Push Button Salaries Review

Of all business decisions, investment decisions are in most cases the most important. This is because it is such decisions that lay the groundwork for your future earnings. It is therefore important that such decisions are taken with the seriousness that they deserve. In binary options trading, the decision on which systems to use as your investment vehicle is the important decision that you will be conscious about. To do this you have to seek information on the programs that seem like they fit the bill. Here you will get all the important information on the Push Button Salaries System.

Push Button Salaries System: What is it all about?

This is one of the latest binary options software to enter the market. It is telling traders and potential traders that it is completely free and that it will forever change their financial circumstances by making them extraordinarily high profits when trading assets.

From the promotional video which incidentally does not mention the name of the program’s owner, CEO, founder or co-founder, the image you get is that this program is designed for busy people who do not have the time to sit at their computers all day making trades. It sells itself as a fully automated binary options robot where you do not have to do so much as most of the work will be handled by the program itself.

There is not much that the video gives out on how the program actually operates. What they have laid emphasis on is what you stand to gain when you sign up on the Push Button Salaries System and how profoundly it will change your life financially. The developers of this program make the astounding claim that the software has already made them over $26 million dollars since its inception. This they say is from having a system so effective at churning out profits in the regions of a whopping $15,000 an hour. This they say will make you a millionaire in just 30 days or so.

Push Button Salaries claims that their software is fully registered and regulated by a body known as ISA. This they say makes them a legitimate company operating international law and that should inspire confidence with you that you are not dealing with a rogue binary options program.

One thing that the video fails to do is explain how the system works and how they come to get the signals that will make people millionaires in months. All you will see are testimonials from people who claim to have made thousands of dollars which has enabled them to make improvements that have changed their lives in ways they had only dreamt about.

Push Button Salaries
Push Button Salaries
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The Promises:

The Push Button Salaries System has a good number of impressive claims that make it seem legit. Additionally there are benefits that they say will accrue to you when you open an account with them. These include:

  1. You stand to make serious money with this software. In fact, from your deposit, you will make millionairestatus within a month or so. This is because their system of generating signals and making accurate trades is so advanced that you should be making at least $15,000 every day within a short period of opening an account with Push Button Salaries. This claim if it can be proven to be correct will make this system the highest paying in the whole binary options market.
  2. The software is totally free. This is to say that you are not expected to make any payments to download this system. All the benefits that you stand to gain come at no cost as the only money that you will be required to part with is your own deposit with the broker. This would be great if the software madegood the claims of making mega profits within days of trading.
  3. The account opening process is as simple as they come. After listening to the video and all the sweet things it has to say, you will fill in your email address and be directed to another page where you will fill in more details. You will then open an account with the software’s broker, make a deposit and you are ready to start trading. There are no complicated account signing processes and multiple steps here.
  4. The Push Button Salaries program is fully automated. This program was deliberately designed to be the effective tool that busy people who do not have all the time to sit at their computer desks making trades all day and night. All you need to do is to make the deposit and the system does the rest of the work. In fact all the work you will be doing is to make the deposits and check on the progress of your account.
  5. With Push Button Salaries you can expect to receive many fee signals ever day which will be good enough to make you at least $15,000 every trading day. These signals are accurate enough to make your trades almost 100% successful. Many traders are already making thousands of dollars every day. Others who are already signed up and trading are already on their way to becoming the world’s latest millionaires.
  6. The Push Button Salaries software is fully registered and regulated by the regulatory authority known as ISA. This makes sure that all the operations and trading at this platform are legitimate and above board. When you open an account with this software, you will be trading with a legitimate company that operates within the law and globally accepted standards.
  7. Having opened an account with Push button Salaries, you will have joined an elite group of traders who are millionaires from the binary options trading or on their way there. All their accounts will be available to you so that you can improve on your trading and make the profits the best of them are making. Also, they will regularly go thoughyour account with the aim of advising you on where you could be going wrong and give you the necessary advice to mitigate any issue that may arise or has already happened.
  8. You will have an able and committed customer care staff waiting to receive your query every hour of the day and night. Should you encounter any problems;Push Button Salaries promise to sort it out as soon as it is possible so that your account can get on the business of making you money.
  9. The software is developed to make it compatible with all modern devices and it up to scratch as far as technological advancements are concerned. Apart from your PC, you will be in a position to monitor your account, make trades, make deposits and withdrawals and make changes in the account settings on your laptop, smart phone tablet, iPhone and iPad.

The Red Flags

  • Push Button Salaries software seems like a software that will make you lots of money, but blowing their trumpet on making you a millionaire within weeks or making you $15,000 a day is a little over the top. With a deposit of only $250, it would be virtually impossible to make that kind of money daily even if you clocked 100% accuracy all the time.
  • Despite being a binary robot, be wary of any software that tells you to make a deposit, sit back and you will be a millionaire in a month’s time. This is deceptive. While a binary robot will do most of the work for you, you don’t just sit back and wait to be a millionaire by the end of the month.
  • Push Button Salaries say that they are fully regulated by a governing body known as ISA. That is fine and well, if only there was a recognized body known by that acronym anywhere in the world that is responsible for the regulation and licensing of binary options software. Extensive research reveals that such a body does not exist.
  • Something else that does not hold water is the claim that you can only join Push Button Salaries by invitation. The truth is that video is accessible to everyone even through affiliate sites. This means that the claim that they are looking for only 10 more traders to fill up their number is not exactly true.


To be on the safe side, you are well advised to skip opening an account with this software. This is because of the fact that despite their big claims of big profits every day, they are still novices in the market and they should be given time to prove their legitimacy and effectiveness before they are taken seriously.

What you need to do

Open an account with Binary Option Robot. This is a legitimate program that is properly licensed and regulated. It does not just make wild promises of wild profits. All you will get in form of promises at Binary Option Robot is what is achievable. The signals that they provide are backed by lots of research and analyses by professionals in the binary options trade. Binary Option Robot is one of the leading programs in this trade and you are better off opening your trading account with a program that is a winner already.

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