MockingBird Method Review

There is always a problem when an industry or a trade is generating big profits. This is the emergence of unscrupulous characters that come in to take advantage of the money floating around and many unsuspecting customers. They will entice people to trade with them and then swindle them. The same can be said of binary options trading today. What such characters do is soil the names of legitimate traders who have a reputation that they have built over the years. To separate the legit companies from the bad boys, it is essential that you dig deeply into a program that you are interested in to determine whether to engage them or to give them a pass. Here you will see what a considerably new program going by the name MockingBird Method is all about.

What is the MockingBird Method?

The MockingBird Method is a new entrant in the binary options trading field. They started operations in2015 and they are already aggressively promoting their unique trading methods in a bid to attract traders.

The MockingBird Method Software was created by two gentlemen who were struggling in life before they decided that they needed to make fundamental changes in the way that they were looking at money and how it is made. This software was the result of those changes as the story is told. When Stephen Wilson made $1.3 million with his trading platform after 3 years, the decision was made to introduce this amazing software to the trading public.

mocking bird
I cannot recommend using mockingbird method

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The Software

The software is a binary options trading program, which applies a secret that the creators discovered and cracked to enable them to make the millions they made within three years. The promotion claims that this software will close new entries soon and because they only need a limited number of traders on their platform. In other words, you need to register as a trader with them as soon as possible before the door is closed down forever.

The secret to their very profitable trading method is a gap they discovered in binary options trading. The claim is that once the big players and governments discover this gap, they will close it for good and that will be it. You are therefore required to sign up as soon as possible and make hay while the sun shines.

Trading with MockingBird Method Software

This is what you should expect when you sign up with this binary options trading robot:

  • The MockingBird Method software promises a fabulous 91% of winning trades when you trade with them. This is not the highest that you will have seen being promised by binary options robots, but it is way up there. If it is possible, this would represent 9 winning trades in every 10. If this was true, it would be easy to understand why they are promising the lucky few who join early the massive rewards in their promotions.
  • Traders who join in before the door shuts down will be provided with comprehensive training by a team of professional binary options traders. These traders will be allocated their own experts to guide them in making the winning trades. Beginners will learn all there is to binary options especially matters to do with making consistent profits with their superior method. This is a fine way to get introduced to binary options trades. Many other robots just ask you to join and you start trading right away before you get any training.
  • This software is not sharable. This implies that once you open your trading account, you are not expected to share the software with any other person. This is one of the strict regulations that come with acquiring this new software.
  • The promotional video features Stephen Wilson explaining his transformation from a struggling Italian restaurant worker to the millionaire he is today. He implores you to sign up before their set number of traders is met ad make money as fast as or faster than they did. You will then see testimonials of people who made thousands of dollars within a few weeks of making their minimum deposits. The trouble with these testimonials is that they all sound the same from some of these new binary option robots.
  • The creators of the MockingBird software realized that traders were having lots of problems with withdrawals from most of the other binary options software. They claim that this problem has been solved once and for all by making the withdrawal process easier, faster and friendlier to traders. When you trade with the MockingBird Method, you can expect to have your profits credited to your account within 24 hours if it is your option not to compound them and trade with the profits.
  • When you trade with the MockingBird Method software, you are assured of 24 hour customer support. This they say is essential to traders especially beginners who need to be guided well especially in their early trading days. This support comes in the form of email, live chat, telephone and information capture forms on their website. If they accomplished this, it would be a coup because many new binary options platforms are failing heavily in this area.
  • The MockingBird Method is fully automated. You will have all the signals and alerts and then instruct the software on how you want it to trade for you as you attend to other matters. This being so, you can opt for the manual trading where the robot generates the signals and you decide what you want to do with them.
  • This software works in different market conditions. There is a wide range of currency pairings that you can choose to trade with. You will also have the freedom of selecting the expiry times of the trades you are engaging in. this implies that whatever your trading strategy is, the MockingBird Method is not restrictive.
  • If you want to trade with this software you will have to register with their selected brokers. This means that you will not have the choice to bring on board your broker from another platform. MockingBird Method claims that it is only their selected brokers who are adept at their unique trading methods.
mockingbird method review
Mockingbird Method blog is pretty good, but the software, not so much

The Red Flags

The problem with most new binary options programs is that they promise so much that experienced traders can tell a scam from a mile away. While the jury is still out on this new software, the following are the red flags that stand out and disqualify this as a legit platform:

  1. The promises: When a binary options trading software promises 91% winning trades, or 9 out of 10 trades being winners, you have to take that with a pinch of salt. This is because the chances of making this amount as a professional are very slim and totally nonexistent for newbies. This claim alone is enough to make you sit back and wonder what else on that website is misleading or outright untrue. The claim that you will make profits in five figures from a small initial deposit of $250 is simply unfounded, uncorroborated and mischievous. If it were true, they would have found their ‘limited’ number of traders that they are touting about so much in less than a day.
  2. Broker limitation: Where a binary options trading software limits you on the choice of brokers or on the numbers of brokers to choose from, you can be assured that you are being lined up for a run on your deposit and profits. This is because reputable brokers are not beholden on particular platforms.
  3. Questionable testimonies: The use of actors to propagate the success of the MockingBird Method is a serious put-off. This is apparent in their promotional videos. It is like all of them have a canned message that they want to convey to the viewer.
  4. The scarcity countdown: A well-worn but nevertheless effective tool to lure people into a binary options program is to install a countdown of how time is running out on you to join it and how the doors will slam shut imminently. The truth of the matter is that these countdown timers will run forever, as there was no scarcity in the first place.


With all the red flags blowing straight and bright, you had better give this program a pass. It looks like it is very aggressive in making newbies excited about making them thousands of dollars in a few months. This so called secret does not work as by now, their trader numbers would have swelled and overshot their so called limit. If MockingBird Method has not been declared a scam yet, it is steadily heading there.

What you need to do

What you need to do is sign in into a program which makes promises it can keep. You need to register into a program that pre-qualifies its brokers to retain only the most reputable in the entire binary option market. You need to trade with software that guarantees winning signals every day. You need software that has you in mind at all times with their dedicated staff of customer support. You need software where you will make consistent profits. You need to be with Binary Option Robot for all these benefits and more.

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