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PayDay FM is a brand new signal provider software,  which have been available only a short period of time. It promises better accuracy than any other trading software currently on the market, quite remarkable promise since there is many other great new auto traders like Option Bot 2.0 which are pinpoint accurate. I decided to put this into a test and see if there is anything to back up those claims. Now only limited time, all our readers get instant free lifetime access to this robot. So even if you are not planning to use it, I strongly suggest to take advantage of this offer, it doesn’t cost you anything and you can benefit greatly if they decide to put price tag into it later. So register now for by clicking the button below.

What PayDay FM exactly is?

PayDay FM is not 100% automated application like binary option robot, it provides you trading signals which are based on numerous variables like market situation, what other traders are doing and analysis of professional investors. It is actually quite similar to Binary Stealth. You as an investor have the final decision whether to invest or not. This has it both, good and bad sides. Good side is that you are able to adjust your investment amounts in every trade exactly what you want. And also if you are sure that some signal is not gonna be profitable with high probability. Though, I only suggest you make these kind of assumptions if you are experienced investor. Otherwise you might do more harm than good.

Bad side is that you have to be present every time when signal comes, this is really not a big problem since most of us have internet connection in our mobile phones. But still, you can relax and forget it after initial adjustments, like you can with Binary Option Robot and Binary Hedge Fund. However, in the end it all depends on your personal preferences. If you want to just earn money binary option robot might be better option. But if you also want improve your skills as an investor PayDay FM might be a better option.

At the introduction video, male voice is claiming to make $86,745 a month on average

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PayDay FM Review |Is It Scam? Read Out Shocking Revelation About This New Trading Software! Only 100% Honest and Detailed Review of PayDay FM

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1. Your Binary Option Robot will analyse the market and decide, which asset (currencies, indices, commodities and stocks), is right to trade at that point in time.

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2. The Binary Option Robot Will Predict the Price Movement

Your robot will assess a wide-range of factors, and then make a prediction on how the assets price will move, saying: Call (up) if it believes the price will rise and Put (down), if it believes the price will fall.

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Then you need to decide how much you want to invest in the commodity and when that investment will expire.

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4. Collect your Earnings

Finally, you collect your earnings (the good part!)

payday fm

Introduction Video and First Impressions About PayDay FM

When you arrive first time at the site, video starts rolling with a male voice who is asking if I am a loser. Not quite typical start for a sales pitch at least, but i have to say that this definitely grabbed my attention. Next, this voice is telling me that he is earning on average $ 86,745 a month. I am always suspicious of such a claims, as should you. There are so many scam artist and fraudsters nowadays, whose sole purpose is to get money from people. And even best software providers make hugely exaggerated claims, because otherwise their realistic numbers would look so mild compared to what those scam artist are presenting.

You should never buy trading software before you are able to test it fully.

Real Message of The Video

However, there is a reason for the shocking start of the video. Its purpose is not to get you angry or depressed. On the contrary, its purpose is to guide you in the right direction and get you to take action instead of you browsing different hours and hours pages and looking for ways to get rich without ever actually doing anything. This is certainly one of the biggest reasons why software is available for free. Once you get it at no cost for your use, you should not have any excuse for why you do not dare to act and to do something concrete for your success. Other reason certainly is that the PayDay FM is so new application that it needs users and positive experiences, so that the word of it’s excellency starts to spread. Who would pay something for such a robot which has just come on the market and there is no real evidence of its effectiveness.

In the remainder of the video, the voice tell us a little more detail how binary options trading can help you to earn money while working at your computer and it also reveals why many will fail and some few will be successful and reach their goal of financial freedom. I recommend to take a look at this video by clicking the “Open Free Account” button from top or bottom. It gives you a great primer for why you should try PayDay FM software. But it does not talk much about software itself, so next I will go a little bit further and tell you more about features of this robot.

Paydayfm platform
Trading platform is user-friendly and simple even for a novice trader.

PayDay FM | Most Important Features

  • Compatible with two trusted broker sites. Just like Binary Stealth, PayDay FM is compatible with Banc de Binary and Option FM. These two broker sites are among the most trusted on the industry. Banc de Binary is actually biggest binary option broker in the world,  and Option FM has probably grown more than any other broker within last year, thanks to it’s excellent bonuses and stylish professional looking website. So these two are definitely good choices. Unfortunately neither of these sites accept US customers, so if you are from United States I recommend trying the real robot binary option robot or Binary Hedge Fund instead.
  • Excellent trading platform. PayDay FM trading platform is really stylish and easy to use. It is hard to believe that this is such a new application, since it looks like it has been developed for years. You can see directly courses of trading assets in live, the most recent economic events, your own trading portfolio, as well as the signals which are promised to be most accurate available. If you have something to ask, customer support is also easily accessible behind push of a button. I’ve seen a number of trading platforms which could cost up to hundreds of dollars per month, which are not as well developed.
  • One of the most accurate signal services on the market. PayDay FM promised the most accurate signals on the market. I had of course to test this claim. My final accuracy rate ended up to be just over 80%. This is at least very close to the top of the market, very similar figures to the binary options robot and Binary Stealth. When you take into account that the PayDay FM is clearly the newest application of these three and the accuracy of the signals will definitely get better in the future, I must say that the result are excellent. My test period was very short, so we should not make too big conclusions about it. I’ll still continue the tests and update the results as soon as I get something new.

Is PayDay FM a Scam?

PayDay FM is definitely not scam. I found one really important factor in my own precise investigation, which will proof almost for sure that this is of a reliable robot software. Their customer service is using the same address what the Option FM service uses.Therefore, with high probability, this software owner is the same person who owns the Option FM site. Option Fm is one of the largest and fastest-growing binary option broker site that is reliable and honest 100% sure. So you can invest completely safely with PayDay FM, without fear that you would get scammed.

Conclusion And Overall Rating

PayDay FM is one of the most accurate signal provider software I’ve tried. Every investor can certainly benefit greatly from it. It is almost mandatory for novice investors, otherwise you give too great head start for those who are using it. Although the signals hit rate is already excellent, I believe that it will get even better in the future. When you take into account all these excellent features which you will have access with the application, it would be silly not to use it. So redeem this excellent trading software completely free by clicking the button below and start invest more profitably.

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