How to Make Money Investing in Bitcoins with Binary Options

How to Make Money Investing in Bitcoins with Binary Options: The emergence of crypto –currency like the Bitcoin as one of the digital payment method has revolutionized the financial markets. The recent movements in the digital payment indicate that the Bitcoin holds a very bright future. Sooner rather than later, the Bitcoin has a potential to become one of the most preferred ways of digital payment on the Internet of Things. It is expected that people will start using Bitcoins for paying their grocery bills or buying an expensive mobile handset.

The holders of the Bitcoin, also known as the Bitcoin holders, are keeping a good care of their Bitcoins and they believe that the Bitcoin prices will start shooting in the upward direction. The value of Bitcoin has risen exponentially in the recent times and still, the expectation is that it will move higher from here, making it one of the preferred investment instrument. To safeguard their investment in the Bitcoin, the Bitcoin holders are moving towards binary options trading to mitigate their risk and improve their return on investment.

Before we jump onto the Bitcoin bandwagon, first, let’s understand about the Bitcoins

What Are Bitcoins?

In a simple term, they are a form of virtual currencies which came into existence in 2008. Since its creation, Bitcoins have gained momentum in their popularity and in turn have become a form of exchange for goods on certain online websites and in some cases, even on the offline stores. However, you must understand that they are not governed by any laws nor regulated by any government or banking authority.

Bitcoin has risen exponentially in the recent times

On some of the online websites, you can exchange the Bitcoins with the real money and vice a verse, just like any other regulated currency conversion. The major differentiating factor of the Bitcoin vis-a-vis the real money is that they do not have any physical presence and are only available in the digital format. So you cannot carry it like the dollar bill, but you can only store it on your computers.

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3Binary Option Robot – How they work in practise
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2. The Binary Option Robot Will Predict the Price Movement

Your robot will assess a wide-range of factors, and then make a prediction on how the assets price will move, saying: Call (up) if it believes the price will rise and Put (down), if it believes the price will fall.

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3. Decide on how much you want to Invest

Then you need to decide how much you want to invest in the commodity and when that investment will expire.

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4. Collect your Earnings

Finally, you collect your earnings (the good part!)

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How Are Bitcoins Created?

Computers specializing in the Bitcoin mining are utilized for the creation of the Bitcoins the mining of Bitcoins is possible through solving certain algorithm problems. Each of the interconnected PC can contribute towards the unblocking of 25 Bitcoins. If you have played certain games having the life bar – which shows the available life from 0% to 100% and whenever a certain task is completed the gamers are awarded increased life, in the same way, when each of the interconnected PC starts mining Bitcoins they add value to the bar, and when the bar reaches 100% value than 25 Bitcoins are awarded to any one of the participants of the interconnected mining network.

Certainly, the majority of miners will not be able to get the newly mined Bitcoins and in case, they desire to have Bitcoins then they will have to purchase them from the open market. Currently, the Bitcoins are priced in the USD terms and if someone wants to acquire Bitcoins then he will have to exchange the Bitcoins with the USD.

Legality Of Bitcoins

Basically, the Bitcoins are random bits on the computer and hence it is hard to confine them within legality and illegality. The governments around the world might not prefer them as people might use them to avoid the taxes, however, the only way to curb the Bitcoins is by way of shutting down the internet completely which seems next to impossible.

But if you use your Bitcoins to purchase some offensive stuff like drugs then that is completely illegal since buying drugs itself is illegal. Then the laws of the land will prevail and no matter what form of currency you have utilized to accomplish the purchase, this is true even for use of USD for banned drug purchases.

Another important aspect of the Bitcoin is that it is absolutely impossible to confiscate the Bitcoins, as they are not available in the physical form. The virtual nature of the Bitcoins makes them vulnerable to online frauds however the offline confiscation is just not possible.

What Is Binary Options Trading?

Now as we know about the Bitcoins let’s understand the binary options trading in a nutshell. As mentioned in several of articles, the binary options are another financial concept of trading and investing which seems little abstract on the surface, however, it has some real world benefits attached to it.

Basically, the binary options trading is same as stock trading but has some clear distinctions. In the binary options trading, it allows to buy a call or put options on underlying assets instead of underlying itself. Meaning, in the stock market when you invest or trade, the amount of money you make or lose depends upon the movement of the stocks, however, in the binary options trading market when you invest or trade, the amount of money you make or lose does not depend upon the movement of an underlying rather it is predefined and fixed at the start of the trade. The increasing popularity of online trading and binary option robot has essentially led to the creation of various regulatory bodies with the primary objective to protect traders online.

