Public Millionaire App Review

Public Millionaire App Review: Everyone in this world gets allured by the fact of making a great amount of money online. To top it all, if someone claims that you can earn huge profits without having the need to do anything on your part, then will you not be excited? There are several binary options brokers and automated trading softwares that claim such statements. The binary options signals platforms claim that they can help you in earning huge returns when you would invest a small amount of money with their portal. Sounds fine? But how do you judge the reliability and authenticity of such money-making portals or so called Binary Option Robots?

This is where several people across the world get fooled by the fraudulent binary trading companies. However, there are some reliable and legit binary options trading platforms as well. The main concern is to differentiate between the reliable and the unreliable platforms and then make the investment. Here is one the most realiable platforms offered for Free, Option Robot, why don’t you try that one! That is the ultimate best for automated robot trading. For regular trading, IQ Option would suit you best.

Therefore, it is advised by the experts in this field that the traders or the investors should invest their hard-earned money after doing thorough research and analysis of the same. They must be able to analyze the legitimacy of the particular binary trading portal before taking any major step. One such name that you would come across in the binary trading industry is the Public Millionaire App. This is another in the list of the binary options trading system that claims higher returns and huge profits to the investors upon making their investment. If you wish to know about the reliability and the legitimacy of the particular trading app, then you must proceed to read the full review.

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Public Millionaire App Review

This is another one of the binary trading apps that claims to make whopping profits for the investors in no matter of time. This app offers the traders a humungous profit of around $1,000 to $3,000 on a daily basis. The striking feature of the trading app as claimed by its team is that it comes completely free of charge. This app functions on an excellent algorithm that can help the traders earn greater profits on an auto-pilot mode. This implies the fact that the traders do not have to do anything on their part. They just have to make the desired investment and then relax back.

public millionaire app
public millionaire app

The rest of the trading work is done by the app itself in an automatic manner. The traders just need to follow the instructions and then they can function like a pro in the binary options trading market. All of these claims sound too great to be true!

The Public Millionaire App has been the brainchild of a man named Pat Bruce. He represents himself to be an affluent investment analyst. He claims that he has worked for almost ten years for the AIG. Afterward, he was fired from that post. To believe the claims made by Pat Bruce, there were several in-depth research conducted. However, all that was finally concluded was that he was associated with the official website of the publicmillionaire. Even during his video representation about the trading app, Pat Bruce has made no mention about his previous details or the company name. Therefore, there is by no means that this man can be trusted in any manner. If you wish to go ahead investing your hard-earned money into this online trading portal, then you are on your own.

How Does Public Millionaire App Work?

As per the claims of the founders of this trading app, Barry who is the alleged computer software man along with Pat Bruce combined their efforts to the design and develop this trading portal. As they say it, this online trading app has been designed for predicting the market public trends and thus generating optimum profits to the traders. Both the designers and the developers are in great praises about their innovative trading app. They declare that the app is capable of constantly searching for the best and the most profitable online traders round the clock to deliver the best profits to the online traders. However, after undergoing extensive research into the same, it has been observed that this is an entirely fake claim. It is quite obvious that the traders are not available 24/7 and thus, there is no possibility of the same. This statement is another testimony of the particular trading app being completely fake.

Disturbing Facts Revealed

Once you would visit the official page of the Public Millionaire App, you would come across the trading app in action. You can also see the live accounts that are operating before your eyes. This has been laid out to give the users the real feel of some serious trading business going on. You will around 873 number of total trades and a win ratio of around 63 percent. However, on the same page, you can spot a different record of the winning trades to be around 81 percent. How is that possible? You cannot expect a reliable and legit trading platform to display such contradicting records on a single page. This is the proof of the fact that these records are fabricated and have been displayed to lure in the traders into investing their money.

public millionaire app mobile

There is more evidence to ensure the fakeness of this trading app. For instance, you can check the date of the first trade on the home page of the official site. It states to be 25th March, 2017. However, the trading app has already made several trades even much before the date of the first trade. This implies that all of the records of the successful trades in this trading app are fake. To top it all, 25th March, 2017 is a Saturday. How can you expect the trading app to do the online trading on weekends? This is simply not possible as all of the online trading markets are completely closed on Saturdays and Sundays. You cannot claim to be a respected and experienced investment analyst and do not even know the fact that you cannot trade 24/7 in the online trading industry. Therefore, it can be concluded with the utter assurance that the Public Millionaire App is a complete scam.

