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Plus500 is not actually a binary options broker site, but trading is conducted by using CFD’s (Contract For Difference). However, this is basically very similar to the binary options trading.  In both, the most popular assets are currencies and in both the traders have the opportunity to get huge profits in a very short period of time. Plus500 is definitely one of the world’s top names in CFD- trading. It has hundreds of thousands of customers all over the world.In this review, I will reveal secrets it behind it success and tell you why binary options investors should also trade with Plus500.


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4.5/5 - (117 votes)

Warning!! : Plus500 is not a trustworthy broker anymore, instead we recommend that you look through the most trustworthy binary options brokers here

In this article, I go through the following facts:

  • Plus 500 Bonus (Deposit bonus, 25€ no deposit welcome bonus and other benefits for new traders)
  • Plus 500 Review 2015
  • Plu500 Trading (Best trading tips, platform features)
  • Plus500 Youtube Introduction Video
  • Plus500 App ( How to get most out of this great mobile app)
  • Plus500 Demo Account (How to use get most out of demo account before starting real trading
  • Plus500 Scam or Legit? (My full scam investigation report)
  • Plus500 Stock, Investor Relations And Other News About The Company
  • Conclusion And Overall Rating
plus500 review 2015
Plus500 has over 2000 different trading assets on their selection.

Plus500 Bonus

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  • 25€ Welcome Bonus ( Does no require a deposit. You get this bonus straight to your trading account and you can start trading with real money immediately without depositing any funds)
  • 30€ – 7000€ First Deposit Bonus ( If you choose to deposit additional funds, you also get excellent first deposit bonus)
  • Free Demo Account ( Practice for free and hone your skills before you start real trading or try new strategies with demo account before you try with real money)

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Plus500 Review 2015

Important Facts In a Nutshell

  • Products: Contract For Difference (CFD) Online Trading
  • Founded: 2008
  • Platform:  Own
  • Trades as: London Stock Exchange: PLUS500
  • Number of Tradable Instruments: Up To 2000 CFD Instruments (Stocks, Commodities, Forex Pairs etc..)
  • Regulated by: CySEC, FCA, ASIC.
  • Bonuses: 25€/20£ Welcome Bonus, 30€-7000€ Deposit Bonus
  • Customer Support:
  • Minimum Deposit: $ 100
  • Languages: English , German, French, Chinese , German , Spanish And Over 20 Other
  • Leverage: up to 1:294
  • Spread: 2 pips
  • Deposit & Withdrawal Methods:Paypal, Credit Cards, Skrill, Wire Tranfers…
  • Free Demo Account: Yes
  • Restricted Nationalities: USA
  • Parent Company: Playtech
  • Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
  • Founders: Alon Gonen, Gal Haber, Elad Ben-Izhak, Omer Elazari, Shlomi Waizman, Shimon Sofer.
  • Other Facts: An official sponsor of the Club Atlético de Madrid soccer team, Plus500CY Ltd will hold customer funds on a segregated accounts.

We have received many requests to make a review about this broker site. I have not done it in the past because Plus500 uses contracts for difference principle on their trades ( and we are focused on binary options), which means that trading is a lot more complicated and therefore does not fit so well for beginners.

If you are a beginning investor I recommend you to start investing with broker site with an extensive selection of teaching material, such sites are, for example: IQ Option, Banc de Binary or Porter Finance.

I go through also a bit more complex features in this review. I will try to explain all the things with the assumption that the reader has no prior knowledge of investing. However, in order to get the best out of this review, I recommend you to read first our following articles:

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 Plus500 Trading

If you are an experienced investor, Plus500 offers you many opportunities what you will not find from anywhere else. Selection of more than 2,000 tradable assets means that you will find easily the desired investment instruments. You have the opportunity to build a real international portfolio using the following assets:

