The Grand Capital Review

Grand Capital, one of the oldest financial trading platforms, was launched in 2006 and has been online since 2007. It started operations providing Forex and CFD services before supplementing its portfolio in 2010, when it branched into trading in Binary Options, a factor which pushed its financial brokerage services to a higher level. Founded in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, the company provides trading services to investors across Binary Options, Futures, Forex and CFDs [Contract For Differences: tradable instruments which mirror the movement of underlying assets].

During its existence, this award-winning financial trading platform has established more than 30 offices which are to be found mainly in Russia and across the Eastern European sub-continent. It aims to offer online investors with a conducive and stable environment within which to conduct their trades in. Today, the firm is betting big on developing its activities in the financial markets with an eye on Western Europe plus the North American continent. Currently, the list of this broker’s clients includes a host of professional traders from across Europe, working with more than 3500 trading partners serving more than 100,000 traders worldwide.

How It Works

Opening a Binary Options trading account at Grand Capital is quite simple. All you have to do is follow the following few steps and you are ready to begin trading;

  1. Register to open an account: The security of the funds you deposit is ensured by a two-factor authentication module.
  2. Install the trading software, or you can choose to use Web Trader: Simply download the Meta Trader 4 client to your device. Alternatively, use the Web-trader platform straight from your browser.
  3. Choose the asset you wish to trade, its expiration time to determine its price movement: You can make a prediction regarding price movement of the asset, then choose the amount of money want to invest plus the duration of the contract.
  4. Invest and make a profit: With a minimum investment low of just $1, you can receive up to 86% in profit returns if your prediction is correct.

In a nutshell, Grand Capital which has been operating for a number of years now and bagged quite a number of awards for their performance, seems poised to eventually establish a VIP sector. This is a network that is a clear leading player in the Binary Options market, and its advantages are clear for every trader to see. These include;


  • The intuitive and powerful Web Trader Platform
  • A dedicated and professional customer service support team
  • A wide array of financial instruments to choose from
  • Access of up to 40% in deposit bonuses, and 100% for the Binary Options accounts
  • Provision of a demo account
  • The spreads are ultra tight
  • Regulated by KROUFR and abides by the CRFIN standards
  • The broker supports trading in Binary Options
  • A welcoming No Deposit Bonus of $500
  • Very low requirements for minimum deposits
  • A Toll Free number provided for clients
Grand Capital Main Page
Grand Capital Main Page

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The Grand Capital Company

Headquartered in Mahe, Seychelles, this brokerage firm has bagged multiple awards over the years which include being named as the Best Standard Forex Broker, the Best Micro Forex Broker and the Best Binary Option Broker. The firm is regulated by KROUFR [Commission for the regulation of relations on the financial market] since the year 2010, which has contributed as the main key in the high quality of services and the professional customer service support structure it employs.

The broker has also introduced quite a pleasant environment for every trading party that is looking to practice their trading alongside carrying out any other kind of profitable investment intervention. With a highly appealing design interface plus a rich multicolor graphic interplay, this is bound to be a great advantage for this trading platform. There are not many sites that offer the quality of both visuals and services that this broker’s online portal is presenting right now.

The company holds all necessary licenses and certificates to provide financial services to traders with the best trading terms for its portfolio which includes 330 financial instruments which are traded on two platforms – Web-Terminal and Meta Trader 4 – which has seen Grand Capital become the leader in the Binary Options and CFDs trading market. This review will show you why you should consider this award-winning trading platform when looking for a great place to place your Binary Options trades.

During its existence, this award-winning financial trading platform has established more than 30 offices which are to be found mainly in Russia and across the Eastern European sub-continent. It aims to offer online investors with a conducive and stable environment within which to conduct their trades in. Today, the firm is betting big on developing its activities in the financial markets with an eye on Western Europe plus the North American continent. Currently, the list of this broker’s clients includes a host of professional traders from across Europe, working with more than 3500 trading partners serving more than 100,000 traders worldwide.


Trading Platform

The Grand Capital brokerage offers Binary Options traders two main types of trading platforms with which to access the financial markets; the industry-standard “Meta Trader 4” [MT4] trading platform which investors use to trade in Forex and CFDs, and the in-house “Web Trader” trading platform for those traders who wish to trade directly off the internet without having to download any software.

  1. Meta Trader 4: This trading platform is considered as the most popular for professional investors as it allows you to trade in 54 currency pairs and over 330 different types of financial instruments. It is compatible with a huge range of indicators alongside being fully customizable for you to conduct automated trading through using Expert Advisors. The platform is a paradise for the investors who utilize technical indicators. These indicators have been integrated into the set of the terminal such that, with the help of templates, you can set up your own retail space. Further, there is a strategy tester, a device that helps both novice and professional investors to test their trading strategies while also service providing them with the ability to copy trades of successful investors.
Meta Trader 4
Meta Trader 4
  1. Web Trader: This trading platform is compatible with the MT4 platform and it does not require you to download any software for it to work. For you to access the platform, all you need is a web browser as it packs all the trading features of a PC terminal. You can trade in currency pairs and Binary Options on this platform.

