Mobile Money Millionaire APP Review

The binary options market is experiencing unprecedented growth in 2015. With plenty of traders joining in the trading, a big number of platforms are entering the market as well. One of these platforms is the Mobile Money Millionaire APP. What is it all about? Is it worth investing in?

All about Mobile Money Millionaire APP

Dean Barber who claims that he is a highly successful binary options trader has launched this Mobile Money Millionaire 2.0 APP program so as to amalgamate all his great trading strategies into one app. It is fully automated. Mr. Barber says that his app has hit accuracy levels that no other binary options software has been able to reach. His app he says, is the result of a long and deep study of the binary options plus the strategies that he formulated to become one of the top traders in binary options in the world. He built it from scratch and his accuracy levels are dependent on the sophistication of the code that this system is anchored on.

He places the level of successful trades at 97% amongst the beta testers that he had engaged to test the system. This he claims is what is driving hundreds of traders, both experienced professionals and beginners to his new app.

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1Sounds great, where do I get a Binary Option Robot?
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3Binary Option Robot – How they work in practise
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Finally, you collect your earnings (the good part!)

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The App

This Mobile Money Millionaire APP is intended to make trading very easy and convenience for all people who do the binary options trade. It is made with the end users, read traders, in mind. It is designed to completely take over the entire process that is employed in the trading of binaries. It is 100%automated.

If looks for the best trades for traders and it trades for them without any input from the traders themselves. This means is that what you have to do is open an account, register with a broker, make your deposit and that’s it. The robot will then search for the best trades to suit you, make the trades for you and collects your profit on your behalf. All the work you will be doing is to check on your account balances to see how the money is pouring in.

The Mobile Money Millionaires is already making in excess of $2,500 for some investors already which demonstrates its worthiness as Mr. Barber says. This is because the signals that the system is generating are unequalled in the binary options markets. The system receives signals in real time and automatically activates the trades to maximize on profitability.

The newest feature that has been added to the Mobile Money Millionaire software is the automation feature which will completely control the trading by placing the trades at the Mobile Money Millionaire broker. This is a major driving factor behind the buzz of Mobile Money Millionaire software and the hundreds of new members that continue to join on a daily basis.

What this implies is that an investor will not need to use his time to try and learn what binary options are all about and how to make money there. All he needs is the Mobile Money Millionaire app and they are on their way to making at least $2,500 every day in due course.


Mobile Money Millionaire APP is downloadable on all Android smart phones and iPhones. The app is easily found on Android Google Play and in the App Store. This allows you to have accessibility at all times and from whichever location you are in the world.

If you would prefer to sometimes access your account from your PC, there is also a web version readily available for your use.

Making money with the Mobile Money Millionaire App

This app is designed with the sole objective of maximizing the profits you will earn in binary options trading. This is why the developers claim that it is capable of making up to 97% profit per trade. For the traders who opt to trade manually, they will receive accurate signals with an advice on how they are going to trade.

This app gives the freedom of choice to the traders in terms of expiration times. For the traders who choose to do their own trades other than have the system do their trades for them will have to select from all expiry times ranging from 30 seconds to 365 days. This is where the profit payout of 97% will come from.

The minimum amount that you can invest per trade is as low as $5. You can place even a $1,000 investment per trade if you want. This is for those traders with good resources and those who want to make more money faster.

The sophisticated code that makes this app so successful is built to eliminate all forms of guesswork from binary trading, especially for people who do not have a background in forex trading or experience in the binary options themselves.

Getting Started

If you want to trade with this app you will need to register with a binary options broker. It is not just any broker that you will trade with this app. You will have to register with selected brokers who have been listed by the administrators of the app. These brokers that you will be selecting are listed geographically; you will have specific brokers for specific regions in the world.

You will enter your details in the spaces provided and then make a minimum deposit of $250. This amount is not the standard as some brokers will ask for a higher minimum deposit.

What you will benefit from when you open an account with Mobile Money Millionaire App

According to the administrators, these are the benefits every trader enjoys from this app.

  • It is completely free to download to your smart phone as well as to access it if you prefer the web version. The only money you will need to part with is your deposit with the broker so that you can start trading.
  • The software is easy to use even for people with basic computer and smart phone knowledge; you do not need to be very good with computer operation or smart phone savvy to make money with Mobile Money Millionaire App.
  • This app will generate for you more than $2,000 every day in pure profits. This translates to about $750,000 per year which is a good amount of money for anyone today.
  • You are assured of a round the clock trader support. At any time you are trading, you can call the app support department to help you out with any difficulties that you may be experiencing.
  • This is one of the few binary options programs that are primarily designed with the mobile user in mind. Most of the other binary options are made for users on PC and a mobile app added as an afterthought. This app is specifically coded for smart phone use and so your use experience will be fantastic.
  • Your initial deposit will attract an equal amount in bonuses automatically. This is your welcome bonus which will get your trading off with a good amount to start with.

The Red Flags

There is no single binary options software that is 100% satisfactory, but this app has some issues that just don’t add up. Some of these are:

  1. The first thing to note is that the founder/developer/CEO, Mr. Barber seems to exist only in the confines of his app. There is no other online mention, presence or even a short profile of this man who has created such a great app that is making thousands of dollars for each of their traders every day.
  2. The 97% profit earnings per trade are too stretched to be believed by anybody who has dealt with binary options before. The reality is that even the most experienced and professional traders make much more modest figures that this.
  3. This app claims that it has already made well over $4,000,000 for its 250 traders in its 4 months of operation. Actually, the domain name was not acquired before November 2015. This discrepancy will certainly raise eye brows.
  4. The so called welcoming bonus which is double what you made as your initial deposit actually ties your profits until all the bonus funds are traded. This implies that if trade your initial deposit and make profits, you cannot access such profits until you have traded even the deposit. This is not explained in the beginning and you do not have an option of declining the bonus.
mobile money millionaire app
Mobile Money Millionaire App review video does not get our trust


You are better off avoiding this app until such a time that time proves it to be a worthwhile program that can be considered.

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