Grand Prix Cash System Review

Grand Prix Cash System Review: Binary options trading and binary robots related is often regarded as one of the most profitable investment ventures in the world, up there with real estate. As a fact, one can get 90% or more returns on all successful (In The Money) trades. That is simply huge – very few ventures will give you even close to that. So why then is binary options platforms not as popular (read mainstream) as, say, stock or real estate trading? There are several answers to that, one being that the industry is still young and many people are yet to realize the full potential of trading options. The other one, and perhaps the most significant here, is that trading in binary options carries very high risks and is highly volatility, more than any other type of financial trading. Lack of adequate knowledge and experience on the part of traders contributes to a large percentage of losses, among other reasons. A good signal service can reduce that risk overall.

The entrance of auto trading systems, such as Grand Prix Cash robot has greatly minimized the risks facing traders as these robots do all the work as far as data collection and analysis goes. We have heard, tried and written about hundreds of auto traders and our most recent report was about Grand Prix Cash, the new binary options auto trader that has attracted lots of attention from different quarters.

Grand Prix Cash System Review

It is an auto trader, released around March 2016, and allegedly developed by a middle aged man called Bill Evans (not his real name) who describes himself as a ‘lead mechanic and online trader’ whatever that means. Granted, the software’s name is more reminiscent of the popular Formula 1 series than a binary options trading system. Considering how trashy Bill Evan’s software is, we are going to pronounce it as Grand Pricks, just to distinguish it from our favorite racing series.

Moving on, Grand Prix Cash is fully automated, meaning that the software does everything, and we mean everything (including cleaning up your account) for you. It is also a fully web based software which is good, and convenient. Nobody was going to download a mediocre application anyways. Traders from pretty much every country in the world, with the exception of the US, are invited and allowed to sign up. Take this to mean that the site’s servers are very IP sensitive and if you’re US-based and really, really want to have a taste of the Grand Pricks, all you have to do is change your IP and voila!

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In the sales video, (oh the sales video!) and throughout the site, Bill Evans keeps reminding us that he is ‘giving’ his trading software, which he refers to as the first zero loss trading system, out for free. As if that is an achievement. FYI almost every trading software is free in 2017 and in the same breath, almost every scam software is free. In case you haven’t noticed, we have already given out the sign up cost. Wait, you actually have to deposit about $250 with one of the listed brokers to activate your account.

Demo account

Unfortunately, Grand Prix Cash does not have a demo version which is good and bad at the same time. Good because demo versions don’t matter much anyway – at least not where auto traders are concerned. It is common knowledge (well, now it is) that software developers, being the crooks they are, rig the demo versions which conveniently win traders a large percentage of trades and consequently change their perception towards the software. Now, that Grand Prix Cash doesn’t have a demo version is bad because it deprives potential clients a platform to familiarize themselves with the system before they hit the Sign Up button. Of course, with Grand Prix Cash, and the Grand Pricks behind it, the whole idea is for you to trust what Bill Evans says in the pitch video, which is very badly scripted and produced by the way.

Grand prix cash main page

Trip to German Grand Prix

Near the end of the sales video, Bill Evans claims that he is giving an all expenses paid trip to the German edition of the Grand Prix to traders who manage to realize profits worth $200,000 or more. From his voice and facial expressions when he says it, one would be inclined to believe him. Nonetheless, we promised to be as critical as we can be when analyzing the site and we couldn’t just take it at face value. Common sense and logic came in handy here. Here’s the thing, we are avid followers of the Grand Prix and we never saw, or heard about their supposed partnership with Grand Prix Cash. Furthermore, Bill doesn’t give us enough proof to believe him. We’re talking press releases and/or interview clips with the Formula One team announcing the promotion.

Also, we are of the opinion that Bill Evans says all this with the intention of goading traders to spend more of their money as they strive to hit the $200k profit margin. Obviously they won’t be able to attain the figure as the software’s low quality signals will drive them to bankruptcy.

Ironically, Grand Prix Cash system is several months old now and we haven’t heard any news regarding the so-called trip and if in fact there was a winner. Never mind that the German Grand Prix was in July. On a more serious note, Formula One should file a lawsuit against Bill Evans and his fellow crooks for tainting their brand image.

Grand Prix Cash or Grand Scam?

Now to the question that most of our friends keep asking, is Grand Prix Cash trustworthy or is it a scam? Well, to answer that, we will have to take a critical look at some of its features and claims and try to figure out, with facts of course, the truth, or lack thereof, in them.

  • Internet actors – To clear the air, we find it hard believing sites that use pitch/sales videos to get the point across. From experience, most of them feature cheap Internet (read Fiverr) actors who offer their services for less than the price of a small cup of coffee. And the case of Grand Prix Cash System is no different. The main actor, Bill Evans, is not who he says he is in the video. Like anyone would buy the ‘lead mechanic’ crap in the first place. Thanks to the Google Image Search feature, we tracked his face, which he doesn’t even try to disguise, to and landed on his page (User name: Bookreviewstew, just in case you have any doubts) where he is advertising his services for as little as $5 for 50 words. This man, whatever his real name is, reminds us of the saying Don’t Judge A Book by Its Cover.
  • Scripted testimonials – The testimonials we found in the site do not sound real at all. It is funny how all of them, including the video testimonials, heap praises to Bill (a fraud) and his software without a single negative response. We are humans and understand our fellow humans too. In reality, it is next to impossible to have everyone praising the same thing, there are bound to be a few unsatisfied souls here and there. Another thing – proof/evidence is very important in an argument. Here, we saw some ‘traders’ claiming how they made hundreds of thousands in just a few weeks yet they didn’t provide proof of that.
  • Unlicensed brokers – If you go through the registration process, you will be hard pressed to recognize even one broker you know or have heard about. Out of the several brokers listed, none of them is known internationally neither are they licensed. They are probably a bunch of briefcase brokerages created for the sole purpose of swindling money from naive traders. That Grand Prix Cash does business with them is a big cause for concern.
grand prix cash


Having analyzed the Grand Prix Cash System, together with the sentiments of traders, we can conclude that it is not to be trusted. We have seen a lot of complaints in online forums about people losing their money in suspicious circumstances and received no assistance from the customer care. Others claimed they couldn’t access their account balances and customer support didn’t seem bothered about it. You may argue that the claims could have been made by malicious people to taint the software’s image but we’ll counter that by saying that if you see some smoke, know that there is a fire somewhere.

While there are some crooked trading systems out there, such as Grand Prix Cash, there are also some good ones although, sadly, they’re harder to find. One of those is Option Robot, which is everyone’s favorite auto trader/signal provider. What we like most about Option Robot is that it is presented in a simple and straightforward way without too much exaggeration. The signals, which can also be sent to you via text or email notification if you wish, are about 87% accurate which is among the highest in the industry. Most importantly, all the featured brokers are highly rated and licensed by renowned market regulator CySEC.

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