The founders of the Public Millionaire App claim that this is an approved and verified trading platform. This implies that all the claims, as well as the results, have been identified and verified independently along with proper approval by a third party. However, you cannot come across any such evidence of the presence of any name of the verifier or the third party that made the approval. Therefore, it is highly unlikely for the traders to trust the claims made by the so-called founders of this trading platform.

Several Alarming Facts Found

There have been claims that the Public Millionaire App is on the financial news as well. However, after detailed analysis and in-depth research, it has been revealed that there is no mention of the trading app in any of the financial news channels.

On the official website of publicmillionaire, you can come across several testimonials of the people who claim to have earned great amounts of profits from the trading app. They happily say their story and how they have become millionaires in no matter of time. However, these claims cannot be considered to be true. There is a person named Felix Smith from the United Kingdom who states he has become a millionaire after making an investment with this trading app. However, when further analyzed, it was observed that this person is a paid actor from Fiverr. It is up to you to decide whether this man is actually a millionaire or not. This can be considered to be a great evidence for the scam.

What Happens When You Register on Public Millionaire App?

When you would register on the official site of the publicmillionaire, you will be asked to enter your valid and email address. After this, you will be redirected to another page called the “Member’s Area”. In this area, you will need to fill a form for the creation of an account with the trading app. This will also help in the creation of an account with the most reliable and recommended broker. The account of the broker is quite essential for the success of the traders with the Public Millionaire App. This can be your direct code to function directly with the broker. After your account has been created, you are immediately redirected to the dashboard of the applications. On this dashboard, you will need to activate the account by investing some amount of money with the broker. The minimum requirement would be around $250 and then you can start trading. Then, you can start earning great amounts of profits.

In addition to this, the video demonstration does not reveal the name of the brokers as well. Therefore, the Public Millionaire App cannot be trusted at all as it does not provide any name of the brokers. When you are dealing with unauthenticated brokers, there is no guarantee that you can earn even a single penny from the trading app. As there is no presence of any company behind the functioning of the app, it can be considered that this is a complete scam.

Is Public Millionaire App a Scam?

Nothing inside the official site of the publicmillionaire appears to be good. This is a great scam and does not deserve any of the time and energy of the traders. Therefore, you should not consider investing your hard-earned money into this online trading portal. It has been clearly designed and developed with an intention to forge all your money and run away with it. The crooks who are behind this scam are paid actors. The trading portal just changes the domain names and the combination of words here and there and promises faster rewards, these all can be likely too high to be true. If these were true, we will all be millionaires. Therefore, you must make your wise decision with the investment of your hard-earned money into this online trading portal.

Public Millionaire App has unveiled itself as a dishonest investment solution and has highly deceiving facts and figures. Among the common practices of the typical scams in the binary options trading system, the traders have to battle against the falsified recognition with an overused trick. The paid actors are another form of classic touch. They are found to be around 90 percent involved in the binary frauds. These have been extorted as reviews from the users who have been experiencing wonderful successes. However, when looked into the reputation, you would realize that they are complete fake. In such a scenario, the official website of the trading app cannot be trusted at all for making an investment in any form.


Binary options trading system can turn out to be lucrative sources of income. However, the emerging binary trading markets can attract several impostors, liars and fake software. Therefore, you must ensure that you are investing your money on a reliable and trustworthy platform. You can trust OptionRobot to make your investment. OptionRobot is a highly reliable legit binary options trading system that can be relied upon by the potential traders. The claims offered by this online trading app are not fake. The positive testimonials are highly genuine and you can trust them completely to go ahead with the online trading platform. Therefore, OptionRobot is the most reliable and legit platform for you to trust upon.

With so many fraudulent cases in the binary options trading system, it is recommended that the traders should do their part of the research well. They must analyze the reliability of the particular trading website and only then you should make your investment. You might also take expert help from the binary traders to come up with the list of the most legit trading websites. Trading is not as easy as it seems. You need to have the right tricks to gain maximum profits. Set your way in the most legit manner!

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