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For the time binary options trading has been in the financial market, it has long been an excellent way for investors to make profits while trading. There are millions of people around the world who are looking to go this same route in order to make significant amount of money, yet what often happens is they come across a raft of hurdles which leave them gasping for air in the cutthroat world of the money market. The binary options scene offers investors variety of different trading programs and while some do live up to the hype, there are many others out there that perform quite dismally when put to the test. With all the choices being tossed at investors, one must be very careful not to get scammed by auto-traders that promise heaven but deliver hell. One entrant to the binary options scene goes by the name of Real Profits, a creation of Anthony DiFranco who has designed a software platform that makes binary options trading easier to succeed with. Di France says he has cracked the trading Software code but does his creation live up to the hype? This review takes a look at the trading system to see if it lives up to the promise.

Introduction to Real Profits

Real Profits is a relatively new binary options trading software app that was created by Anthony DiFranco who says he has spent years “researching, studying, dissecting, following and testing” this system to help investors win and predict the trends of binary options trades as well as minimize their risks on investments. The software works as a code to shows investors how to make money online while also enabling them to discover different methods of guaranteeing massive returns on their investments. The app also provides traders with an analysis of market conditions to enable them determine their next course of action.

Through this system, investors can plug into the live signals to receive real-time alerts without having to spend time trying to unravel the technical aspects of investing in binary options. A new feature that comes with the software is an automation feature that takes over the trading completely by placing the trades with the Real Profits broker. As with any traditional investment opportunity, investors face a range of risks but according DiFranco, this trading system can minimize the risks thereby improving the chances of making winning trades.

According to DiFranco’s sales pitch in a promotional video, traders can make up to 97% of successful trades and up to $14,500 per dayon the Real Profits software platform. Such returns might very well be amongst the highest on record for an binary options trading platform because software that could accurately predict 97% of trades and earn such massive payouts must be very one magical solution. As for the name Anthony DiFranco itself, research indicates the name is not legitimate and no such person related to the software exists. This software is quite possibly backed by fake news release websites that are simply looking to earn commissions from binary brokers once an investor has registered for an account. As a pointer, the brokers featured on the system areunregulated.

The site simply sucks in every possible measure.
Even the support desk seems to be a scam

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How Real Profits Works

Real Profits software offers traders advice on where to make the most profitable transactions whenever they want to place a trade in the binary options market. When placing a trade, investors are basically betting on an asset’s value and if that value will increase or decrease. To get started, investors are asked to make an initial minimum deposit of either $200 or $250 depending on the broker selected for an individual trader’s account. The system’s developers claim traders who have used it have pulled over 80% profitable returns on their investments simply from the signals and suggestions provided by the Real Profit software platform. This trading platform also promises investors the features below;

  • The software is provided to traders for free
  • It is 100% automatedto effect winning trades
  • The tradingplatform will multiply $250 in just a few days
  • Investors are provided with the chance to make 97% in profits for each transaction made
  • Investors can access their payouts through easy withdrawals that are facilitated by the software
  • Trading signals are generated every 1 to 5 minutes ensuring investors have enough transactions
  • The software system eliminates risks through providing investors with free training and a proven trading platform
  • Investors receive real-time analysis and updates in addition to valuable trading information to help them transact more effectively even when using multiple platforms

These are among the many promises made by the creators of Real Profits software, and the list goes on and on. There’s a figure at the top of the introductory video that reads “Over $135 million”. Ostensibly, this is the amount investors using the platform have earned. It’s clearly an inflated amount and just like the other figures mentioned in the video, it’s not only unrealistic but also utterly false.

How To Join Real Profits

Investors have to first fund their trading accounts in order to get the instant download link for the Real Profits software. Once the software has been downloaded, investors are then able to start receiving live trading signals and placing their first binary options trades. To sign up, below are the steps to take and ensure a free copy of the software is reserved;

  1. Sign up at the official Real Profits website
  2. Download and install the free software
  3. Run the software and create an account
  4. Fund your trading account with one of the recommended binary brokers

Once registration has been completed, the software license is activated for 90 days and immediately begins to search for binary options trading signals. The system alerts signed up investors whenever it hits upon any profitable signals. Moreover, the Real Profits site indicates they are currently offering traders with an instant trading bonus on sign up.

Important Facts About The Trading Platform

According to its developers, the Real Profits software does all the monitoring, analyzes markets and predicts trades based on complex algorithms to generate signal which traders use to execute trades. The creator of the Real Profits software platform says money loves speed and intimates that his powerful software can scan and analyze multiple factors of time,trends,trades,prices, international politics,investor sentiments and the weather all at once in order to provide simple and seamless advice to investors.

The software is touted as a platform that will “do all the work for you.” The video takes a down-to-earth approach as DiFranco says this trading software bot is not being given away for free out of the goodness of his heart. Investors who have made a number of winning tradeswill have to pay back. Except that the amount of money investors will to pay back to the Real Profits owners is so miniscule they won’t even notice it going out of their accounts since it’s just but a tiny percentage of their profits. What is strange is that such a significant detail as the real amount that shall be owed is not even mentioned.

The identity of the creator, Anthony DiFranco is quite difficult to prove. The introductory video leaves a bad taste in the mouth. The exaggerated sales pitch does not help matters either.


As an investor, whenever you are researching the binary options market, it is always wise to take note of the conclusions top reviewers make concerning trading software robots. Reviewer sites work to seek out the truth the reliability or lack thereof with binary trading websites so it’s important for you note the blacklisted signals sites before you sign up for any of their binary products. The fact of the matter is lax controls within the binary options scene continue to allow scammers through and we can only hope there will be tighter controls in the future. Steer clear of Real Profits if you want to maintain your security and that of your bank balance.

Instead, choose the Binary Options robot, a genuine and trusted trading platform. And the best part about using the Binary Options Robot? You won’t undergo any losses due to emotional mistakes and the robot will never place bad trades nor chase losses where it has lost during previous trades. A tradingsoftware like the Binary Options Robot improve the liquidity of binary option investing. It provides more customers for binary brokers and markedly increases their turnovers. It also brings more capital to the binary options market allowing you to have a wider range of assets to trade.It’s a fact that if all traders used binary robots, it would be considerably harder to win money when trading binary options.Using the Binary Options Robot ensures you rest easy in the knowledge that it will always be at the top of its game.

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