Moreover, there’s an additional trading platform to the two main types above. Investors with Grand Capital have the option of subscribing to a high performance electronic trading application known as “CQG Trader”. The way it works is; when you pay a monthly subscription fee of $25, you will gain access to a raft of sophisticated trading tools plus timely price quotes.

CQC Trader
CQC Trader

You may register for one of three types of demo accounts should you want to try out any of the trading platforms mentioned above. These demo accounts are the Standard, Options and ECN accounts.

Account Types

Grand Capital offers their investors with five main types of trading accounts. These are the Standard, Options, Micro, ECN plus Swap Free trading accounts. The breakdown below will help you to understand how each operates;

  • The Standard Account: This account type will allow you to place trades for the widest selection of instruments. Here, you can trade in Precious Metals, Futures, Currencies and CFDs. The minimum deposit requirement here is only $/€/₤100, making it the optimal account for every kind of trader.
  • The Options Account: With this account type, you get to earn up to 86% when you trade in Binary Options with just a minimum deposit of $/€/₤10.
  • The Micro Account: With this account type, you can open a live account with just $/€/₤10 and immediately start trading in the Forex market.
  • ECN Account: This account type is structured with the professional trader in mind. It will give you the best spreads as well as automate your trades with robots. There’s a minimum deposit of $/€/₤1000 that you will require when opening an ECN account.
  • Swap Free Account: This account type is structured specifically for the trader who is looking to invest according to Islamic Shariah principles. As such, the account does not impose any kind of interest on overnight positions, and the minimum deposit value is set at $/€/₤100.

Trading Software

The Grand Capital brokerage trading platform is powered by proprietary software, the Grand Capital Trader program, which allows you to buy and sell their tradable assets. The program’s in-built indicators allow you to perform complex chart analysis that is designed to help you make the best trading decisions. You can also automate your trades by using the Expert Advisors while staying in touch with the latest in the economic news front. You may test this trading platform by requesting for a demo account.

The several different account types offered by the platform are set to enable comprehend the underlying assets in addition to being able to comfortably customize your needs to what is in store from the available markets. The supported trading software platforms like Meta Trader 4 and CQG Trader are fully downloadable suites to ensure that as a participant of the exchange, you can install these clients on your PC in order to attend the trading services from an environment of your their own choosing.

The Web Trader service is always accessible if you prefer an online experience. This client is quick to launch as well as quite plausible for any type of ratio with which you are looking to provide you with substantial funding opportunities.

Meta Trader for Your Devices
Meta Trader for Your Devices

Binary Options

Grand Capital provides traders with various kinds of Binary Options trades which are probably different from what many other online traders are normally used to. Here, you have the option of choosing between trading contracts which already include clauses that will help you to manage your risks better. One such instrument is known as the American option, and the other is known as the European option.

  • American option: In financial literature, this is the type of option which can be closed even before it has expired. If you trade with this type of option, you will receive a somewhat different return profile that will depend on the time that the contract remained open for trade. This in turn means that the returns accrued won’t be fixed. The American option can then be considered as a Binary Option type that comes with an embedded risk management tool. This tool is known as “Early Close”.
  • European option: This type of option has a fixed expiration period which can’t be changed. It is closer to the “High/Low” type of option that many traders are familiar with, and it comes with much higher returns.

Naturally, depending on the direction of the assumed price, both these types of binary options pack the Put and Call version.

In addition, there are Binary Options known as “Double Touch”; these work in a way that you as the client hold the power to define the price channel. These options are quite similar to the “Boundary/Range” type of options that a number of online platforms offer to their traders.

Another Binary Options you will be offered here is “Breakout” type of option which is very similar to the “Touch” option.

Moreover, you are offered a wide array of market analysis and reviews, all provided according to their duration. You also have access to an economic calendar alongside a host of analysis and pricing tools that are structured to help you when conducting your trades.

Trading Assets

Grand Capital offers a wide range of assets that are availed for you to trade in. These include 25 Currency Pairs, 2 kinds of precious metals [Gold and Silver], Commodities and Indices. Currently, the brokerage company does not offer Stocks to trade binary options, which might deprive some traders a greater choice of options. However, trading the 25 Currency Pairs alongside Stocks, Indices and metal Goods is quite a serious arsenal for the kind of investor whose preference is speculating on any or each of the three assets on offer.

Other Special Features

Besides supporting multiple trading platforms, this brokerage house is quite active, and on several markets. They also host several accounts that you can register with in order to access all the services that they provide. One such account, as mentioned above, is the Options Account designed for the investors looking to trade in Binary Options. Here, besides receiving up to 86% of profits in returns on trades, it is also versatile enough considering you are allowed a minimum trade at a low of only $1.

