Millionaire Trader Review

Millionaire Trader Review: Today we are going to review another Binary Options Signals service provider who claims hefty returns to their clients. The service provider under the scanner is the Millionaire Trader and the following text provides the complete details of our investigation.

We put a lot of emphasis on this aspect as we believe that it is imperative to have a strong backing for an existence of any organization. The promotional video on the website indicates that the Oliver Miller is behind the software and the website of the Millionaire Trader. He claims that he has been an Investment Banker in the past and he has received this miraculous system from a customer named “Max”.

We couldn’t find any more information about the Oliver Miller nor anything about the company which promotes this website. This is a definite red flag for us and at this point, we don’t want to pass a judgment and hence, continued our investigation. To save you some time we would recommend to trade with regulated and trusted brokers and software such as IQ Option and Option Robot right on the button below this.

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Millionaire Trader Review

As described above, Oliver Miller was an Investment Banker and had a client named “Max” from the Russia. On one fine day, Max appeared at the Bank and asked a favor from the Oliver Miller. The now CEO of the obliged readily and assisted him to transfer a huge sum of money to another account. Impressed by his action, Max obliged by handing over a flash drive to Miller and told him to open after one month and informed him that it will change his life. When he opened the drive after a month, he found this marvel.

Millionaire Trader
Millionaire Trader

Rather unusual but this is the story behind the software as told in the promotional video of the  our question is – Really? This is how you got your hands on the system. He claims that the system generates a signal at a staggering 85 percent success rate and he has made almost $ 8.4 million in just 4.5 years by utilizing this software.

We are unable to digest the story and we believe that it is completely baseless and out of context.

How Does it Work?

The story telling by the Oliver Miller in the promotional video informs us that the trading service is based out of Moscow, Russia. The video also tells us that it has an expert financial advisor attached to it who would assist throughout the process and help you achieve the mind-blowing 85 percent success rate. That’s it! this is the only information available in the promotional video. The website also does not throw any light on what principles the system is based on nor it provides any information to prove their point.

The complete lack of information about all the aspects of the binary signal service which we investigate has confirmed that there is something fishy out there. Following are some of the aspects which remained at doubts in our mind.

Fake Promoters

Oliver Miller is the name used in the promotional video as the promoter and founder of this system. However, our research on the social networking and the world wide web has shown “ZERO” results about this gentleman. Also, we could not find any proof of the millionaire trader site.

Millionaire Trader Video
Millionaire Trader Video Actor

When we were conducting our review, we found that within a video there are many clues. For instance, the background used in the video is a still picture and doesn’t gel with Oliver’s movement. This clearly means that he might be some paid actor who has been paid to read the script. Also in the promotional video, there are some reviews by other individuals who also seems to be actors.

This is one of the frequently used techniques by scrupulous entities wherein they use the face of someone else to attract and lure the naïve and new traders to their system. The sales pitch used in the video is same as we have seen in many videos.

The real people remains hidden behind the curtains of fake faces. Our submission to all our readers is to “Stay Alert” and whenever they see someone trying to push down the product to your throat, just stay away.

Millionaire Trader Batches
Millionaire Trader Batches

Claims Without Proofs

The website of the Oliver Miller makes tall claims of making millionaire in few months, and the system has an accuracy rate of 85 percent. The best available signal service providers in the binary arena claim to have a success rate of near 85 percent and hardly above 80 percent. Hence, it is just not believable what has been claimed by the site. Also, the website does not provide any kind of proof to prove their point, they just show the bank accounts statements of some individuals which also seems fabricated.

Tall claims without any substantial evidence are hard to believe. This is the same old technique wherein fraudsters make huge promises in order to extract as much money as possible from you.

Millionaire Trader Video
Millionaire Trader Video Earnings

Only 50 Slots!

Oliver Miller in his video presentation also mentions that there are only 50 slots left and he would take the only limited number of people for the millionaire journey. This is also a known marketing tactics and used by many suspecting entities to induce the visitors to make an immediate purchase.

This technique is very popular amongst websites with wrong intentions. We request our readers not to fall for such things.

Millionaire Trader Success
Millionaire Trader Success

Cooperative Brokers

If you have read our other articles, then you must be aware that a signaling service or an automated software does not work on its own and it must have a mechanism or association with a brokerage firm to execute the trades. This becomes even more critical for the trading software but the website of the Millionaire Trader remains completely silent about it. Absolutely no mention of the affiliated broking company. This is really dangerous and shows the intentions of the website creators.


The Millionaire Trader owned by Oliver Miller makes very tall claims but does not really provide any proofs to support those claims. Also, our investigation has revealed that there is no information available on the internet about the Oliver Miller nor about the The website claims that their system can generate signals at staggering 85 percent success is also not substantiated with data. The website also remained completely silent about the broking company affiliation. All adds up to one thing and that is – It is hard to trust this website. We request our readers to stay away from this website.

And if you really want to have a trading partner then you must try the Option Robot for your signaling and automated trading software requirements. The Option Robot has been there for a long time and has earned a reputation with consistent services, regulated binary options  brokers affiliations, state of the art customer services, and all the needed information is available on the internet.

Largely, we would request you to stay away from the untrustworthy Millionaire Trader, and you should start your binary options trading journey with a known name like the Option Robot.

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