Numberion Money App Review

Numberion Money App Review : There’s never a dull moment in binary options. If you are not making profits, you are somewhere (on social media) swearing out and blaming the high heavens and basically everyone else except yourself for your losses. And when you are not doing either of those, you are probably hunched over your computer, or phone, following up on market news. Mostly, market news in binary options means all the scoop about which Binary Options Brokers has been forced out of the market for fraud, which broker(s) just set up shop and so on.

There is also lots of information, including reviews, critiques and analytical pieces which are published every single day talking about every aspect of binary options trading. As it were, most of these have to do with exposing scams, which have infiltrated the industry to a point of almost bringing it to its knees. In this article, unfortunately or fortunately, (depending on which side you stand) we are about to find out whether one of the most sensational Automated Trading Software of the past year, Numberion Money App is a scam or can actually be taken up on its word. Most importantly, we’ll try to figure out why exactly the software is a talking point in industry forums and why we would recommend this one over our favorie double IQ Option and Option Robot?

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What is Numberion Money App?

Numberion Money App, also known as the Double Comma Club, is a binary options trading bot created by Ben Shurman, in association with a man he calls James. For the record, Double Comma Club name is a reference to the amount of money the app will add to your bank account. Apparently, it will give you returns of up to 6 figures, which have two commas between them. If Ben Shurman’s words are to be believed, Numberion Money App is the greatest discovery in Binary Options Signals, second only to the Internet. However, the fact is, very few people gave the system a vote of confidence due to reasons which we’ll outline here. Almost everyone agrees that this system has more red flags than a French socialist convention.

Another thing to note is that Numberion Money App is primarily  marketed using a pitch video and generic emails which somehow manage to find themselves into our mailboxes. Contrary to Ben Shurman’s claims that the sales video, and basically everything about the site, is exclusive and can’t be found in other sites, we did find links to the video on some binary sites that we landed on. Hell, the 30-minute pile of trash is freely available on YouTube if you have time to spare, although we suggest you don’t go through it. Unless you are in the mood for a migraine.

The Story Behind This Binary System

The systems creator-cum-motivational speaker, Ben Shurman takes a break from spewing a bunch of nauseating lies to give a little background story which is meant to be motivational. Apparently, Ben Shurman hasn’t always been the rich trader he is, or is he?  A son of two elementary school teachers, Shurman grew up with little to no luxuries as his parents could only afford necessities. As with all kids, Ben grew up and got his first job, with a 6 figure (Double Comma!) paycheck, which he later lost due to reasons he didn’t diverge. Knowing him much better now, he was probably shucked for stealing from his boss’s petty cash drawer. Or sleeping with an intern. Anyway, when he lost the job, he could no longer attract the pretty girls and thought of himself as a loser. Funny because it’s actually true. To take the pressure off himself, and probably earn some money, he found himself in a casino and decided to wager his entire wealth at the time, which was $500. (Un)Fortunately, he didn’t lose it all but instead made $20,000 bucks on a blackjack slot in a matter of minutes.

Numberion Money App is a Scam, Definitely

As it goes, it is at the casino where Ben Shurman met his future accomplice, who goes by one name: James. Even phones these days have two names but then again common sense is not something you would expect from the creators of possibly the corniest binary options bot ever. While Ben made $20k, James lost all his wagers but developed a liking for the boy with the golden touch, Ben Shurman. It’s actually very funny how Ben Shurman claims that James was the owner of the casino he was playing at only to later turn around and claims he was a fellow gambler. That, folks, is why you shouldn’t do drugs and even worse, start believing your own lies. Ben Shurman’s story goes on for a couple more minutes which to me sounded like an endless ramble.

Nevertheless, I picked up a few bits here and there, one of them being that the Double Comma Club was actually founded by James and his friends and it was James who later introduced Ben to the club. Within no time, Shurman was a millionaire and was told he could even be richer if he only brought in more people to the club – conspiracy theorists hey! And guess what he did? Come up with a fake bot primarily designed to lure people into the scam club but which he sold as a money minting machine. As it turns out, which is rather unfortunate, some people believed him and gave him their money to ‘multiply’ and the rest is a long story.

Long story short, that was an amazing 30 minutes of video, never mind the few lost brain cells and the realization that you just lost 30 minutes of your life for nothing.

