Honest XE Trader Review

The long waited XE trader is finally here, the successor of one of the first binary options software that indicates trends called it Option Bot 2 if you like. Unlike other indicators that I review, this one is pretty good. For the past couple of years, option bot was the leading semi-automated software but due to its price it was out of reach for many traders. The software was very right, and even traders reporting had a good ITM performance, the requirement that one should register with multiple brokers acted as a roadblock for many traders who wanted to use the tool. Don’t forget that spot Bot 2 have been on the market for many years and throughout this period has been the leading software with over 100 new services introduced every year. Now the most exciting parts is that now this powerful software is in the market with only one broker registration that is against many auto traders. Now the software doesn’t limit you the agent to choose. You can choose any broker you want to provide that is within your area of coverage.

Features of XE Trader

XE traders aresoftware, but the original platform has the following characteristics:

  • Signals for 15 Currency Pairs.
  • Copy Trade Signals.
  • SMS / Mobile Alerts.
  • Economic Trading Calendar.
  • Market Opening’s Alarm Clock.
  • Accurate, Zoom able Price Charts.
  • Custom Daily settings on current market conditions.
  • Live support 24/07.

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3Binary Option Robot – How they work in practise
Binary Option Robot

1. Your Binary Option Robot will analyse the market and decide, which asset (currencies, indices, commodities and stocks), is right to trade at that point in time.

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2. The Binary Option Robot Will Predict the Price Movement

Your robot will assess a wide-range of factors, and then make a prediction on how the assets price will move, saying: Call (up) if it believes the price will rise and Put (down), if it believes the price will fall.

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3. Decide on how much you want to Invest

Then you need to decide how much you want to invest in the commodity and when that investment will expire.

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4. Collect your Earnings

Finally, you collect your earnings (the good part!)

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How to know if the software is a scam or legit

There are many tests you can perform to determine if software is a scammer. In all this test XE traders passed all proving that is its legit site. According to the majority of reviews, the site has been receiving; they indicate that this broker is a reliable site that does not cheat its traders. The other thing we can use to prove that this site is not a scam is that it is the inheritor of the most and ever trusted platform that many people used to enjoy using. This site was also the first trend indicator that many people desired to acquire; this sign was called Option Bot 2. Also, the men who are behind this software development are well-known because they have been mentoring new traders and even experienced traders too. For the sake of saying these men are well-known in this industry, and there is no reason, they can develop software that will tarnish their image that they have built for decades now.

XE Trader software review

This is critical for you to know that XE traders are signal alert, and it is not an auto trader as many consider it. Signal alerts are designed to give a trader a cruel on what is happening on a particular trader regarding change of price and the exact time the change has taken place. This little analysis helps an investor to make a decision on when the market is safe to trade and how to do it. This analysis has helped many traders to make profits and increase there winning rate. The kind of analysis conducted by this software is rare to find it happen in those auto traders in forex signals where individual traders are forced to make independent decisions without any details to help you.Due to increase in some scam activities, it is good to take XE traders reviews and be aware that other auto traders are scammers.

There are good numbers of check you can do to determine if a broker is a legit or a scammer. So when you choosing a binary options broker ensure you check:

  • Ensure you check if the broker is regulated by Commodity Future Trading Commission (CTFC); the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and the NFA (the future National Association). Also, it is wise to check if the broker is licensed by FINRA which is another crucial regulatory body.
  • Ensure the broker has a right support services because in the life of traders there are many things we might incur that will need us to ask.
  • A good platform is the one that supports multiple deposit and withdrawal methods. So you need to ensure broker you choose supports multiple deposit and withdrawal methods.
  • Always choose a broker who has smooth withdrawal system. Many traders are scammed or have complaints over withdrawal system so ensure you choose a platform that has a quick and easy withdrawal of your winnings.
  • A demo account is necessary for new traders because it helps them to gain insight how binary options trading works. Also, novice traders use it to practice so that they enhanced their trading skills hence it is critical for a platform to support it.

Since binary options trading is all about online trading, we rely heavily on reviews, so a good broker or platform is the one with positive reviews. These reports are provided by traders who are satisfied with the services of that broker. So ensure you select a platform that has good rating and reviews.

As with XE traders, the reviews are enough to tell you that this is a legit broker. Apart from   XE traders gaining positive reviews the developer of this software: Keith Wareing and Ben Newman and their team are people respected in this industry of binary options trading. Over they years they have been mentors so there is no way they can develop software that will bring them down. By combining their experience and knowledge in the industry, they have created a software that has hit the market and will continue in the more coming days due to its excellence.

What signal does XE Trader deliver?

The kind of messages these tools offers is enough to make an excellent binary options platform or site. The combination of manually and algorithms makes this software ideal to both novice and veteran traders.

The signals provided by this software include 15 currency pairs, premium alert, and copy trade signals. All this signals are sent to the mother platform and then one can view them using a mobile phone.

The system also has some vital information that can help traders maximize their profit. This information includes forex charts and economic calendars. All of the signals that are found in this software are reliable because the system is most trusted and over the years it has proved to genuine.

XE Trader
XE Trader

What is the winning rate of this system?

In the world of binary options trading, it is tough to predict the outcome accurately because of the many possible factors that affect the value of winnings one can make. The XE traders do not promise you 100% winning rate, but it guarantees you the quality of the signal that will help you become a regular winner. Quality is key when it comes to XE traders signals. You can get few signals but quality ones so quantity has no room here. But you can have quantity signals if only they are quality. With this software, traders are now able to spot best trading opportunities more frequently which is not happening with other software. XE trades allow its user to educate themselves through their well-designed informative webinars through their company called Option XE. The ability of these firms to stay aware of all scam activities has played a part in customers to have a high winning rate.

According to the reviews the platform has received recently, shows that the software si worth using despite that it doesn’t predict for you all is not a financial advisor as many brokers try to defraud their customers. XE trader is a legit platform where you can make a fortune from. If you follow all the requirements well am sure you will make it.

How Many forex signals does this platform deliver in a day?

To get the answer to this question, you need to look at two factors. The first factor is a condition of the market and secondly the platform that one uses. Although it is through that XE traders delivers enough signals a day in their platform but the other part is concerning how you will be trading, and the type of decision you make since this signals are just indicators. The pricing of XE traders is dependent on the broker policies and sponsor software.

Is XE Trader legit?

If you can take your time and search on the net am sure you will find nothing but positive reviews about this the site. The reputation of the firm and the developers of the software are enough to tell how secure the software is. In simple words, XE traders are not a scam.


They claim that the site is very useful since it provides only quality signals. The people behind the development of the site offer a slew of valid detail to their customers, and they invite any question that you may have which is a good sign. But to on the safe side is better to be conscious and choose a better binary options software with good reviews. We cannot determine whether this is a right platform so you need to choose a platform with good rating and reviews.

Despite the promises given by most binary options apps. it is good to use binary options robots because they are better than other apps. The simplicity makes them Ideal options. Use binary option robot to improve your winning rate.

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