Insured Trading Review

Insured Trading Review: Individuals who are into binary options trading as a means of making money online face their own challenges. The pace and volatility of the market keep increasing. This has brought about the use of automated software or binary option robot as they are called commonly. Automated signal systems are intended to assist traders in keeping up with the ever changing trends of the market.

The biggest challenge these traders face is the availability of so many software and broker options to choose from. While a lot of these systems are profitable indeed, many of them still are rip-offs that were created just to make those behind them rich. Traders are therefore faced with the task of selecting a system to commit their investment to. The Insured Trading App is one of the available options they can choose from.

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Insured Trading Review

Presented by one Mr. Oliver Breitner, Insured Trading is a binary option auto trading system that promises to earn more than $18,000 in daily profits for traders. This is such a bogus promise and it is not the only one. There are so many others made by the system which claims to cost traders absolutely nothing.

Seeing the nature of the claims and other promises, this article is presented as a sincere analysis of the system. It is intended to assist you in determining whether the system can actually deliver on its promises.

Insured Trading is a binary options trading software that is claimed to use complex algorithm series to evaluate and forecast binary options market trends. Created by Mr. Oliver Breitner, a self-declared multi millionaire and financial guru, the system claims to foresee winning trades from the analyzed data. It then executes auto trades on winning signals for the trader.

Insured Trading Promotion

The system’s website promises that you can start making $750 hourly when you join. The website which is mainly divided into 3 sections has the uppermost section mainly dominated by the promotional video. The sign up form field sits to the right of the promotional video. Above the video are bold white letters that tell you that the software is 100% free in your country. The middle section is titled ‘Insured Trading Protocol’. It seems to be an attempt to explain how the robot trades.

The third and lowermost section is where you find the promised $750 hourly earnings. The section also tells you that there is a free trial version of the software available for your area. Below this are about 4 trust logos. They all indicate that the system has been tested and verified for various security issues like spam and privacy.

Several claims, promises and features are put forth by the system’s website and promotional video. Most of them sound as ridiculous as they come. They are meant to be the bait that will convince traders to sign up to the software. They are worth being put down one after the other.

Promises and Features of the Insured Trading App

The promises and features contained on the system’s website and in its promotional video comprise;

  • The promise at the uppermost section of the website that you can get the software absolutely free in your country. This is meant to create the impression that your initial risk is minimal since you will not be paying anything for the software.
  • The ‘Insured Trading Protocol’ posted on the middle area of the website is another feature. After all the trade jargons that are thrown at you, in the end, you are guaranteed an outcome that is insured by the section.
  • The free trial which is claimed to be available for your area is the next feature. It is under this feature that you are promised that you will begin to earn $750 in hourly profits if you join today.
  • The trust logos below this are the next feature. They are four in number and show that they system is trusted and verified. The logos have ‘CAN-SPAM verified’, ‘SECURITY verified’, ‘PRIVACY verified’ and ‘BUSINESS verified’ written on them in that order.
  • The creator claims at the beginning of the promotional video that the software had turned 17 ordinary individuals into millionaires. He then goes on to brag that he can turn you too into a millionaire. He gave really funny reasons for the random selection.
  • The founder also promises in the video that the software will surely earn you $18,000.1 in daily profits. He later makes that $540,000 every month for the rest of your life.
  • The founder stated in the video that the system had been operating since 2014. This means that it has been in existence for 3 years. This is meant to convey the impression that the software has stood the test of time.
  • A list of some trading accounts history is presented in the promotional video. It is supposed to be a win and loss account for you to assess. It is supposed to be an indication that traders are actually using the software to trade and, that they are really earning profits.
Insured Trading Promotion

In consideration of these mighty claims and promises made by the system, a thorough research, and analysis was undertaken to determine their legitimacy. The research discovered some facts that are quite fascinating.

1. ‘Expensive’ Free Software

The system was not saying the whole truth when it said the software was free in your country. Have you noticed that the founder said you can ‘GET’ and not ‘USE’ the software free. Yes. You can get it for free but you cannot use it for free until you have paid the initial deposit into the system’s unregistered broker’s account. Wouldn’t you agree then that this ‘free’ software is actually ‘expensive’?

