Profit Maker Method Review

Profit Maker Method Review: Would you like to have a binary options broker partner who is smart, logical, unemotional, ever vigilant for profitable binary option trading and who executes trades instantly when a viable opportunity arises? Brace yourself, the mentioned qualities describe one of the newest binary softwares known as Profit Maker Method System.

It is among the few automated binary option robot  and signal systems that has gained much traction in the industry of binary trading. The software has been programmed to function without the presence of a trader. It operates by scanning the market for profitable trades and further executes the most appropriate order. This is achieved through preset parameters or inbuilt parameters.

That is not the end of it, the best thing about Profit Maker Method System is that it provides investors with the promise of being able to earn massive returns with a just small deposit. Investors stand the chance of making up to $19000 a month.

Profit Maker Method Review

Profit Maker Method System is a sophisticated auto-trader that was designed by Timothy Hollindale, a guru in online trading. The idea behind the software was to help traders get involved in options trading with fewer complexities as evident in traditional investment opportunities. If you think about it, the software serves as a perfect choice for new investors looking for a less technical trading instrument. With Profit Maker Method, all you need to do is turn on your computer, activate the program and let the software do the rest of the work.

Profit Maker Method System is the best choice for anyone trying out binary investments for the first time. It is professional, reliable and has proven itself among many other binary auto-traders. Some of the general features that make it highly suitable are:

  • A functioning detailed analysis that features a number of indicators.
  • A live mode that gives traders a true sense of real time trading.

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Scam or Not a Scam?

Is Profit Maker Method System a scam? The answer is no. This is not some point or click options software neither is it an “instant riches” software scheme. This is a fully operational trading program designed by a financial expert, Timothy Hollandale. Before designing the software, Hollindale served as an active trader and financial consultant.

The binary market is flooded with numerous investments that have proven to be nothing but unscrupulous. As a result, the thought of earning huge returns with small investments seems to be a far-fetched fantasy. It is true that Profit Maker Method System presents the idea of making huge returns from quite a small principal amount. But that does not necessarily mean that the software is fraudulent. Profit Maker Method features a risk factor which is never accounted for by most fraudulent schemes.

When you’re signing up with Profit Maker Method System what you’re literally doing is signing up to watch a pro trade. You get to see the software in real time, making trades, winning and losing- but more of winning than loosing. You can also learn a few tips here and there just from watching the activities of the software.

However, it is important to note that the software is still quite new in the market. As a result,  it is impossible to label the software as being 100% legitimate. It has to operate in the market for while before it actually claims the title for being 100% legitimate. But so far so good, the software has not displayed any fraudulent aspects.

profit maker method main page video
profit maker method main page video

Does the Software Actually Work?

Many people have argued that auto- trading is a risky investment that bears no real fruits. It is just like gambling, at times you win and in most cases you lose. This is not the case with Profit Maker Method System. In binary options trading, high volatility usually means a high return in investment, and this is where the software comes to play. The mathematical algorithm incorporated in Profit Maker Method takes the guessing out of binary trading and chooses a profitable trade. You don’t have to guess which side will be the winning trade. Let the expert make the choice for you.


Features of the Software

Profit Maker Method System is quite similar to many other trading software out there. Listed below are some of the most outstanding features. It is important to mention that we’ve only listed properties that work properly and efficiently. For more information continue reading through our Profit Maker Method System review.

High Returns: the software features a high rate of return stated at 100%. This is a feature that offers traders the opportunity of doubling their investments. Most softwares in the market offer a return rate that ranges between 75% to 85%. With a 100% return rate, Profit Maker Method System has set a really high bar for the rest of the auto-trading systems.

However, it is important to understand that a higher return presents a high loss opportunity. Investors stand to gain a large profit while at the same time they also stand to make huge losses.

Technical Analytical Tools: the software features a number of technical tools that analyze current market conditions with the aim of executing the best possible trade. Some of the factors that are analyzed include, trend of asset prices, current economic situation and any future event that might triggers a change in prices. The most basic tools incorporated within the software are high performance charts, time cycle drawing tool, candlesticks and volume delta.

Advanced Charting Tools: the software also features a sophisticated platform that provides access to reliable, fast, streaming real time asset prices. Market moving news has also been incorporated. It basically allows  traders to be well informed of what is going on in the industry which further allows them to set the right trading parameters.

Educational Center: the software features an educational center that helps newbies get a feel of what binary trading is all about. The Live Webinar is another useful tool that allows traders to further their knowledge in binary trading.

profit maker method infos
profit maker method infos

Profit Maker Method in Operation

The software uses sophisticated computer programs to analyze currency price charts and other market activities. Through the analysis process it identifies the signals which are price trends, spread discrepancies and news that might impact the market to potentially locate profitable asset pairs.

