Money On Demand Mastery Review

Money On Demand Mastery Review: Fact that the Internet completely transformed the way we, as human beings, do things is undoubtedly true. With the internet, things that were previously difficult and slow became relatively fast and more convenient. In the world of financial trading, for e.g. binary trading,  things have significantly changed over the last several years, thanks to the Internet. In stock and forex trading, the Internet brought with simplicity and convenience that revolutionized the sector. It can be said that the birth and subsequent success of binary options brokers and binary option robots and all kind of signal services was fundamentally made possible by the internet. As it is, binary options represents a faster, simpler and more convenient way of trading financial assets, encompassing the combined features of both forex and stock trading.

Money On Demand Mastery Review

Currently, automated trading softwares are the craze in binary options. These are basically computer systems that make trading less tiresome by doing everything as far as collection and analysis of data and the actual trading is concerned. The only thing they can’t do is collect the payouts which is the (only) role of the trader. Anyway, as anything else goes, the popularity of these auto traders has attracted a crowd of crooks who are very good actors. They come with all sorts of lies to woo innocent and naive traders who are then left crying after their money goes missing. Fortunately though, the Internet has also provided a platform where scorned traders, experts and anyone with an interest in binary options can post their experiences for the world to see. To cut the long story short, our team ranks among the best of the best when it comes to giving credible and real time information on auto traders. In this particular case, the auto trader under the microscope is Money On Demand Mastery, the latest trading system to go viral, again thanks to the internet.

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What is Money On Demand Mastery?

Said to be developed by a team of dedicated industry professionals, Money On Demand Mastery is a binary options trading software and signal provider. The software is free of charge, which isn’t really a big deal since almost every trading software is these days. We wouldn’t have mentioned it if the idiotic actor who poses as one of the developers hadn’t kept on repeating that. It is probably a big deal to him. Talking about actors, the alleged developers rely on a low budget promotional video filled with nothing but obviously false promises to market the software. In the video, Money On Demand is presented as the best trading software in the world. The rented sport cars and mansions are apparently meant to give the impression that just like the software worked for the owners and got them into the so called 1% status; it will work for you the same way. In simple terms, everything said in the video and written on the site talks about how Money On Demand could be your way out of poverty and into the Hollywood lifestyle. Just a word from the wise here: Get rich quick schemes don’t exist, not least in binary options. Remember the saying, easy come easy go? On the contrary, you are more likely to lose your money (and peace of mind) and become even poorer than be rich.

money on demand mastery main page
money on demand mastery main page

How Money On Demand works, or doesn’t

Money On Demand, just like any other auto trading software, is programmed to gather market data, do analysis and automatically place trades depending on the signals so produced. Usually, traders have the freedom to set the parameters within which they want the particular software to carry out trades. Unfortunately, Money On Demand doesn’t allow traders to set more than the basic parameters. As you know, when it comes to auto traders, more is at stake than just dictating the amount of money that should be put in a single trade which is about the only option Money On Demand offers. With this software, you won’t be able to set the maximum number of trades per day, which leaves all your deposit at the hands of a computer program which is in turn at the wicked hands of the developers, whoever they are. Never mind that in the video, the voice over actor mentions about a wide range of personalized settings in the system. Truth is, that only exists on paper. If you doubt it, feel free to contact the few, very few, traders who had the unfortunate experience of opening a Money On Demand account. While at it, be sure to take some precautionary measures to protect yourself since such traders are more likely to punch you into the future when you remind them of possibly the worst thing to ever happen to them.

When it comes to the payouts or profits, Money On Demand, as the name suggests promises quite a tidy sum. Apparently, when you register and make a deposit (which is oddly a requirement before you go any further in the site), you should sit back and expect daily profits ranging from $1000 to $3800. Talk about Money On Demand, literally. The actor on the sales video claims that the system is able to do this as it features very smart algorithms – smart in that they apparently have been programmed with Artificial Intelligence to the point that their IQ levels are higher than probably yours. Or all of ours. Jokes aside, do you really believe than a shady backstreet auto trader can make more money for you than your 9 to 5 job which you had to study your ass off through high school and college to get? And to make matters worse, you practically do nothing, apart from registration and funding the account that is, to get that much money. Seriously.

If they promise to Build you a million dollar business for free, there might be something wrong.
If they promise to Build you a million dollar business for free, there might be something wrong.

Money On Demand? Whose money?

