Occupy Wall ST Review

The Occupy Wall ST system derives its spirit from the more famous 2011 Occupy Wall Street movement where activists who were frustrated that ‘the 1%’ were taking all the resources and the multitudes being left with little to share. This software has adopted the name of the movement and its slogan,’ We are the 99%’ to their advantage. It creates the impression that when you sign in, you will be like the 99% that wants to take the wealth out of the Wall Street’s executives control to your own account. It assumes a Robin Hood like raid on Wall Street.

What is Occupy Wall ST system all about?

This system looks very much like the other latter day binary options programs. The difference comes in the packaging where they adopt a rather revolutionary language to market their software. They make the potential trader and the more experienced ones to think that Occupy Wall ST is molded from the Occupy Wall Street movement of the early 2010s. What it seeks to imprint in your mind is that what you will be doing is taking the profits that are gained in currency trading from the rich executives controlling the forex markets and making the profits yourself.

This is true to a certain point when it comes to binary options trading. It has opened up the forex trade to wider global access because anybody with an internet enabled device and an internet signal can trade as much as a person operating on Wall Street. This being the case, Occupy Wall ST is actually re-inventing the wheel and packaging it as the ideal product that has been missing all these years.

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The video

The video acquires the revolutionary stance and declares that it is your time to make money from assets as well. It features purported characters of the Occupy Movement to try and authenticate their program. The story goes that one of theorganizers of the actual movement met with a Wall Street banker who released details of how currency trading can be redesigned to include even the ‘99%’ in trading. This trading will make anybody who wants to trade a wealthy person, just like the much maligned Wall Street executives.

This could pay off handsomely if it were workable to the extent that the video says it does. What it is though is a new binary options platform and nothing much more the name and the revolutionary stance notwithstanding.

occupy wall street
occupy wall street app

The promises from Occupy Wall ST

Like most of the binary options platforms emerging these days, the promotional video is where you will get most of the information about the program. This one is no different. From the available material, the following are the benefits you will enjoy when you decide to sign up with the Occupy Wall ST system:

  1. This program claims that it is the ultimate binary options platform. You will be making money like the players at Wall Street do. What you are actually promised is how you can make an income of over $3,000 within 3 months or 90 days from a small deposit of only $100. This is truly revolutionary and very much in line with the spirit of the Occupy movement; that wealth should be shared by everybody not just a small clique of people. An income of $3,000 a month will change very many people’s lives. Imagine what your income will be if you double that deposit, or even triple it. You will be in the millions in no time!
  2. With the Occupy Wall ST system, you will not have to be in possession of an MBA or any other formal training in finance to make money. In fact it will be a coup if you can make money like the big boys in Wall Street with a fraction of the training they have undergone, or none at all. It will be seriously redistributing wealth as the Occupy movement sought in those years it was active. Beginners especially will love the automated system where the generation of signals, the determination of expiry times and the making of the actual trading is fully automated.
  3. With the Occupy Wall ST system, you can be assured that the signals that you receive will be the best there is. This is because all the information needed on currency trades and trends is the same one that will be traded with on Wall Street where analyses are made from indicators from global currency, commodities and futures markets.You are promised an accuracy rate of 99%. This implies that losses in binary options will be foreign to you. If this is possible, then your investment will be multiplying almost overnight.
  4. Occupy Wall ST applies the Binary Blitz system to generate their signals. This is a respected system and the program is definitely using this name to make their system seem credible and legitimately making money for its traders.
  5. You will not have to clock as many as 15 hours a day or more to make Wall Street like profits. The reason behind this is that the system will do all the work that traders, researchers, economists and analyzers do at Wall Street for you. This allows you to spend a little time configuring your strategy and leaving the system to do the rest. This will be for the automated trading. If your preference is the semi-manual trading, all the work will be done for you up to the point where the signals are generated. After this, you will use the signals to make the tight trade and comfortably make your Wall Street like earnings.
  6. The Occupy Wall ST system is not complicated to use and trade with despite the fact that the mechanisms employed to make it user-friendly are quite sophisticated and advanced. You will not require more than basic computer operations to make your trades.
  7. People who are young in binary options trading will find this system quite welcoming. This is because new and older traders are offered training facilities to empower them in their daily binary trades. They will learn all there is about binary options and how they can apply his knowledge to make money with the Occupy Wall ST system.
  8. With this system, you are promised a high degree of client support. There is a dedicated email contact whose role is to keep you trading smoothly by answering all your queries and sorting out any hitches that there may be.
  9. The Occupy Wall ST system is updated regularly. This means that you will at all times be using the current cutting edge technology all geared at enhancing your user-experience. The important thing to remember is that all these updates are made at no extra cost to the traders. Once you open your account, there will be no more money asked of you for updates or for anything else.

The red flags

Despite the revolutionary language and manner of the system, and the fact that it advocates for the smaller traders to take on the big boys on Wall Street and make the same profits there are some issues that are not quite right. These include:

  • The 99% success rate is a fallacy. Even the most experienced and professional traders on Wall Street do not peak at 99%. They work with for more modest success rates yet they still make handsome profits. This means that you will be doing yourself a disservice if you base your investment options on this one promise.
  • The video leaves a lot to be desired. Although it is evident that they draw quite a lot of the content form the actual Occupy movement rhetoric and spirit, there is no indication of how this is related to the actual workings of the system and its generation of profits.
  • The story of the Wall Street banker meeting with the core organizers of the Occupy movement is not believable. This is because there is actually no secret method of making money at Wall Street than in binary options. They just have far more advanced mechanisms of trading and nothing more. With proper trading, the right strategies and great signals, any binary options trader can make more money than the famed Wall Street traders.


You need to give this system sometime to develop its roots and its systems. Hold out a while and wait to see what happens to the Occupy Wall ST system in six months or so to a year. By then you will be in a position to make a more informed investment decision. You may do it now only to discover that you entrusted your finds to inexperienced people.

What you need to do

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