QBITS Review

The ever growing popularity of the binary options trading continues to attract many fresh binary brokers and signal services in the marketplace. This has also propelled the evolution of the signal/hint suppliers or even binary robots who aid the brokers by supplying buying and selling indications. As in several online businesses, the exponential rise has also attracted many con-artists to the foray.

So for every trader, whether naïve or seasoned, it is important to understand each service provider before burning their hands. We as a house, take a dive into various service providers in order to provide factual information to our readers so that they can take an informed decision. Today, we are reviewing one of the growing signal service provider named “Qbits-Megaprofits” or just QBITS. Our endeavor in understanding the package provider has provided interesting information, which we have enlisted here for our readers’ consumption.

QBITS Review

Our journey to discover the information regarding the QBITS company has been unfruitful, as we could not find much information regarding the promoter of the company on their official site. The site claims that it uses a system which provides 3600 times quicker service than the super-processer, and the system is known as Quantum-Technologies. The developer of the site informs that he has used his knowhow of Quantum Physics to develop the service and he also adds that by using the matching system he has been minting money from the trading of binary options. The company provides the signaling facility through an online portal and the details are listed below.

Developer & CEO: Mr. Jeremy Harts

QBITS Claims about profits
QBITS Claims about profits

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QBITS Operating Platform

The platform of QBITS provides 100 percent automated signals to their registered dealers. As mentioned earlier, the system works at the speed of the light and processes the market data to give highly accurate results. The accuracy claimed by the developer is 97.5 percent, meaning, it can predict accurate results with almost 97.5 percent efficiency. The application is established to aid all category of the dealers; naïve and seasoned professionals.

The company website follows a combination of blue and white theme to give a corporate feel and displays a video presentation at the middle of the home-page. The video displays clip of the CEO and other associates of the ‘Rich Nerd Club’, boasting around the efficiency of the service and how much money they have made utilizing this service. One of the eye-catching adverts is about a member creating a stupendous $836,562.23 in the earlier month. The claim seems exaggerated and an investigation suggests that the identical sum was displayed in one of the evaluation blog, posted way back in February 2016.

It uses Quantum-Technologies to forecast the movement in the marketplace and provides signals with almost 97.5 percent accuracy. The quickly paced facility opens a transaction in less than two-milliseconds and claims that individual can garner $1000 ~$60,000 each month. The site also devours a members’ view of the site at the bottom of the homepage from around the world boasting about the signaling service. One of the striking features is that it displays various accolades it has received at the bottom of the homepage though our investigation of these accolades returned no results. When you snap on the badges the site takes you no-where, implying that the badges stand fabricated to misguide the visitors that the application is genuine.

The platform, as claimed by the developer, functions at a very-high speed to scan through various data points and researches a money-making tradeoff opportunity for its associates. In another claim, it suggests that it deliver near perfect indicators to gain from the trading to their members.

Another QBITS profit promotion
Another QBITS profit promotion

Cost of QBITS

Though the signaling facility is accessible at no cost, it requires to credit $250 to initiate the transactions. The pledged money is utilized to credit the trading-account and ultimately used for dealing in the binary-options. As per the information available on their official site, the site does not charge addition fees for the transactions.


Sadly, the site does not offer any bonuses on deposit but offers an exotic getaway for the first thirty clients. As soon as you register to the website, it redirects to the payment page and then the application of the enterprise. The claim of the web-site that it bargains near 97.5 percent accuracy in providing signal seems exaggerated as the competitor signal service providers offers an accuracy in the range of 83~85 percent.

QBITS Payouts & Trading

The 100 percent automated signaling service of QBITS offers up to 89 percent of payouts of a participated sum. The service supplier claims that the system scans through abundant data of the market and researches a money-making trade off opportunity for their participants.  The researched prospect is then utilized to transact in lieu of their members. The developer claims that the application uses a system which provides 3600 times quicker service than the super-processor, and the it is known as Quantum-Technologies.

The site asks to join the “Rich Nerd Club” which was founded by the developer of the signaling facility, Mr. Jeremy Harts. As soon as someone enrolls and make initial payment, individual is granted a free entree to the signaling application. The service then transacts in lieu of their registered members. The tradeoff through this facility is 100 percent automatic and it does not provide a manual transaction option to their followers.

The dealings in the binary is as risky as the other financial assets, and our humble request to our readers is to go through the terms and conditions of the agent or signal provider before commencing the transactions.

QBITS Support

The only online support option which I could find on the website is an e-mail support. This is also disheartening, as many brokers and software services provider provides various channels of communication to provide sales and support services to their clients.

Customer Reviews

As any other software service provider, they also have their members board indicating what the associate’s feedback of the signaling facility and how much profits they have made by consuming the services of the site. All the feedback posted by the members from around the globe only talks about the positive things about the site and also indicates the amount of profit made by the members utilizing the services of the website.

The Verdict

Although, the web-site looks flamboyant, we could not find any evidence around the licensing of the organization. The web-site features various badges at the bottommost of the main page, but when clicking on those badges didn’t result into redirection to the official webpages, creating doubts in the mind. Moreover, the exaggerated statements of a customer making $836,562.23 in the previous month turned out to be the identical claim posted in the assessment of the website which was posted in the month of February this year. The website design, no information about the licensing and product features, not trading history, fake reviews on the site, exaggerated promises about the outcomes, use of accolades which we were unable to cross reference, and no customer support number has created a million doubts in mind. Hence, our submission to all our readers is that the marketplace has a various legal binary-options signal package providers existing in the marketplace, who has been providing signals to their patrons.

One such recommended agent is the OptionRobot. The OptionRobot is related with renowned and controlled dealers like BancDeBinary, 24-Option, Stock-Pair and BinaryTilt amongst various others. It provides professional signal services to their patrons and the enrolling with their associated brokers is stress-free.

Finally, we would endorse using OptionRobot for signaling service and would request our readers to dodge the “Qbits Megaprofit” completely, as we could not find the proofs of their exaggerated claims.

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