Irish Method Review

Irish Method Review: Binary option robot can be compared to a public transit bus, constantly on the move, picking and dropping passengers along the way. Not only are there lots of new traders joining the trade every single day, there are some leaving for various reasons which are obviously not positive. The same applies for binary options brokers and automated trading softwares whose success or failures depends on their prevailing reputations.

In the case of the latter, there is such a huge turn over that traders are always looking for options. And there are a lot of options to choose from. Matter of fact, no one can tell for sure how many auto trading or binary options signals system exists. And of course, since there are probably thousands of these software’s, most certainly almost all the sensible business names such as Option Robot have been taken, leaving only the senseless ones available.

One good example of a name that doesn’t make any sense at all is Irish Method software, whose features we are going to discuss shortly. In all honesty, that sounds more like a name you would give a cooking idea than a viable business name. Speaking of which, a viable business such as IQ Option is one of our favorite brokers. If you want to play it safe, pick either that or Option Robot.

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Irish Method Review

To get on with business, Irish Method is one of the few auto traders with a European outlook, as the name would suggest. However, don’t let the name fool you as the site is not exclusive to Irish and/or European traders only, which is not surprising considering the owners’ thirst for money. Basically, anyone from countries that allow binary options is eligible for membership, as long as they meet the membership requirements, which as you guessed, are very basic. The owner is a lanky guy by the name Jason Flanagan, who appears in the pitch video in casual clothes and a forced British accent, probably to appeal to the larger UK public who are not well exposed to scams.

Irish Method
Irish Method

To give credit where it’s due, the whole thing is well presented and the sales video has some great production. One of the rare times that a software site didn’t try to bait us with unrealistic promises and some other flowery stuff. But then, looking at it in a different way, it isn’t a surprise that Jason Flanagan knows exactly what to say to sound real. This is not his first time presenting an auto trader. Looking through our files, we find his face (he didn’t even try to disguise) on several other websites, promising the same things, just in different words.

Jason Flan-Again?

While looking up IrishMethod, we thought Jason Flanagan looked familiar but couldn’t remember exactly when or where we saw him. A little delving into our archives and we confirmed our suspicions. The boyish looking guy who is the face of Irish Method has a long history of defrauding people with his below standard softwares. The guy was the ‘creator’ of Brit Method, Canuck Method, the Kaffa Method and later on miraculously became an Australian and released Aussie Method. Two things: First, and most important, all those bots were discovered to be frauds and were closed down afterwards but not before ripping off a sizeable number of people. Two, all of them have funny names, corny even, and seem to have the same second names. This is probably because after every site is closed after being exposed as a scam machine, Jason and his friends find another ‘method’ of swindling people. And like a virus, they never seem to give up, always coming back stronger and with slightly more convincing lies. Their next project will probably be called German Method. Or not.

How Does The Software Work?

We’d like to start this off with a disclaimer that we are only reporting ‘facts’ as told by Mr Flanagan and which, due to a number of reasons, we couldn’t confirm. Now, apparently, Irish Method is a 95% efficient trading robot that is able to keep you winning all the time. Well, 95% of the time, but Jason Flanagan said ‘all the time’. Sigh. Also, did we mention that Mr Flanagan proudly states that he neither finished college nor is he a mathematician and that his special development talents are self taught? Not surprising. But to be fair, out of all the things he says in the video, that one sounds more realistic. You got to admit Dropout Method sounds better than Irish Method!

Irish Method Main Page Video
Irish Method Main Page Video

Like with any other bot out there, you don’t need to have any trading experience to hop on the bus. All you need to have is an email address , and some money. It’s all about the money, remember that. Oh, you don’t know a good broker? Don’t sweat it, brother Jason will sort you out with one. Anything else you need – knowledge on market behavior and trends? The good Mr Jason will take care of that, if you forget for a minute that he is a self proclaimed college dropout. What we are trying to say here is that all that talk of ‘no experience’ required is trash. Please, if you’re gonna try something out, at least make an effort to dig as much information about it as possible. Otherwise you might as well donate your $250 to charity.

Talking about how the system works, Jason Flanagan is very vague on that, leaving us to guess for ourselves, and newbie traders to fall into the trap. There is no mention of the type of algorithms the software uses, if any, and how signals are generated. There was no mention of the trading method(s) the system uses either. Probably because a bunch of promises by some dropout in casual wear who proclaims to have no mathematical knowledge is more believable than all that technical stuff. What a time to be a binary options trader.