  • Stocks. They have share CFD’s from over 20 countries including USA, Germany, UK, France and many more.You will also receive dividends as if you held the stock share itself. Stocks are conveniently categorized by country, so if you want focus on some specific region, it is very easy to do so. You can use the leverage (up to 1:294) which enables you to use small capital to get enormous profits. The selection includes  shares of large companies such as Volkswagen and Micron, as well as rarer companies from small markets such as Cargotec, and Fortum.
  • Forex. You can trade currencies with low spread and no commission. Totally more than 50 currency pairs to trade with. Trader also have many advanced trading tools at their use, which can be used to trade in the same way as experienced professionals. Up to 1:200 leverage can be used in currency trading. This allows you to trade with as little as 300€ to get the effect of 60 000€ trading capital.
plus500 forex
There is more than 50 currency pairs to trade with
  • Commodities. Trade with as little as 100€ starting capital. All the most exciting commodities to trade with are included in the selection, such as natural gas, platinum, palladium, gold and oil. Trader can use up to 1:150 leverage, and it is very easy to set pre-defined profit and loss limits to help you to control risk.
  • ETF’s. There is all the most common Exchange-Traded Funds in the selections, such as FXE, GDX and RSX. It is possible to use up to 1:100 leverage.
  • Indices. Trade the biggest and most popular indices such as  NASDAQ 100,  CAC 40, NIKKEI 225, FTSE 100,S&P 500 and DAX 30 with real-time index rates. You can use up to 1:294 leverage to get maximum profits with small starting capital.
  • Options. Although these are trades with contract of difference principle, they are very similar to binary options trading. You have possibility to use call/push options depending on your own view. There is no commissions and the spread is quite decent.

Trading Platforms

plus500 platforms
You can trade with downloadable version, or with web-based version. There is also own platform available for mobile devices.
  • Desktop. Investors have a opportunity to choose from three different types of trading platforms. The first is the traditional downloadable version. If you trade on your own computer, we recommend that you download this version. It is a little bit more user-friendly and a little more versatile than web-based version. The software can be downloaded from this link.
  • WebTrader. Second one is Plus500 WebTrader, which is fully web-based trading platform. It does not require downloading any software on your computer. This version is ideally suited for users who want to invest in, for example, with their work-laptop, or for some other reason do not want to download anything on their computer. Although the desktop version is the recommend one, the WebTrader is certainly not much inferior.
  • iPhone & iPad version is ideal for investors who want to manage their investments while on the move. The features of this version are quite similar to features of WebTrader. The biggest difference is that this version works even when the internet connection is a little weaker and the different functions are made such that using them with touch screen is also extremely easy.

The trading platform have been translated into over 20 different languages. All the versions can be used with the most common operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac). Trading platform also works flawlessly with older computers.

Risk Management Tools

Plus500 offers several free tools for risk management. Every investor should become familiar with these and use them for at least with all the high risk investments. These technical tools will help you greatly to limit your losses in cases of bad luck.

  • Account leverage. You can control your account leverage by depositing or withdrawing your funds. Leverage allows you to have significantly lower amount of  funds on your investment account. Beginner should use it for this purpose only (not to invests in higher amounts that he normally would without leverage).
plus500 leverage
Leverage allows you to keep smaller amount of funds on your investment account
  • Stop-loss. Investor can add stop-loss before making investment or add it to an open position. However, the stop-loss is no guarantee that this investment will not go under exact price level. If there is sudden market movement, it is possible that investment will be closed at worse level than you pre-defined stop-loss limit. This is called “slippage”
plus500 stop-loss
Stop-loss is a free feature which allows you to set pre-defined loss-limits
  • Guaranteed stop is a special feature which allows you to set absolute limit on possible loss. There is no possibility of “slippage”. This feature is available only on specific instruments. Guaranteed stop can not be added on open position and you can not remove it once it is active,  but you can still change the stop price if you want.
plus500 guaranteed stop
Put absolute limit on your possible losses with guaranteed stop
  • Price alerts. This feature is different from the stop-loss in such a way that when the limit is met your position is not closed, but you can only get a notification when pre-defined price level is reached. For example, you can decide to make specific investments if the price falls low enough, when this happens you will receive e-mail or SMS notification.
plus500 price alerts
Set your own free price alerts
  • Trailing stop. Limit the downside risk and protect your profits with trailing stop. Investor can set trailing stop when a trade is on profit, if the market turns suddenly the position is closed. In this way, you don’t have to monitor your investments manually as much.
plus500 trailing stop
The Trailing stop is a great way to “lock” your winnings.

