Rapid Income Method App Review

The Rapid Income Method app is a fully automated binary options trading software that was created by Dominic Taylor. This application claims to use a highly sophisticated material algorithm to provide accurate predictions for winning binary trades. Once you download the Rapid Income Method app, it will provide you with free binary signals that can potentially deliver huge returns and profit. It offers a maximum return of up to 90%, and you can have this app for free.

Rapid Income Method App Review

If you want to trade using the Rapid Income Method app, you have to create an account with a minimum deposit of at least $250, and you have to sign up with one of their brokers. These brokers are officially appointed by Rapid Income Method and you cannot choose just any other broker. When getting a broker, you have to make sure they are certified and regulated. However, there have been reports that some of the brokers affiliated with Rapid Income Method are not regulated.

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How Does It Work?

According to Rapid Income Method, their application is fully designed to give traders the advantage to predict the binary options trend of their options and win. The application has a special code that lets traders find different ways to make money on binary options. It also provides signs and analysis of the current market conditions to give the traders valuable insights and helps them make positive decisions. These signals and market analysis being offered by the application provides the traders with more advantages that results in easier winning trades.

What Makes Rapid Income Method Different?

So what makes Rapid Income Method App different from the other automated binary options trading software? Dominic Taylor, the CEO of Rapid Income Method, says that instead of software, they are offering an application. In other words, the software has been programmed to act as an application. This may sound weird for most people but they have an explanation about why their application is more reliable. According to Mr. Taylor, they have successfully designed a system that actually trades according to what it has been designed to do.

The Starting Offer

Their starting offer is that each interested trader can register for free today. Rapid Income Method needs 7 beta testers in order to test their automated trading app before the license is sold to a US bank. They also promise that the free software comes with an extra $250 that is automatically added to your account. However, this money is a broker bonus that locks your investment with the broker. You cannot withdraw this extra $250 unless you generate very high volume of trade.

Customer Support

The Rapid Income Method does not provide any customer support service for their members. This is a big warning sign for traders. If you experience any technical problems or difficulties, you cannot call anyone for help. Rapid Income Method should definitely have to create a legitimate customer support system that can answers all the queries and help traders with their technical issues.


Requires No Experience

Since this is an automated binary options trading application, it is easier and faster for traders to use. It requires no trading experience for people to sign up.

Web Based

Rapid Income Method app is web based so there is no need to download to your desktop. It can also work in your smartphone, iPads and tablets. This is convenient for everyone who doesn’t have the patience or time to download the binary options software. You can also start trading even when you are on the go since you will just have to log in with your smartphone or tablet.

Daily Multiple Signals

When you create an account with Rapid Income Method, you will surely receive several binary trading signals every day. The average signals that you can receive ranges from 28 to 77 per day, which gives you lots of options to earn.

Average Winning of 95%

Rapid Income Method promises high returns on your investment with an average winning of 95%. There are some testimonials and reviews around the web, which says that they have personally tested the app and they truly found the success rate at 95% or more.


No Choice for Brokers

Rapid Income Method provides you with a limited selection of trustworthy brokers. Try to make your research about these brokers before signing up or making your deposit.

No Proof

There is no absolute proof that traders are earning huge profits. All you get are testimonials of people saying they earned this big amount of money in one day. We are not sure if these are paid actors or real people providing proof of earnings.


The creator of the application was not very transparent with his system. He only assured people that they will earn big profits if they use his app. They should have been more transparent and added details regarding the algorithm, methods and technology used for the app.

No Customer Support

This issue was pointed out above and it is a big red flag for interested traders. If Rapid Income Method is truly a successful company, they should have a customer support for their app users.

Must Have Internet Access

Since this trading platform is web-based, you need an internet access to use it.


We cannot say for sure that Rapid Income Method App is a trustworthy binary options trading platform. Their claim of huge earnings of up to $5,000 per day is too good to be true. We investigated this app to find out if these claims were true but we failed to find any evidence that it can generate these huge amounts of earnings on a daily basis. If you make your own research, you will find so many negative reviews and comments about this application. The lack of information on their website also delivers a negative blow to their credibility. For traders who are looking for a more trustworthy and credible automated binary options trading platform, you can check out OptionRobot.

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