How can KAT Proxy be unblocked? [3 Simple Ways]

How can KAT Proxy be unblocked? [3 Simple Ways]

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    There are alternative ways to unblock KAT Proxy without utilising the Kickass proxy. Here are 3 quick techniques:

    1. Manually configure DNS

    One of the simplest ways to bypass ISP limitations and use Kickass proxy is by manually setting your DNS address. By employing a DNS server, this strategy may or may not work on every ISP block.

    2. Utilize the TOR Browser.

    Using the TOR browser to access banned websites is one of the safest ways to do so. Your internet traffic is encrypted by this privacy-focused browser as it travels through various levels. Your initial IP address is so hidden from the target website.However, since you’d need to configure the TOR browser, using it calls for technical knowledge.

    3. Utilize a VPN.

    Using a VPN is another simple method for unblocking restricted websites like torrent sites. VPNs like Express VPN, Cyberghost, and other well-known VPNs are available for usage. However, utilising a VPN costs money because a membership is required. If you use a VPN, in addition to unblocking the Kickass torrent, you’ll also get an additional level of security. Here are some of the top VPNs you may use to access websites that are blocked in your area.

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