Nesdek Inc App Review

Nesdek Inc App Review: The binary trading market has been flooded with several binary brokers and automated software service providers. This presents an abundance of choices for the binary traders and makes it very difficult for the binary traders to select the right trading partner. For novice traders, it is recommended to use the signal service provider or the binary trading robot for ease of trading and to start the trading journey on a strong footing, but a wrong selection can put you in tantamount losses.

As a responsible organization, our endeavor is to provide up to date information about various service providers and their offerings.  The recent surge of various trading bots and even some regarded as the scam artists, it becomes even more important as a responsible organization to provide you a detailed review of such robots. In this regard, today, we are going to review a Nesdek Inc App – a trading software.

Nesdek Inc App Review:

A veteran of wall-street, Mike McDonald, is behind the Nesdek Inc App. He claims that he has made whopping 1.4 million using this software, additionally, the software can predict the trend of the financial market even before it hits the market. Now, his philanthropic side has pushed him to provide the software absolutely free to the traders. To substantiate all these claims, we researched about the company named Nesdek Inc App, and to our surprise, we couldn’t find any information about the company behind the software nor we found any information about the self-claimed CEO of the Nesdesk Inc App, Mr. Mike McDonald.

This is a clear misrepresentation of facts, as Mike McDonald holds a CEO position in a company which is not in existence. And as there is no organization, definitely there is no license to operate. The unavailability of organization details, license details, registered address and other such information on the website has raised many questions in our minds. To assess the activity of the Nesdek and to get the answers to our doubts we further investigated the software provider.

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The Platform

Till now, it is difficult to put the software under scam or legit category, but we will rely on our experience and know-how to give you an honest review. The single page website boasts about the success of the software and how one can make it big in the binary arena. As in most such software providers, the Nesdek Inc App also provides the software at no cost but requires you to register and make a deposit in order to get going. The website also features time counter and indicates how many licenses are left for enrollments (Don’t get confused with license word, as it means the available spots on the website and has nothing to do with the government license).

The website also claims that the software is most advanced software tool in the market and it is fast, smart, and provides market decisions in split seconds. It also claims that the algorithm is unique and is linked to the stock markets to provide real-time decisions to earn your huge gains. The platform boasts that it has a proven strike rate of 95 percent to find the profitable opportunity and their numbers are almost always right. The trading software goes ga-ga over its 100 percent ROI claim and adds that it has one of the highest Return On Investment in the financial market. Such claims have been made without any substantial data on the website. The website also features a scroll bar which displays the logos of some of the well-known brands like Deutsche Bank, Nestle, Bosch, Nike amongst others. Anywhere on the website, there is no mention of permission from such big brands and use of their brand identity. It seems it is just a gimmick to lure the onlookers to their scheme of things.

The website also has some reviews (total 6) and live trading results to further strengthen their claims, however, neither the reviews nor the trading results provide any proof of how the software works. At the bottom of the web page, it features some badges like QFV2015 – Qualitative Financial Valuator, IBS – International Board of Standards, and FPSC – Financial Planning Standards Council.  To further investigate these badges, we researched the web with their names, and we found that the QFV does not exist while the IBS does exist but for training, performance, and instruction, and does not provide any badges, whereas FPSC provides CFA certification and has nothing to do with the software.

Our investigation on the Nesdek Inc has unearthed some crucial aspects of the platform and has raised several doubts. The major doubts about the platform have been listed hereunder.

Nesdek Inc App

Fake Ownership

The individual named Mike McDonald is considered as the backbone of the software and has also been named as the CEO of the Nesdek Inc. Interestingly, our research on the company named Nesdek Inc has indicated that there is no such company, also, the registration details, registered address, and the licensing details are also not available on the internet nor on the website. That makes it clear that Mike McDonald is a CEO of a non-existent organization. The CEO and the name are being used to persuade and lure the investors and brokers into their scheme of things.

Superlative Claims

The Nesdek Inc claims that the software predicts the financial market with 95 percent accuracy and provides 100 percent Return on Investment, making it one of the best trading platform in the financial market. This surely is exaggerated, as there is no software in the world which can predict the financial markets with such accuracy, the most recommended software in the financial markets have achieved only 80 percent accuracy. The website makes such exorbitant claims in order to make you believe that the software can earn your huge gains so that you get enrolled into their website.

Limited Slots!

The timer on the website indicates that there are very few spots available for the visitors and one should grab before they get exhausted. This is notorious marketing gimmick used by many online marketers to attract the buyers to buy their products or services. Such strategies are used to persuade the visitors to the website to immediately enroll or purchase the products or services before leaving the website to gather more information about the products or services.

Who Are The Affiliated Brokers

As you know that any robot or trading software cannot trade on its own and it requires a broking partner to execute the trades. The investigation of the Nesdek Inc indicates that the company does not provide any information regarding the affiliated brokerage house nor how the trades will be executed by the software. The non-existent of such crucial information and also no information about the deposit or withdrawal procedure on the website adds to the doubts.

How The Software Works

In the promotional video on the website, Mike McDonald, touches the algorithm part but does not provide any details about it. He also points how the trading software predicts the trend before the asset hits the market but does not explain how everything actually works. The explanation is very vague and seems targeted towards the naïve traders who does not have sufficient knowledge about trading and investing. The website does not throw any light on the principles of the algorithm and seems to allude newbies to their website through over exaggerated claims.

The Verdict

The website of the Nesdek Inc claims that it can provide 95 percent accurate results with 100 percent return on investment. It also indicates that Mike McDonald – the named CEO of the company, has several years of wall-street experience, and he is offering the software to select few at absolutely no cost. The applicant needs to register on the website and make its initial investment and in few minutes he can make the profitable traders. The website seems silent on the most critical aspects of a signaling services like registration of the company, affiliate list, license from government authorities, and deposit / withdrawal procedures. The complete lack of transparency and exaggerated claims has made us believe that the everything on the website is a marketing gimmick to lure the investors into their scheme of things.

Hence, our request to our readers is that they should completely avoid the broker and should stay with the established players like Option Robot. The Option Robot software scores very high on various critical parameters like transparency, well-laid deposit and withdrawal processes, the clear and definite affiliate lists which include some very well-known brokers like 24 Option, Option Tilt amongst others, strong customer support team which provides services in more than 25 global languages. Also, the Option Robot does not make huge gains nor it makes claims which are unbelievable. The platform provides the established technical indicators to assesses and evaluate the market conditions in order to make profits.

Overall, we will reiterate that you should avoid the Nesdek Inc completely as the people behind the company and the company itself is untraceable. If you are keen on investing through a Robot, then it is recommended to use the services of the Option Robot because of its credible affiliations and strict operating procedures.

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