How The App Works

Sincerely speaking, I really can’t tell how the app works which is not really my fault seeing that the creator himself can’t tell either. But I presume it has some signal generating algorithms going on and a synced trade execution process thereafter. Ben Shurman was not clear on how exactly the so called best binary software in the world manages its alleged hit rates. Even worse, traders who at one point traded with the Numberion Money App and who gave feedback on the bot were still in the dark when it came to its workings. But I’ll try to break it down a little.

See, in the auto trading part of binary options, three parties are always involved and each feeds of the other. First, there is the trader, who is basically the driver of the cycle and is able to determine how much the broker and the software developer(s) are to earn by virtue of being the source of capital. Then there is the brokerage firm, which acts as a bank for the trader’s trading money and facilitates all transactions. Lastly, there is the trading system owners who act as the link between the traders and the brokers.

Look at people like Ben Shurman as promoters for the brokerage firms which link to their sites as their work is to make as many people as possible to register and deposit funds to the broker. In return, they earn commissions and even have a share of the total earnings from the losses the traders make. Yes, you read that right. Ben Shurman basically gets paid when you lose money. Why exactly would he develop a software that keeps you winning all the time?

Numberion Money App

Is Numberion Money App legit?

Ben Shurman is quite convincing but anyone who knows better will find it hard believing him, as he doesn’t give enough reasons to warrant the trust. On the contrary, everything there is about this binary system points to a well crafted scheme to defraud unsuspecting traders. And there are quite a number who have fallen victim. So, is Numberion Money App legit? Well, nope. Here’s why:

a) No past record of success

There’s no single person, outside the obviously made up testimonials, who has come out with proof that Numberion Money App added six figures to their account. That shows two things. First, the entire Double Comma Club thing is a hoax and nothing of the sort exists in actuality. Secondly, that the software does actually make money, probably 6 figure amounts, but to Ben Shurman alone. Matter of fact, he’s the only person who is on record claiming how the system turned his fortunes around. And we all know where the millions he brags with came from.

b) Fabricated testimonials and reviews

Granted, Mr. Shurman is clever enough to understand that his poorly done sales video can’t sell the product without adding some ‘feedback’ from successful traders. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find any real person who would stand by his software as almost everyone, except him and his friends, thinks that Numberion Money App is crap. He thus resorted to making fake positive posts about the bot and putting up stolen stock photos in an attempt to appear real. Unfortunately, not all of us can be fooled that easily. Indeed, if whatever Ben says was true, he, and the people who profited from his software, would be moving from media house to media house, giving interview after interview. But it’s not. And it’s not even a surprise.

c) Ben Shurman himself is a lie

It doesn’t take a scientist’s mind to realize that Ben Shurman only exists in the dreams of the crooked mind of the man who introduces himself by that name. Very little is known about a man who claims to be a rich, successful traders and who has a story to tell. No social media presence. No facts or relevant personal information about him on Google. No nothing. The fella is probably some broke actor, the type whose morals are long gone and who are willing to even insult themselves on camera for a couple bucks.

d) Who really created the app?

In the back story  given up there, Ben Shurman indirectly claims that he was brought into the Double Comma Club by James. As Numberion Money App is more or less Double Comma Club 2.0, it is quite confusing trying to figure out who exactly between the two was the brain behind the Numberion App. Nonetheless, the two people do not even exist. One is a hired actor with a fake name and the other is only a product of imagination. Seriously Ben Shurman, or whatever his name is, tried to fool everyone but only ended up making a fool of himself. In which case it’s “thanks for the entertainment, Ben” from us all.

e) Negative feedback

It is not a secret that app is known for all the wrong reasons. It is also no secret that the victims do not shy off of letting the whole world know about the little ways the site uses to separate people and their money. Wherever Numberion Money App/Double Comma Club is discussed, there are very negative posts, some of which border on threatening, by people who have at one time lost money to, or because of the software. As they say about products – if you hear two complaints about it, don’t buy it.


So, do I think this binary system is a scam? No. I KNOW Numberion Money App is a scam and I have given my reasons above. Hopefully, you have gained some new knowledge not only about this reviewed system only but also similar sites. Generally, all scams are the same, just different packaging and different lies. The basic features like exaggerated promises, clearly doctored screenshots and reviews, sales videos where presenters talk big and even the infamous “only X spots available! Register now!” remain the same across board and are perfect credibility gauges. Simply put, Numberion Money App is a downright trashy software that you need to stay away from for the sake of your mental and financial stability.

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