Regal Wealth Review

As discussed in many of our reviews, it is of utmost importance for any trader to have the most trust worthy broker as a trading partner. The binary options trading market is flooded with the binary brokers and automated signal software provides and binary option robots to choose from, making the life of a naïve traders difficult. Our aim is to provide honest review of all the available options binary trading arena, in order to aid and ease the decision making process.

We recently heard about relatively new binary trading software offered by the Regal wealth who claims to provide precise trading information to their users in order to make handsome profits from their trading activity. This prompted us to review the website and its offerings in order to provide the comprehensive information about the Regal Wealth Software. The following text describes the several aspects of the Regal Wealth Software which one must know before jumping on the bandwagon.

Regal Wealth Review

The website provides the picture and name of the owner as Michael King who claims to be the CEO of the Regal Wealth Trading Group. As a process we tried to further information regarding the Regal Wealth Trading Group, and we could find the information about the company but it’s CEO is not Michael King nor he is related with the company in any way. This has raised our eyebrows and created a several doubts in our minds. The website also does not have any contact information providing details about the physical address or any other contact information. The website neither has any information regarding the registration of the company nor the details about the license from a reputed government authority to carry out the binary trading activity.

Absolutely no information regarding the registration number, registered address, and license from a reputed authority has made us ask this question – is there any scrupulous activity happening on the website by Michel King? To answer the above question, we further investigated the broker.

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The Platform

At this juncture, it is very difficult for us to tell whether the software is a scam or a legit one, but we will continue to rely on our experiences to give you an honest review. Such platforms are offered with zero cost, and so does the Regal Wealth. As in almost all such software, you have to register on the site and select the preferred broking partner and make the minimum deposit of $ 250 to use the free services offered by the software.

The website claims that there are only 50 spots and the registered users can start making $ 605 per hour. Michel King in its open letter also indicates that every year they open up 50 membership slots only. These 50 members can then be attached to their master trading account and the registered users are guaranteed by Michel King to be $ 10,000 better off the next day. These claims seem exaggerated and we could not find any proof of the same on the internet. The developer of the software does not reveal how the software works and indicates that they use exclusive formula and advanced algorithm which allows them to track down the profitable trades with almost 85 percent accuracy. The platform is designed to cover the entire process of binary trading including identifying the assets, performing evaluation, making the forecast, timing of the transaction, and finally, the execution of the trade.

The website is a single page website with prominent add banner showing that you can make $ 10,000 starting today to lure the investors and traders. It prominently displays the video of Michel King who goes ga ga over his achievements and accomplishments doing just the trading. The website also has some widgets which shows the live trading results of various assets indicating the each and every trade concluded through the software is the perfect winning shot. The website also enlists the benefits like one-click activation of account, 100 percent auto mode profit account, and 24 x 7 guidance through phone or e-mail. However, we could not find their support details on the website. The privacy policy and the risk statement written on the website is also poorly written and does not throw much light on what are the terms and conditions of the websites.

Everything on the website looks shady and create a million doubts about the site. Our major concerns from the site are enlisted hereunder.

Fake Ownership

The person shown in the pictures on the website is titled as Michel King and he has been identified as the CEO of the Regal Wealth Trading Group. On the other hand, our research about the Michel King has revealed that sure there is a company called Regal Wealth Trading Group, but they do not have any single person named as Michel King. It is clear that the website has used the name of the real organization to persuade the traders and investors.

Exaggerated Claims!

The website with a banner advert on the top claims that the person who joins them can make $ 10, 000 in a day and can start making $ 605 per hour. This is too much, as you are aware that trading requires lots of discipline and dedication, and even the biggest traders of the binary options have told time and again, that such generous rewards are possible but not every day. Also, the claims have not been backed by any reliable data.

Limited Slots!

The open letter of Michel King on the website indicates that there are only 50 slots which are open for general public at no cost every year. This is also a marketing gimmick used by many online marketers to lure the naïve traders and buyers into their scheme of things. Such strategies are deployed so that the scouting traders can register immediately without searching more information about the website or the promoters.

Regal Wealth 50 Free Spots

Who Are The Affiliates?

The auto trading software cannot trade on its own and requires an affiliation with some brokerage house to execute the trade. Such important information is not available on the website, nor it provides information regarding the deposit and withdrawal methods available on the site.

How Does it Regal Wealth Work?

The website provides no information regarding how the software works or what are the principle on which the software is developed to give unrealistic returns. On the other hand, it only boasts of figures and earnings creating many doubts.

The Verdict

The website of the Regal Wealth brags about the $ 10,000 earning per day and $ 605 winnings per hour. It also shows the open letter of Michel King – named CEO of the Regal Wealth Trading Group, and indicates that the software allows only 50 applicants on yearly basis. One of the most critical aspect of any software is its affiliate trading partners, and this website provides no information about the same. The sheer lack of transparency on the website have made us believe that the above activity and promotions are done just to lure the traders and investors in the system with no real binary trading.

Hence, we would request our readers to dodge this website completely and stay with the well established brands. One such brands which we have been recommending is Option Robot. The Option Robot scores very high on all the parameters, be it transparency, be it their affiliates, their customer support, or be it their financial dealings. The Option Robot has gained the trust of the traders and investors alike over a longer period of time with consistent processes. The Option Robot software works on sync with binary brokers like StockPair, 24Option, Binary Tilt etc. These brokerage houses have earned their reputation over a time with strong process and robust support services.

The website of the Option Robot is offered in several languages which includes the English, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Danish, Italian, Finnish, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Czech, Greek, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian, and Slovenian. There is hardly any website offering trading software in so many languages. The software asses’ various technical indicators like RSI, MACD, Stochastics, CCI, and others to provide probable winning opportunity in both manual and auto mode. The professionally developed website neither claims exorbitant profits nor it hides the information about the organization. These are the main reasons behind our recommendation of the website.

Overall, we would reiterate that you should completely avoid the Regal Wealth as their establishment and the people behind them are untraceable. If you want to take the help of a software to start the binary trading, then you should go with the Option Robot which has earned its reputation and has affiliation with very reputed binary brokers

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