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Binary options scam usually entails customers gambling on whether financial or investment assets, examples currencies, commodities crypto-currencies stocks value will either rise or fall, the winning bet offers a fixed amount which cant be resold, while a few Binary option companies would be described as legitimate, majority that flag themselves as a binary option company operates a bogus and fraudulent scheme. These companies are spread around the world but a large number of them are operating from Israel while claiming to be based in the UK with affiliation or being bank rolled by top financial institutions, The FBI puts the annual amount lost through this scheme at $10 billion annually.
Here at CYBERING.NET , we have been able to specifically identify locations of these Binary options companies and agents with a very high accuracy, their Modus Operandi often involves displaying fancy and catchy adverts which most times involves a profitable return with additional bonus/incentives or a stress free binary options plan.


The set-up of an unregulated forex, cryptocurrency or binary options company is layered by design.
Companies hide their true identity in a number of jurisdictions
They register as a corporate entity in an offshore jurisdiction, whilst claiming on their website to be based in a respected and trusted financial hub such as London.

Where did you send the money?
Somewhere in Eastern Europe, such as Poland, the Czech Republic or somewhere is Asia, such as Hong Kong. The reality is that you are being contacted from a call center in Tel Aviv – this is where operations are actually based.


Asset tracing, or bank mapping is the procedure by which we “follow the money” to locate where it really is.
We do this by going direct to the bank or the payment processor, which means this can be done in-house using our qualified legal advisors and forensic investigators. If we are not able to carry this out in-house, we may obtain a disclosure order from the local authorities. The disclosure order instructs the banks into handing over relevant information regarding transfers. Once we are able to get a judgment and freeze the funds, we now make sure that the judgement is enforced.

Do not allow faceless individuals or group rip you off years of hard work, being a scam victim is tough and sometimes depressing, that is why we at CYBERING.NET are specialized in BINARY TRADING SCAMS, FOREX TRADING SCAMS AND CRYPTOCURRENCY SCAMS RECOVERY, at this point id like to emphasize you could be a secondary victim if you re not cautious, there are a lot of sham “organizations” parading themselves as funds recovery or retrieval agencies whose sole interest is to scam you because of desperation, at CYBERING.NET, we guarantee you success with a very high probability, we might not end up recovering all your funds but we assure you a significant percentage of your money back, we will also put the perpetrators to books, our service charges also comes after your funds has been retrieved, contact us website : email :

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Nicholas Hazi
Senior Penetration Tester, CYBERING.NET