Whichever way you choose to look at it, Money On Demand is no different from the other scams that have saturated the Internet. The only difference is that Money On Demand, unlike the other sites, does not put any significant effort to appear credible. Everything about the site, right from the heading to the promo video and even the testimonials screams “Fake” and in capital letters. Going ahead, when you spot any site with a tag line that looks similar to “Register Now to Earn Thousands” you are better off getting the hell out of there and blacklisting it for good measure. Another thing, keep your email address private at all times. Crooks like the ones behind Money On Demand Mastery comb the Internet looking for personal email addresses and phone numbers carelessly listed and bombard the owners with promo materials trying to convince them how their lives are miserable and how they can make a (big) change to that situation. Of course, if such messages get to you, you will naturally want to check out the site where you will find even more lies and heavenly promises. Before you know it, you are swiping your credit card to send #250 to a brokerage site you know nothing about and the next thing you see is a email from said broker shamelessly requesting you to make another deposit since the first one was exhausted because, to be honest softwares like Money On Demand simply don’t work.

As it stands, Money On Demand has several meanings depending on which side of the transaction you stand. To you (if you are that naive) it could mean that the money will be coming in when you want it to while to the developers, it could simply mean that they will also have access to money whenever they need it. Question is, whose money? You guessed it right. Trading with a questionable auto trader like Money On Demand exposes you to so many risks. In particular, that of losing your money and probably your trust in human beings in general, including yourself which is pretty much not a good thing. We noted that Money On Demand is not based on any practical trading formula and uses the powerful algorithms story to earn your trust. As such, you can’t trust such a system to earn you money as in binary options, money is earned through proper strategy and logical decisions which clearly are a foreign concept to the so called creators of the system.

To support our arguments, and in a way protect our reputation – rumor spreaders, who? – we will provide evidence that shows, beyond reasonable doubt that Money On Demand is the con of the century, or something close to that.

Money On Demand Is a scam, here’s why

Fact: Money On Demand is a scam, but you already knew that, right? Whatever the case, here are a couple of reasons why we think that way:

  1. Loud silence on everything

There is a reason we put that as the first point – it is the most notable thing about the site. Apart from the video, which is clearly over exaggerated, there is not much information to gather about the system. And it is not only on the website but in Google too. We would, for instance, liked to know the exact specifications of the algorithms that allegedly carry out trades with daily profit turnovers of $3k. More so, who exactly are the owners? Are they real people? If so, why don’t they show their faces? While waiting for the answers to that, who is the dude doing the voice over in the video? Probably a freelance actor. Whoever it is, he has a nice accent and would make a lot of money giving speech and public speaking lessons instead of lying to people on the Internet.

  1. Overwhelming Criticism

What you won’t get in useful information about Money On Demand, you will most certainly get it in form of negative, very negative, feedback from traders and critics. Considering the amount of negative responses we got when we asked people about their experiences with the site in general, it seems that the software is not even poorly accurate but does not work at all. None of the people we questioned reported making any money from Money On Demand, on the contrary. Again, anyone who, out of nowhere promises you huge amounts of money is only setting you up for disappointment as chances are they won’t deliver. Money On Demand is, in fact one of the most unpopular auto traders in most binary options website and for obvious reasons.

  1. Money On Demand does not exist in the real sense

Money On Demand can be basically defined as a briefcase site, only there to fool people. We carried out a search but didn’t find any legitimate company going by that name. Also, the site has possibly the worst rating among binary options sites on Google which speaks volumes about its trustworthiness, or lack thereof. As a fact, the site’s name didn’t appear on the first page of the Google search results and we had to go to several pages to find what we were looking for. Honestly, if the owners couldn’t hire professional website designers to make their website appear presentable, how can they claim to be able to turn people into millionaires?

Final thoughts

After a comprehensive research, we didn’t find anything to prove that Money On Demand actually works, as such, we can’t by any means say that it does. As a matter of fact, we collected enough evidence to the contrary. We would advice all our readers, and their friends too, to stay away from Money On Demand unless they have too much money they wouldn’t worry about losing it, in which case they should dedicate some to charity. Hopefully, no more traders will message us complaining about losing their cash to the site and their equally crooked brokers.

Now, you have probably read too many (negative) reviews on auto traders that you no longer believe legit ones do exist. Well, fortunately or unfortunately, they do. Binary Options Robot being one of them. As at now, it is about the only auto trader we can vouch for as we did confirm for ourselves that it actually works. The accuracy is great, and the payouts are even better.

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