For instance, using set criteria keyed in by users, Profit Maker Method identifies an asset pair that satisfies the predetermined parameters for profitability.  It then broadcasts a “Call” or “Put” option and automatically makes a trade.

When it comes to user interface, Profit Maker Method’s platform is said to be user friendly for both novice and experienced traders.

How Much Can One Make from the Software?

The amount of return usually depends on the amount invested. The minimum principal has been set at $250. With the set amount traders can make anywhere between $1300 to $7,700 of profits per month. The higher the amount invested, the higher your return will be.

You can get the software free of charge as mentioned in the Profit Maker Method introduction video. The only amount you will be required to pay is the trading principal.

profit maker method examples
profit maker method examples

Benefits of Profit Money Maker Method System


Mobile Compatibility: traders can easily put the software to use wherever and whenever they want. You don’t have to sit and stare at your computer for long hours while pushing buttons every now and then. With the mobile trading interface, investors can now trade on the go.

Simplicity: The goal of Timothy Hollandale is very simple, create a fully operational system that is easy to use and understand. The trading system requires no trading experience, formal education specialized equipment or no understanding of the financial market.

Accuracy: for the short time the software has been in the market, it has displayed a considerable level of accuracy. A number of traders have experienced success with Profit Maker Method.

Absentee Trading: if you’re a serious trader that has other interests and obligations, Profit  Maker Method offers you the possibility of attending to your other responsibilities. It saves you the time that you might have otherwise devoted studying markets and analyzing charts. You basically leave the bondage of the computer monitor as the program scans the market looking for viable trading opportunities. This means that night or day, the program is work and needs no human or hands-on supervisor.

profit maker method profits
profit maker method profits

Profit Maker Method Pros

  • The software is incredibly easy to install and use.
  • No previous experience with binary options trading is needed.
  • It is quite easy to turn $250 into $19,000 in just a month.
  • Investors are provided with multiple signals every day. Traders can receive an average of 19-89 binary trading signals daily. This is good enough for any investor to earn quick cash in a day.
  • The software is web based, there is no need for downloads.
  • It is absolutely free t use.
  • The application runs through a simple interface.
  • Traders are provided with live binary signals even for long term trades.

Profit Maker Method Cons


  • The software only works with an affiliated broker
  • 100% fool proof success cannot be guaranteed but a number of people have experienced success with Profit Money Maker Method.
  • The software offers no free trial of a demo account.


Profit Maker Method is definitely a promising options robot. It promises investors a 100% return rate  which means that they can double up their principal amount. What’s even better is that the software is being offered for free. There are also a number of bonus features that traders need to look out for. A number of investors are already earning a referral fee for introducing new members to use the software.

Despite the fact that there are a number of positive things to say about the software, there are also a few aspects that are not so good. But this is expected considering the fact that the software is still new the market. A few glitches must be experienced here and there before they actually make a name for themselves.

Just to mention a few of their downsides-the thought of earning huge sums of money at a return rate of a 100% is good. However, they are losses embedded in the system as a component. The higher the rate of return the higher the rate of losses. Secondly, a delay of 10 to 20 seconds can often result to a huge loss. This is a major setback because what traders end up achieving is not as much as compared to what the software promises.

Thirdly, the software was recently released in the market, as a result there isn’t enough information to validate its profitability. We need to keep a close eye on the software for a period of time before we can conclude beyond reasonable doubt that it is truly profitable.

profit maker method fact and money machine video
profit maker method fact and money machine video

Last but not least the software lacks a free trial demo account which is essential for novice traders. It is through demo accounts that novice traders get a feel of what option trading is all about. For this  few reasons we might be a bit skeptical to fully recommend the software. We believe that investors should settle for a trading instrument that has been tried and tested over and over again.

If you’re looking for a fool proof trading software, we would suggest you settle for Binary Option Robot. This is the most recognized trading system within the binary industry. The software has been operational for more than five years and has emerged as an industry leader. It has also won a number of awards like “Best Signal Provider 2015” and “Best  Auto-Trader 2016” You will also be happy to know that the software features a fully operational educational center that comes with a demo account. This means that you can get a feel of what binary options is all about before actually diving into the investment.

We cannot forget to mention the efficient customer support system. Clients can launch their queries whenever they have a problem. This is something that is not evident in most trading softwares. If you’re looking for an efficient and reliable financial bot, Binary Option Robot is your “go to” instrument.

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