2. Very Confusing ‘Insured Trading Protocol’

The attempt to explain how the system’s robot trades on your behalf in the middle section of the website failed woefully. How do you take it when told that anything or anybody can determine one millionth of a second? Instead of the founder to simply inform traders that the software saves trades when you begin to lose, the section chooses to confuse you with a lot of irrelevant jargons before, finally mentioning the guarantee of an insured outcome. Well, going by the signs, it is doubtful whether Mr. Oliver knows what saving a trade means in binary options trading.

3. Fake Free Trial Software Version

The free trial in your area that you are persuaded to join and try so you could earn the $750 hourly income is a big lie. When this analysis took the system up on its words, what it got was just a demo account. The account seems to have been programmed to let you win practice trades so you can be convinced into signing up. It is after signing up and beginning to spend your real money that you will realize that you have probably made the biggest mistake of your life.

4. Unreal Trust Logos

All the trust logos posted on the system’s website are unreal. They are not verified. If they were verified, they would have been made clickable and linked to the website of the various agencies that tested and verified the system. Have you wondered why all the logos look similar and carry the same text with, the only differences being what they claim to verify and their colors? Well the truth is that the images were just taken from the internet, modified using image editing software and used on the system’s website period!

5. 17 Generated and Unverified Millionaires

The 17 people claimed to have been randomly selected and made millionaires are nonexistent. The system never made anybody a millionaire and it cannot make you one as claimed by the founder in the video. This study tried to verify the 17 randomly made millionaires by going through binary options trading and financial forums. Nothing has ever been heard of the users that were made millionaires. Such valuable occurrences never escape news outlets.

6. Unverified Daily and Monthly Profit Earnings

The system will never make you over $750 hourly, $18,000 daily or $540,000 monthly as claimed in the video and on the website. There is no verification anywhere in the video or on the website that any users have made such whopping amounts. These claims make it seem as if the presenter actually has no connection whatsoever with binary options trading and the financial world. There is absolutely no way anybody or any software can predict online financial markets 100%. There is no way anybody can make such huge amounts with an investment of just $300.

Insured Trading Review: Does This Seem Realiable to You?

7. 3years in ‘Absent’ Existence

Mr. Oliver’s claim that the system has been in existence since 2014 is a big lie. He made that statement just to try and convince you that the software has stood the test of time. In trying to verify this claim, this study checked the system’s vitals. It was discovered that the domain was actually registered on the 5th of September, 2016. Maybe the founder’s years consist of just 4 months. It is the only way the system would then have been in existence for up to 3 years.

8. Deceptive Trading Accounts History

The trading accounts history displayed in the promotional video are clearly unreal. They were just generated and put there to deceive you into believing that the software is profitable for traders. This research scrutinized the displayed trading accounts closely and discovered that it was a fake history. Take a close look yourself and note how the column for losing trades is empty. Is there any system in all of binary options trading history that has never lost even one single trade?

Mr. Oliver Breitner

Our supposed ‘Founder’ himself seems to be a paid actor who was just hired to act out a script. He neither looks nor talks as a person who knows anything about binary options trading. His claim to have paid a development company (Vixionella Soft) $7 million to develop the software is not true. This research investigated the development company and verified that it does not exist.

His claim to have made more than $500 million trading binary options with the software is also a lie. How come a rich fellow like him, who has given valuable trading software like he claims to the public is not known anywhere. The search engines and social media both have no records whatsoever of him. He does not need to remain anonymous if at all he is proud of what he has created. Well, maybe he has chosen to remain in hiding because he knows that what he has created is a scam.

In Summary

While this article is not saying that Insured Trading is certainly a scam, the conflicting features of the system are just too many to ignore. That is how most scam systems are presented. Unlike tested, trusted and legitimate systems like Option Robot, they always leave many questions begging to be answered.

Option Robot is a valuable binary options auto trading software which has been around for quite a while. It is continuously becoming the favorite of more and more traders. This is as a result of the real value it provides. The easy to use system has helped many traders earn profits from the market as well as increase their trading knowledge considerably.

The system’s professional and user friendly website even carries a full list of all the registered brokers it is linked to. This is to enable you choose the one you feel most comfortable with. The one that will best suit your purposes and assist you in attaining your trading goals. The system’s sign up process is quick and very open. You are never confronted with any surprises later on after signing up.

If you are looking to make genuine profits from the binary options trading market, increase your wealth of options trading knowledge and experience, do all these with ease of mind, then Option Robot is the trading software you should surely choose.

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