Why Dutch People Should Use IQ Option?

Holland is the major European hub. Several flights from Europe, America, and Africa terminate in Schiphol airport that is in Amsterdam. Due to this fact, Holland is seen as a home of top financial institutions like ABN and AMRO.  The availability of these financial institutions has lead to the growth of Dutch economy. The reason why many binary options brokers have targeted Dutch market even though it has tough stance when it comes to giving license. In this article, we will explore reasons why IQ option is the best choice for Dutch citizens.

IQ option is a company that tries to satisfy the needs of its customers across the world. Due to this reasons, the firms have enjoyed enormous success over a short period. The following are reasons why the Netherlands should make IQ option there primary binary options platform.

Trading binary options

IQ option is one of best binary options brokers to ever conduct their activities in the soil and waves of Netherlands. The people Holland can now enjoy 77 trading assets that are offered by IQ option Netherlands.

These assets include:

Stocks- the firm has shares of 50 major companies like Daimler, Apple, and Rosneft among other leading companies.

Indices- the most traded indices in this platform include FTSE 100, Dow Jones, and CAC 40 among others.

Commodities include Gold and silver.

Bitcoin that is very hard to get in other binary options companies that are operating in Netherlands.

iq option dutch
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Account types of IQ option Netherlands:

The broker offers its customers three accounts that a trader needs to choose according to his/her capability.

The first one is the demo account that is meant to help traders learn essential skills related to binary options trading. In this account, a trader can practice trading without using real money. On top of this advantage, a trader can get access to up to 13 assets to practice with. Since it is a free account trading opportunities are limited.

1. Real account

This is the account considered to be of the people of low class and middle. In this account, you only need to deposit $10 to start trading. Once you’re in this plan, you can access different features. You can trade up to 77 assets that are offered to members of this scheme. All members of this account are allowed to get full access to trading opportunities. All withdrawal requests are processed within three days

2. VIP account

Like the real account members of VIP account get access to 77 trading assets. You are eligible for all competitions that are conducted by this broker. Surely with these amazing features, there is no reason the Dutch should not make IQoption their only trading platform.

To access this VIP membership, you need to make a deposit of $1000 while you will also need an account manager for you. All withdrawals of this account are processed within 24 hours only. So if you want to join the world of binary option, and you have the capital to invest I advise you to Join VIP membership due to its advanced features that are suitable for a serious trader.

iqoption netherlands


IQ option is the leading binary option in Netherlands that allows Dutch people to withdrawal and deposit using their convenient payment method. You can use MasterCard, Visa, Bank wire and e-wallet platforms. As we mentioned above the withdrawals process takes only three days at maximum. With IQ options Holland, you can use any of your favorite payment methods to deposit money into your IQ options account.

Regulations of Dutch Financial market

Like other developed nations Holland has its regulatory body that deals with binary options trading. The binary options trading are regulated by Netherlands authority for financial markets. The body is responsible for controlling all banking and financial service activities in the soil of Holland. In this country, this body has the power to prosecute the offender.  Getting this license requires a broker to meet the high standards that are set by AFM. IQ Option is quality oriented, and that is why it is operating in this market. The firms as complied with all the requirements of AFM hence traders should not worry about the well-being of this account. You can trade with this broker freely knowing that your money is in a safe place.

Customer support

A good binary options company is the one with top-north customer services. If the broker you want to trade with has a customer support that is not of high quality then you need to think twice. Few qualified broker ensures that customer service is of high quality, and they are reachable when a trader has a question. This is what a good broker is made off. IQ option Dutch is one of this brokers who ensure that their customers get a good customer experience whenever they need it. The customer support of IQ Option Dutch support over 200 languages. If you don’t now English, or you’re a visitor in the soil of Dutch, you don’t have to worry because IQ option can help you using your native language.

Trading platform

Unlike other binary options brokers who use the same platform, IQ options use its platform from SpotOption that is used by virtually all trading platforms.  The live graph features of IQ option that are very responsive makes trading with this broker more easy and enjoyable. The platform is designed for many and new features that make the trading experience simple and fun.

The IQ options trading platform has the following characteristics;

Technical analyze panel- in this panel, you will find many examine tools that will help you in the analyzing the market trends.

The platform allows the usage of tick chart and candlestick charts- most binary options brokers have tick chart but with IQ option, you get Candlestick charts on top. This platform is pretty amazing.

Top traders stats and all best deals that are available- with this system it is very easy to see who won and much was earned plus the method the best investor used to win that cash. The platform has many features that we cannot mention at once, for the better experience of what we are talking about it is good to join this excellent platform since joining is free of charge. And when you choice IQ options you never get it wrong that one I promise you.

Binary option tournaments

Apart from offering good services and products to trade with, the IQ option Dutch is also conducting binary options trading tournament where the best performing trader goes away with the award. To speak the truth, I have never seen this in any binary options platform that operates here in Netherlands doing the same. Being the only platform to offer you this service, you need to make it your binary options broker.

To give you a brief insight about this tournament, at first, all traders who join the competition are given up to $10000 to trade with during the tournament. To determine the winner, amount of tournament balance in your account is evaluated if you have the highest amount you’re a winner. From there you get to enjoy numerous prizes that are there to be won.

Come Join Millions of Traders Across The World

IQ application

The broker has one of the best mobile applications around. This system is responsive to both Android and iOS operating systems. So with this mobile application, you get to trade on the go. With this technology, you don’t have to seat front of your computer so that you can trade.  The firm is considered to be one of the most innovative binary options brokers that are operating in Dutch.

IQ option; is the site a scam?

I have conducted enough research to determine whether IQ option Netherlands is a scam and according to the finds of the study, we did come to a conclusion that IQoption Dutch is not a scam. As a matter of facts, the broker is the most trusted binary option in Holland and even the entire world. For the year that it has been in this country, the firm has received positive reviews that show it is a trustworthy broker.


The broker is one of the best brokers operating in the soil of Netherlands. The customer support of this site is to the top notch so there is no reason you should doubt IQ options since the firm is adequately regulated to operate in this land. If you are looking for a binary options broker that will give you real returns I recommend you to join the majority of Dutchman, who are signing nothing other that positives about iQ options.

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