Distinct Features

Apart from the name, Irish Method has some distinct features that separate it from the others. Well, according to Jason Flanagan so you know who to throw stones at. These include:

  • 24/7 customer service – Apparently, Irish Method, which couldn’t afford to pay standard content writers for the website, can afford to provide 24/7 customer care services. No problem with that, of course, as customer care is one of the main pillars of any business. The (small) problem here is that traders who have used the bot, including our team, say otherwise. Majority are of the opinion that the customer service is trash, and more so when withdrawals are concerned. So nope – we don’t agree with you on this, Mr Flanagan.
  • No download – This is a great thing for them since no one would waste their time, and storage space downloading any binary options software while there are thousands out there that don’t require downloads.
  • 100% auto trading mode – The CEO says that his software only offers 100% auto trading. If you are the type that prefers a semi-auto trading mode, you might want to try elsewhere as Irish Method doesn’t offer that. For those who love letting the software do all the work, this one is for you. But don’t celebrate yet as we’re not done.

How Much Does The Software Cost?

Irish Method is a free, open for all software which doesn’t require any download – probably for convenience purposes. Of course you have to deposit some money with your broker, who will be selected for you (what’s freedom of choice?) and who is certainly not regulated. And we are not making this up. So basically, all you need is some $250 for your initial deposit and you’re set to go. But, that will only guarantee you basic returns, which Mr Flanagan, from his extensive experience, is too smart to quote. Thus, you are encouraged to deposit more if you want more profit. And who wouldn’t want that anyway.

Irish Method Video
Irish Method Video

However, the cumulative overall cost of signing up, and putting up with the Irish Method software is quite high. According to our own research, coupled with feedback from people we know who have tried out the system, you stand to lose more than you gain in the long time. For instance, we found that for most people, first several trades are perfect and bring in some good returns. Thereafter, the Irish Method starts misbehaving and you get a string of loses that wipes out your account so that you keep making deposits. And for those lucky enough to stop trading while still having some positive balance, the withdrawal process screws them up and the so called 24/7 support is not much helpful in such circumstances. Woe unto you if you had accepted the bonuses offered by your broker, in which case the site will take you round in circles till you get dizzy and doz of (read forfeit your money). So basically, it is very difficult to leave Irish Method with your money intact, as a lot of people will testify.

Is Irish Method Trustworthy?

At this point, we cannot really say whether the Irish Method system is trustworthy or not since we only have basic knowledge of its operations. However, we can confidently say that the system has no credibility – at least among market authorities – and has quite a bad reputation. And of course, knowing that the alleged creator is a fraud who was behind other scams in the past is not reassuring either. But we’ll tell you what we think anyway which is, we don’t trust Irish Method or its founders and here’s why:

  • Lack of regulation – Irish Method system, despite using the Ireland name, is not registered in Ireland, and neither is it a registered company with physical offices. It is just a website. Furthermore, we didn’t find any regulated broker on their platform, which raises serious questions on the credibility and trustworthiness of the site. Unregulated sites, and brokers, are generally a gamble since it may be difficult to lodge complaints in case of foul play. We therefore advise you to look for at least a site that is affiliated with regulated brokers. Those are always the safer bet.
  • Once a thief, always a thief – Like we said, we have come across Jason Flanagan before and have come to know him as a crook. As such, we cannot trust such a man and wouldn’t advise anyone to. Because, as they say, old habits die hard. If Jason stole from traders using four sites, what is the guarantee that he won’t do it again, or is not doing it, or hasn’t done it already, with Irish Method?
  • Bad rep – If you have some minutes to spare and skim the internet, you will see that Irish Method software doesn’t exactly have a good reputation and neither is it popular. This means that, if most people don’t like/trust it, why should you?

Mailbox spamming – Everybody values their privacy and in the internet age, violation of privacy is almost like a capital offence. You can imagine how irritating it was when, after providing our email when signing up on the website, we received a bunch of emails promoting the Irish Method software. Every single day there was an email sent and at times there were two or three, all saying about the same things. Mailbox spamming is a total turn off, and Jason Flanagan should know that.


As we’ve established, Irish Method is a scam and will only make you losses and not wins. You need to stay away as possible, and also tell your friends and family to do the same. That said, there are still some awesome auto traders left in the world, one of them being Option Robot. This bot is one of the most credible trading bots there is – something that traders, critics and reporters tend to agree unanimously. And unlike Irish Method, Option Robot has actually been proven to work, and not only work, but produce favorable results. So stop doing binary options the Irish way and start with Option Robot!

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