Again, there are attractive bonuses which can reach up to 2%. And if you are wondering how a low of 2% can be a great bonus, the fact is that this bonuses are not hitched to any turnover requirements as many of the terms and conditions given by other brokers usually require. This means you are allowed to withdraw it as your own cash. However, there are promotions with traditional bonuses that are offered by the broker, and where the withdrawal turnover requirement is pegged at 40x.

grand capital account types
grand capital account types

Bonus Program

Grand Capital offers you a bonus program that packs a host of exciting bonus payouts. These include percents on deposits, no deposit bonuses, a bonus for the volume of your trading, plus group promotions on trading instruments. You only need to choose your development strategy and the broker takes care of the bonuses for all of your trading plans. A further advantage to note is that you can trade with Grand Capital without having to invest a single cent because this broker makes a point of inviting all traders who wish to take advantage of the no deposit bonus of up to $10. There’s also a bonus of 40% offered for every new deposit made.

Deposits and Withdrawals

At the Grand Capital platform, the choice of input-output means is way more than just great considering that there are more than 20 popular names among the payment systems. Here, you will find credit and debit cards alongside a raft of the more popular payment systems in the world. At the same time, depositing your funds with the brokerage firm is instant, and processing the request to withdraw your funds will only take about three days. This is among the best in the market, and there are no fees or charges for withdrawing your funds. A point to note however is that, withdrawing is only possible after your account has been verified by Grand Capital. The minimum deposit allowed stands at only $10, meaning this also stands as the minimum withdrawal limit too. This certainly is great news if you are the type of investor who prefers to be in full control of your trading account.


The Grand Capital brokerage hosts one of the widest ranges of Binary Options depositing methods there is in the market. Every type of trader will find their favorite method of payment on the list. The supported methods of payment here include:

  • Visa Electron
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Bank Wire transfers

For e-payments, the methods of payment here include;

  • Payeer
  • Qiwi
  • Fasapay
  • Okpay
  • Neteller
  • WebMoney
  • Skrill Moneybookers
  • Perfect Money, and many more.

Education Modules

The training offered by Grand Capital is built on quite a high level. This broker provides you with three levels of training to help you learn the ropes of trading on the financial markets. Even better is the fact that all the training materials you will be offered have been rallied into one. This will unobtrusively afford you the opportunity to gather knowledge in the Binary Options trading field while at the same time, you get to learn the ins and outs of trading in Forex instruments.

At the same time, this training program is serious enough as it is designed to accommodate the most effective trading strategies, with interactive lessons, webinars, books plus master classes geared towards the professionals of the financial markets.

If the education of investments is not your thing and you don’t have time to follow news and events from the calendar test the Binaryoptionrobot that will trade on behalf of you. It can handle most of the trading as you wish and focus on larger trades only and let the robot take care of the daily basic trading.

free robot
Get Your Free Robot

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Customer Service Support

As you would expect from a financial brokerage firm that is originally from Russia and which was founded in St. Petersburg [this is the intellectual and cultural capital of the Russian Federation], the professional customer service support extended to traders is at quite a high level. On the company’s website, you will find the customer service tab that supports a variety of languages that include English, Russian, Indonesian, French and Chinese.

You can communicate with any Grand Capital manager 24/5, or during the limited working hours of regular business days via e-mail correspondence, through telephone, or by using the online chat function. You may also use Skype whenever you have something that needs to be covered urgently. Their professional customer service support specialists are experts who were chosen from a number of the company’s traders, so this expertise is not just because the support team knows how to communicate with their customers politely over the phone.

Grand Capital Awards
Grand Capital Awards


Registration at the Grand Capital brokerage firm takes place using several stages. To begin with, you fill in a few lines of personal data then you confirm your account through entering a password that is sent to you on a mobile phone. After this, you will then select the trade leverage, key in the Binary Option type that you wish to trade in between European and American types of Binary Options. After selecting your trade, you won’t be directed to a deposit page contrary to the usual practice. Rather, you will land on the page where bonuses are displayed. However, remember to have a readily scanned copy of your passport because those bonuses are only available after you have verified your account. The final stage consists of a deposit page which offers traders with a fairly extensive list of opportunities in order to fund your trading deposit. There is a host of payment systems allowed, with the more popular of them present here.


The Grand Capital brokerage company is a professional brokerage firm that is originally from Russia. It provides clients with a host of exceptional conditions for trade, which have gone on to attract investors from both Western Europe and the US. Direct trading is performed via the MT4terminal, which is one of the most professional platforms for automated trading, technical analysis and when copying trades other successful traders have made.

Additionally, traders are offered a welcome Deposit bonus that affords them with an opportunity to test the high quality of service on a real account. With their very low minimum deposit requirements, the Micro trading account facilities, plus their attractive bonuses, the Grand Capital Company has definitely made it affordable for any investor to launch their trading career in the financial markets. Traders have no need to needlessly be worried over the reliability and legitimacy of this brokerage firm considering it has been a major part of the financial trading industry for close to a decade.

As a novice trader, you can expect tons of news alongside many other features that are structured to help you to understand the essential parts of Binary Options trading as much as any other professional trader. Grand Capital also offers traders regular promotional campaigns and contests that will certainly rise to your expectations, allowing you to fully appreciate the fancy options and services that the company operates.

Overall review we will give rand Capital 4,6 stars out of 5 as a binary options broker site. [yasr_overall_rating]

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