opportunity to market their software but they fell short on this one.

Safe Zone Strategy
Safe Zone Strategy

The Promises

What do you stand to gain from registering with the safe Zone Strategy program? Here are their key promises to potential traders:

  • Safe Zone Strategy is free to download and to open an account. This is a good thing because it opens up a new world of binary options trading to you. Here is where you will receive the most accurate trading signals which will translate to profitability.
  • You are promised signals that will provide 95% accuracy in your trades. This means that the highest losses you are likely to make if you follow the signals are less than 5% which is among the industry’s lowest. The developers claim that their sources of information are the same as the big players on Wall Street have. This should add to the credibility of their sources of information which extends to the quality of their signals.
  • The developers of this program, from their extensive research have found out that the most profitable and successful expiry period for binary options trades is 60 seconds. It is for this reason that they promise you the best signals for tis expiry period which is their main trading expiry period.
  • A low initial minimum deposit of only $250 is the difference between remaining in your current financial situation and making thousands of shillings each day. This deposit can be increased if you want to start off with big profits early enough.
  • The signals provided by theSafe Zone Strategy are so good that you do not need to conduct further analyses if the indices and indicators to make your trades. This means that you do not have to be experienced or trained in binary options trading to make money with this software.
  • You can choose either of two trading options. One is the fully automated system where the program makes the trades for you after you instruct it to do so. The other option is where you receive the signals but you opt to make your trades manually.
  • The program will be updated periodically at no cost to the trader to enhance the user experience and provide better signals and smoother trades.

The Red Flags

  • The 60 second expiry period that the software concentrates on is not fool proof. Traders need to be given the leeway to select different expiry periods for different trades instead of being confined to one. If your trading style and strategy are not in agreement with Safe Zone Strategy’s 60 second expiry plan, you will have a rough time adjusting here.
  • The sales video kind of sells the program short. It is not very informative and it does not bring in anything new that other binary options programs have not informed you about.
  • Making thousands of dollars in daily profits has never been as easy as Safe Zone Strategy is trying to make it look. This should not be the basis of making you register here as you will definitely be disappointed.
  • It is difficult to find independent reports of the actual earnings that you stand to make from this program. This is because not much information is available for scrutiny other than what affiliate sites have to say which should be taken with a pinch of salt as they are in these business with the program anyway.


The strategy of minimizing losses is a good one, but it is not the only thing that influences profitability. If the losses are few from fewer trades, traders will not like it very much. The fact that the program is fairly new needs to be thought about. The prudent thing is not to rush in; you had better give the system sometime to prove itself that it has more to offer traders than what they already have or what is already in existence.

What you need to do

To be sure of getting a good return on investment, make the right decision and register with a program that is already doing what this new system is offering and more. This will be the Binary Options Robot which has continually been the leading platform in binary options trading. If you want a program where you will be at peace of mind because you are assured of profits earned within a safe and secure trading environment, Binary Option Robot is the program to register with.

Registering with Binary Option Robot is the best thing you will do for yourself this year.

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