Greenwood Formula Review

The binary options trading has moved to a stage wherein every day something new is happing. Today, there are many automated binary software providers and brokers, in the arena which offers various services including a Robot which will trade on behalf of you and earn money for you. This sounds very lucrative as you can spare your trading time with your loved ones, but should we trust such offerings from these software sites? Is the big question. To answer this, we have started this section wherein we evaluate the various offerings and the signal software company to provide the most realistic and honest answer.

Today, we are going to review one such auto software provider, namely the Greenwood Formula. The Greenwood Formula claims that if their users don’t generate more than $ 100,000 in a month then the presenter will give $ 10,000 from his pockets. Sounds good, but read the full review before dreaming about what will you do after earning so much money in just one month. The following text provides a comprehensive analysis of various aspects the trading software offered by the Greenwood Formula.

Greenwood Formula Review

Surprise surprise, when we researched for the Greenwood Formula on the google, we were directed to this website greenwoodformula which provides a review of the Greenwood Formula. There was a link on this website which directed us to a different website thequantumcodes . It is really confusing for us to determine which one is the actual website and also, none of them have contact details mentioned on their website.

The first website shows that the product creator of the Greenwood Formula is named “Jake” whereas the second site shows Michel Crawford as the owner and philanthropist who helps the general public to become a millionaire. This is quite confusing as the actual promoters of the Greenwood Formula are creating walls of different faces to hide. This definitely indicates that there is some scrupulous activity going on here behind the big names and faces.

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The Platform

The platform claims that it’s an automated system which does not require to do anything else but to register with them and put the system on auto-pilot. It also claims that it provides the best signals in the industry which will make you earn not $ 1,000, not $10,000 but $ 100,000 per month. The system has been created with the secret formula which is applied to generate the signals for trading binary options. The system is also capable of handling the signals on its own so that you can enjoy your free time with your loved ones or doing what you love the most. Before you trust, let us confirm that we haven’t got any proof of their signal service nor any confirmation that their signals of buying and selling are trustworthy.

The website of the Greenwood Formula claims that the system can generate the signals with almost 90 percent accuracy. Meaning, that it can provide you 90 winning trades out of 100 trades minting money. This seems unrealistic and also, there is no evidence or data to prove such claims. So our humble request to you is not to get swayed by such claims.

Greenwood Formula

The signing up on the platform is very simple and straightforward. It requires you to enroll on the website by filling generic fields like name, e-mail, password, and contact phone number, then select the broker from the listed brokerages, make a deposit of $ 200 in your account, and select few variables to put the system in auto-mode.  The website claims that when they started the website for beta testing in 2015, on an average people made $ 800 ~ $ 4,000 per day but now they have a more advanced version which makes between $ 5,000 ~ $ 20,000 per week. The website also guarantees about $ 500 ~ $ 1,000 per day. The website indicates that there are limited seats available at zero cost and one should sign up immediately otherwise, they will have to pay $ 997 for a VIP account.  All the above claims from the websites are not only unrealistic but are unheard in the binary trading market. Again, we will request you not to get swayed by such claims by anyone, as in real-life, there is no easy money and one must work hard to earn the money.

After reviewing all the aspects of the website, our doubts have strengthened. We could not find the answers for the following points.

Who is the owner?

After visiting their websites (two actually, as mentioned earlier) we are unable to trace the real owner of the software.

Says that Jake is the owner while the other one indicates someone else as the promoter. This is a serious thing, as both the website, nowhere mentions the details regarding the promoters and their registration or licensing details. The promoter or promoters are also hiding under the layers of name and websites.

Exaggerated Claims!

As discussed earlier, the website claims that their earlier version of the software used to make between $ 800 ~ $ 4,000 per day whereas their latest version allows you to make between $ 5,000 per day and that too consistently. The amount mentioned is very difficult to achieve even for a seasoned trader with more than 20 years of experience in the trading. Someone can make such money for a day but not every day. And hence, we believe the claims of $ 5,000 per day is out of sync with the market, and it has been put just to attract naïve and newbies under their roof.

Limited Slots

The website also scares the visitors and persuade them to sign as soon as possible before the number of slots vanishes. It informs that the VIP access account will cost $ 997 after some time and hence one should grab the opportunity right away of zero cost VIP account. This is a classic marketing trick wherein people are offered limited editions with some minor color changes. Such tricks are deployed so that the visiting traders, signup and make the deposit before assessing the background of the promoters or the promoting company through other sources.

Who are the affiliates?

The genuine software service providers have a transparent system, which provides various information including their affiliate brokers with whom their software is compatible. Such information is not provided on the either website of the Greenwood Formula software provider. It seems like, they want to hide as much information as possible and reveal only information which lures the traders and investors into their scheme of things. The website also does not provide any information regarding their support system and financial handlings. Everything, on the website, seems scrupulous and hence, we suggest you stay away from Greenwood Formula.

How do they generate such accurate signals?

To answer this question, we thoroughly examined the software website, and as expected we could not find anything about it. The website does not provide any information regarding what technical or theoretical principles they are using to give such an accurate result. The only thing we could find on the website is about their boastful claims and planted reviews.

The Verdict

After examining the various aspect of the Greenwood Formula, one thing which is crystal clear is that we can’t trust the software. The website is absolutely opaque about the promoters and how the system generates unbelievably accurate results. The website only brags about how the person has made so much money so little time while using this software. It boasts rather brags about the $ 5,000 per day earning without giving the base for how the system creates signals. We are not asking for the secret formula but they can definitely reveal some of the ingredients of it. As with other suspecting software providers, the website also limits the access to select few and even warns of the exorbitant price of $ 997 if not registered immediately.  The lack of transparency on the website induces several doubts and these are not the signs of trustworthy service providers.

Hence, we would stick with our recommendation of going with the established brand who has proven its mettle in the test of times. Our recommendation signal service provider is Option Robot because of their organized process, complete transparency in all the dealings, and reputed broker affiliation. The Option Robot is currently associated with brokers like 24 Option, StockPair, Binary Tilt, amongst others. These brokers have earned their reputation with consistent performance and standard operating procedures. The Option Robot has been consistently providing signals with acceptable accuracy levels and has never boasted about it. The Option Robot has state of the art support mechanism which provides supports in more than 25 regional languages. The software also reveals its ingredients of signal generators which are technical indicators. These technical indicators are well-established and well-known in the trading fraternity. This Robot also allows manual and auto mode trading option to suit your requirements. The Option Robot website is aesthetically pleasing and is completely transparent.

Overall, we would reiterate to avoid the Greenwood Formula as we are unable to establish the trustworthiness of the website. We suggest you go with the established signal service provider – the Option Robot, to start your binary trading journey on a strong footing.

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