They are no gray areas in the binary options trading. It has only two outcomes, either you receive the predefined amount as payout – in case your prediction turns out to be correct, or you lose your investment amount in the trade completely – in case your prediction turns out to be incorrect. One of the biggest advantages of the binary options trading is that your trade will be considered a winning trade even if the underlying moves by one PIP in the direction of prediction at the time of the expiry. The binary options trading allows you to buy either the call options if you think the underlying will move northward, or buy put if you think the underlying will move downward. However, the binary options trading does not allow to sell the binary options ensuring that your risked amount is limited. The gains in the binary options are predefined and informed to the investors before placing the trade on the underlying. It is clear from the above discussion that the binary options trading has fixed risk and fixed return associated with it.To promote the binary option robot trading system, there are several binary trading online portals out there.

In a nutshell, you are required to predict the direction of an underlying at the time of expiry and not the amount of movement. This makes it one of the simplest forms of trading and the biggest reason for its growing popularity. To trade the binary options, you do not need to know the financial jargons and anyone with the basic knowledge can enter into binary trading and make gains.In addition, remember that the robot does not work with the best binary options brokers, so if you want to take advantage of every good money making opportunity, it is also good to know at least a little bit about binary options and option signals.

binary options trading is same as stock trading

Trading In Bitcoins

There are basically two types of Bitcoin binary options broker: one which recognizes Bitcoin as a medium of payments, and others which use Bitcoin as an asset class. The first kind of binary options broker takes Bitcoin as a currency just like USD for all the financial transaction on their website, whereas, the second type of binary options broker, allows trading into Bitcoin just like gold or silver. So if you want to trading into the Bitcoins. Howede with the Bitcoin then you should go with the first type of broker, and if you want to trade into the Bitcoin then you should select the second type of binary options broker for trading.

Trading binary options using Bitcoins as currency

As discussed earlier, there are two ways to trade the Bitcoins in the binary arena. The first way is to utilize it as the preferred mode of currency. Meaning, as you can use USD, EUR or JPY as your preferred currency to trade in the binary options, you can also utilize the Bitcoins as your preferred mode of payments. In this scenario the virtual currency –Bitcoins, as any other currency like the USD, EUR, JPY, or any other legal currencies.

For example, you can directly invest 10 Bitcoins instead of investing $100 or £100 for buying the call or put options in the binary trading. On the winning trades invested by the way of Bitcoins, will also have payouts in the same virtual currencies. The brokerage house allowing such dealings will transfer the payouts of virtual currency directly into your account.

The advantage of utilizing the Bitcoins as the mode of payment in the binary trading is that you will not have to directly transfer your funds from the bank to the broker’s account, rather, you will just have to exchange your bank funds with the Bitcoins through the Bitcoins exchanger. This way your transaction stays completely anonymous and provides security from the other online frauds.

Example: let’s understand the Bitcoin trading with an example trade. Consider the following scenario:

  • The current price of the Bitcoin is 300 USD per Bitcoin
  • Your expectation is that the prices will move higher from here and might touch $310 in a weeks’ time.

Now, as any other underlying asset in the binary trading, you will have an option to purchase the call option of the Bitcoin provided the brokerage house offers to trade into Bitcoins. If the payouts of the call options offered is 70% and you had invested $ 100 in the call option then, if your prediction turns out to be true then you are rewarded with % 170 ($ 100 – your initial investment + $ 70 – 70% of invested amount), and if your prediction turns out to be not true then your total investment of $ 100 will be lost.

The aforementioned example clearly indicates that the Bitcoins can be traded as the same way as any other currency pairs in the binary trading arena.
Currently, only a handful of brokerage houses is offering to invest and trade in the binary options of Bitcoins. However, the ever increasing popularity of the Bitcoins will ensure that more and more brokerage houses will eventually start offering the Bitcoins as preferred currency pair/underlying assetas trading and investing opportunity.

The evolving popularity of the Bitcoins makes us believe that in a couple of years almost all the brokerage houses will start offering Bitcoins as an underlying asset unless and until the state governments will not impose any laws preventing the use of the Bitcoins. As discussed in the legality and illegality of the Bitcoins, the law authority does not have any control over the Bitcoin creations, however, they have control over the licensed brokerage company and they can have barred these licensed operators not to allow the Bitcoin trading. Still, it is very amateurish to predict the future move of the government in the lights of growing popularity of the Bitcoins and its trading.

Why Use Bitcoins For Binary Options?