Trading Tips

  1. Invest in assets that you know. This is especially important for novice investors. The selection is so wide that  it is extremely easy to try out all the different options without any knowledge and skills. However, in this way you will most likely lose your money.
  2. Start investing with the free € 25 bonus money. Deposit your own money only after you are sure that you will feel comfortable with all the features.  Almost any other broker does not have such a great bonus offer, so it would be absurd not to use it.
  3. Start using leverage only when you skill level is sufficient. Using leverage may be tempting for the beginners because of higher potential returns. But you have to remember that when the potential returns increase, the risks also increase, and you could lose your investment very quickly if you do not know what you’re doing.
  4. Learn how to use free risk management tools. Plus500 offers more free tools for risk management than any other broker site. So learn how to use them and think carefully how you can benefit from them in every possible investment.
  5. Follow the latest economic news. Almost every economic news has some effect on asset prices. So think if you can benefit from them somehow.
  6. Learn something new everyday. As you develop your own investment skills constantly you will notice very quickly that the results will begin to improve as the skills increases. Do not be discouraged if you lose a little bit at the beginning.
  7. Analyze but don’t overthink. Always learn from your mistakes and think about how you can avoid them next time. However, do not analyze too much, usually the simplest explanation is the right one.
  8. Ask advises from more experienced investors. they have the experience and knowledge that can be extremely valuable to you. If you do not know any experienced investors, seek advises and ask questions from discussion forums. However, do not believe everything that is said to you, always think about whether the person has any ulterior motives.
  9. Start investing today. If you want to get good results as quickly as possible, you will need to get started right away. Waiting does not take you any further.
  10. Have fun! If you want to be the best you have to learn to enjoy every minute of it. if learning to invest is nothing but suffering, it is very difficult to develop your skills. Therefore it is important that you find those investments that interest you the most.

 Youtube Introduction Video

Plus500 App

Plus500 mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store. It is one of the best investment mobile applications that I have tried. Then what makes it so great? The main features work properly in every situations and the software is considerably easier to use what many of its competitors platforms. You will be able to invest in the same way as with desktop PC. I tried the mobile app also from a place where there was a little worse internet connection, and even then the managed make investments as easily as with desktop computer.

Plus500 Mobile App

Customer Support

Customer support help with problem situations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact them via phone, email or fax. There is currently no live-chat feature available, which is definitely a slight minus. The best way to contact them is by e-mail at In our test, we got the answers even  to difficult questions, in under an hour.

 Demo Account

When you open an account, you also get unlimited access to demo account which allows you to practice your investments with play money. This is a great way to practice if you little bit uncertain of your skills. However, I recommend to invest in with free € 25 bonus first (which yo get when you open an account through links). If you you lose it quickly and you still think that you need a little bit more practice, then you should use demo account.

Demo account features are almost identical to the real account. So when you notice that you start to make money with it, you can safely move to invest real money without a fear that your skills will not be sufficient.

plus500 demo account
When you register, you also get access to free demo account.

Plus500 Scam Or Not, Full Investigation

After my full scam investigation, I can say without doubt that the Plus500 is for 100% sure honest broker. I could not find any scam signals, which would prove it otherwise. The following things indicate that you can  invest without being afraid that you’ll get scammed:

  • Plus500 has millions of customers from all over the world. Plus500 has for years been one of the world’s largest brokers and can be compared to best binary option brokers. If they were dishonest, one of those millions of investors certainly would have exposed them.
  • Plus500 is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Stricter rules applies to officially listed companies than to unlisted companies.They are responsible for making profit to the shareholders so anything unethical is entirely excluded.
  • Plus500 is regulated by three different regulatory bodies. Even if you think that one of the regulators is dishonest, there is still two other regulators. There is just no possibility to cheat all three or that all three are dishonest.
  • Trading platform and website are top-notch. It is clear that Plus500 has used at least tens and probably hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop these, and they are constantly making platform better and more functional. Scammer would not spend money or time on these.
plus500 regulated
Plus500 is officially regulated and licensed by FCA, ASIC and CySEC

Plus500 Stock, Investor Relations And Other News About The Company

  • 2008:The company was founded, it launched its first online trading platform. They had new revolutionary idea, which allowed  trading shares, forex, commodities and indices without buying the underlying asset itself.
  • 2009: The company started to offer trading without commission.
  • 2010: First web-based platform is launched. This allow Linux, Mac and smartphone users to trade also. ETF’s are added on trading portfolio-
  • 2011: iPhone and iPad apps are launched. Only a few months after launch the app is highest rated CFD trading app on AppStore. The trading portfolio is expanded by offering more than over 1000 different stocks from all over the world.
  • 2012: Android app is introduced.
  • 2013: Plus500 goes public in the AIM section of the London Stock Exchange. They also add possibility to trade bitcoin, being the first cfd-broker in the world to do so.
  • 2014: Market valuation of Plus500 reaches over $ 1 billion for the first time. Guaranteed stop feature is introduced.
  • 2015: Plus500 signs a sponsorship deal with the Atlético de Madrid football club.
plus500 stock
Popularity of Plus500 has grown significantly for several years in a row

4.5/5 - (117 votes)
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