OptionBotPro Review

OptionBotPro Review: In recent times, the auto-trading market among binary options robot has been seeing many new entrants. Also, there are some players (brokers) who have been coming out with various versions of their software to attract the new traders.

Today, we are going to review the OptionBot Pro, a self-defined “binary options trend indicator”, so it is a signal service. It is the latest incarnation of the OptionBot software which provides automatic trading software as well as the manual option. The following text provides the detailed review of the OptionBot Pro for your consumption.

OptionBotPro Review

The TrendXpert and the Fibi FX are the owners and operators of the OptionBot Pro. The OptionBot Pro has been acclaimed by their owners as the advanced version of their 2016 release OptionBot 3.0. It has an added functionality along with extended user interface.

Besides this, there is no further information available on the above website nor it has any information about the registration and license. The information around the promoters of the website is not outright clean, even though, the names of the promoters are well-known in the binary arena but not amongst the most reputable, there are some websites which paint a rather murky picture of the promoters. To better understand and evaluate the product and their claims we have decided to go for an actual test, and we are sharing the results of the information in the below-mentioned text.

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How Does OptionBotPro  Work?

The OptionBot Pro website claims that the system monitors 15 forex pairs and it allows you to set customizable alerts to trade seamlessly. The OptionBot Pro analyses the markets in real-time and can generate signals perfectly. The platform is available on the web and can be accessed through mobile devices and desktops. The website also claims that the system runs smoothly and can place trades without slippages. The enrollment is quick and easy as it requires you to sign up on the site, select their affiliated brokerage service, and make an initial deposit of $ 250 to get started. The website also offers a demo account with $ 1000 of virtual currency to test the efficacy of the system. The demo account allows the users to understand and evaluate the interface along with the efficacy of the manual trading mode.

As discussed earlier the OptionBot Pro has been developed by the TrendXpert & Fibi FX. The web-based solution can be accessed through the web browsers whereas if you want to use their mobile application then you will have to download either the Google Play Store or for IOS powered devices it is available through the Apple’s store. As indicated earlier, both the organizations are known to the binary industry and the people behind them are known binary educator unlike some fictitious names used by several other software operators.

OptionBotPro Steps

The software works exclusively on 15 selected currency pairs. It allows the traders to set the time frame and PIP parameters to generate alerts. It claims that the software can manage to get an accuracy of northward of 88 percent by identifying the profitable opportunity for neutral, up, and downward trends. The basic theory used for the software is the support and resistance levels of the underlying to generate the signals. The simplistic approach used by the developers may be criticized by some, but for a 60-second expiry, it seems apt. The philosophy behind the software is well-accepted in the trading arena as there are trend followers in the market who prefer to trade the trend. Though it’s a known approach in the trading ring, the explanation given on the website seems very unclear and out of context. The not so professional website and opaque nature on various aspects will definitely raise distrust amongst the onlookers.

Our research on the website shows that the principle used by the software seems reasonable, the lack of information regarding several other aspects of the signaling software has put us on the back foot. Following are some of the important parameters in which the website remained completely silent.

Promoter Information

Although the website indicates that the promoters of the website are Fibi FX & TrendXpert, but the website does not provide any further information regarding the same. Even the “about us” page is missing from the website. The website also remained completely silent about the registered addresses of both the organizations, their registration details, and most importantly on the licensing details of both the companies.

Although the name used on the website are known entities, the lack of details by the website has definitely created a mistrust.

Successor of OptionBot 3.0

The website of the OptionBot Pro indicates that it is the advanced version of the OptionBot 3.0. The website has a navigation tab about the OptionBot 3.0 on the top-left corner and clicking on the tab will direct you to the OptionBot 3.0 website. Now by visiting both the website, it is difficult to estimate the improvements in the OptionBot Pro from the earlier version and also, the OptionBot 3.0 website does not provide much information regarding the system nor the evidence regarding the success ratio of generating signals.

Aesthetics Doesn’t Impress

When you visit the website of the OptionBot Pro, the most striking aspect is that the looks and feel of the website are amateurish and does not instill confidence that it has a backing of some known organizations. The information provided on the website seems out of context and doesn’t really provide a thorough understanding of how the system works. Also, the explanation given on the home page of the website is not very inspiring.

Option Bot Pro Trading

Cooperative Brokers

This is one critical aspect of any signal service that it must have some legit binary broker association but surprisingly, the website does not provide any clue about who are their associated brokers. We checked on their OptionBot 3.0 website also, which has a broker tab on the navigation pane but a click on the same took us nowhere.

The non-existence of such a crucial information is definitely not inspiring.


The OptionBot Pro website uses a known principle of binary trading to generate profitable signals but provides little knowledge about the software. Also, the website just mentions the name of the promoters but remains completely silent on their registered address, licensing, and other critical information about the promoters. The website’s amateurish look and the out of context descriptions are also not very inspiring.  The website also neither provides any evidential proof about the success of their signaling service nor provides any legit reviews to improve the trust. It is difficult to establish the trustworthiness with the website and signal service offered by the OptionBot Pro.

Hence, our recommendation to each of our readers is to nudge this one completely and look for an established player like the Option Robot for signaling requirements. The Option Robot scores very high on transparency parameters as well as on it has a long list of affiliated brokers. It has been operationally consistent in its performance and customer support services. We have hardly seen any negative feedback about the system on the internet about the Option Robot. The trustworthiness of the Option Robot is the highest amongst the binary options traders who utilizes the signal services or automatic-trading for their dealings.

Overall, as the trustworthiness of the OptionBot Pro is hard to establish, we would recommend our readers to stick with the established name like the Option Robot for all your ancillary service requirements.

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