The Bitcoins holder can take advantage of binary options using Bitcoins and turn their investments into profits. The Bitcoin trading in the binary options can be done through the online platforms provided by several brokers. The online platform makes the transacting into Bitcoins lot easier and absolutely convenient. Another biggest advantage is that the Bitcoins holder anonymously trades whenever and wherever they want. This is what makes the binary options trading the most advantageous for the Bitcoin holders – the anonymity ensures that they can take the benefit of their investment without worrying about any security concerns.

What Are Binary Options Broker?

With the growing popularity of the Bitcoins, now there are several binary options broker who facilitates the trading into the Bitcoins. However, most of the brokers who are facilitating the Bitcoins trading have included the Bitcoins as an underlying asset.

Before you jump onto the bandwagon, you must understand the technicality of the binary options trading and a selection of a right broker can make your life absolutely easier. The combination of Bitcoins and binary options together can give you a headache but with the right broker, the trading will be a cake walk. So you must analyze different brokers in order to understand which one allows trading into this crypto currency and which does not.

As discussed, there are two types of brokerage services, one which accepts the crypto currency as payment mode and the second which offers the Bitcoins as the underlying.

How Do Binary Options Work?

In the binary options trading, when you are placing the trade then you are actually trading against the broker. Meaning, unlike the stock exchanges wherein the exchange does not trade and only offers a platform for two separate entities to enter into the contract, while in the case of the binary options trading, you are betting against the broker and whenever you make money, the broker loses the same amount and vice a verse.

If binary options trading is restricted in your country then chances are that Bitcoin trading will also be restricted and hence, one should be aware of the prevailing laws of the land.

How Much Can You Make?

Binary options trading if done properly can make you lots of money at the same time if you do not adhere to right techniques and tactics then you might lose your entire capital. Generally, the payouts offered by various binary options broker ranges between 60% to 90%, meaning that you stand to gain between $ 60 and $ 90 on your investment of $ 100 on each trade. In all the binary options broker, if your prediction turns out to be incorrect then you stand to lose the 100 % of your investment amount, meaning if you have invested $ 100 in a single trade and your prediction turns out to be incorrect then you lose your entire $ 100.

This is the downside, however, it is not as much as you might lose on a leveraged trade in the stock market or forex market wherein you stand to lose more than you had invested. Also in the case of the binary options trading, you are well aware of your risk and rewards before placing the order which helps in mitigating the risk and better risk management.

Bitcoin Binary Options Broker Selection

As discussed, there is two type of binary options trading available for the Bitcoin holders. They can either select the brokerage house which accepts the Bitcoins as the mode of payment or selects the brokerage house which allows trading into Bitcoins or allows the Bitcoin as an underlying asset.

You will find several online brokers that offer binary options trading, however, not all the broker will be perfect for either Bitcoin investments or Bitcoin as an asset. If you want to maximize both the options, then you need to select the best available online binary options, broker.

The binary options broker which accepts the Bitcoins as a mode of payment is the perfect choice for the Bitcoin holders. These trading platforms promise easy cash in and cash out options. They also keep you anonymous but still give you plenty of chance for profits. You can also expect such brokers to be transparent and secure.

On the other hand, there are also some brokerage houses who offers Bitcoin as an underlying asset for investment. Some of these brokers are well regulated and have proven track records. They accept your investment in USD/EUR/JPY/GBP and allows you to predict the movement of Bitcoin currency in a real-time and profit from the trade in your preferred currency.

One such broker we recommend is the IQ Option. IQ Options is a licensed and regulated binary options broker which are owned and operated by IQ Option Europe Ltd. The brokerage house provides its own custom-built platform for the trading. The brokerage house allows more than 78 assets for trading including Bitcoins. The platform is available on both Android and IOS powered devices, making it very convenient for the customers who prefer to trade on the go. The brokerage house also provides state of the customer service center to their registered members. So if you want to trade into the movement of the Bitcoinsthen you can select the IQ Options as it provides the convenience and ease of trading through its custom platform.


Bitcoins is the most popular cryptocurrency on the internet at this point in time. Also, this crypto currency can be exchanged for the real money allows the fluctuations in its pricing in the dollar terms, making it a viable underlying asset for binary options trading.

However, as on today, there isa limited number of binary options broker which provides trading into Bitcoins. As explained in the article, due to the growing popularity of the Bitcoin as an underlying asset, they will be available for trading with almost all the binary brokers sooner rather than later. Currently, the most suitable binary options broker with regards to the Bitcoins as an asset is the IQ Options We recommend utilizing the services of the IQ Options if you are interested in trading the movement of the Bitcoin prices.

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