Google Trader Honest Review

Google Trader Honest Review: Ever heard of Google Trader software? If the answer is no, then you’re definitely in the right place. Over the past few months, Google Trader has been suspected of being illegitimate. There has been a number of scam related cases where this software has been mentioned or hinted at. Ever since its release, a lot of questions have been raised in relation to this algorithmic system. Is Google Trader an authentic binary robot or scam binary platform? Are there investors who’ve lost money through this binary trading application?

Thanks to this detailed Google Trader Review, binary investors can proceed with caution by taking a standpoint that will help them secure their investment. Read on to learn more.

Google Trader Review

We have been investigating Google Trader for some time now. Our team of experts have tried and tested this algorithmic signal system. They have won and also lost some dollars by using this system. Despite the wins, the losses were much more. This was puzzling because the developers of the software indicated that you could enjoy guaranteed results when you use it. This could mean that our experts were making the wrong settings while using it, hence the losses. However, our experts have many years of experience in analyzing binary trading software. Therefore, they are perfect at making the necessary trading settings. Thus, the losses hinted very strongly that the software is a scam.

Google Trader Main Page

To protect the hard earned incomes of binary traders from this software, we have dedicated our time towards educating readers on the nature of this software which results in more loss than profits. After reading through this review, you’ll realize that our findings are conclusive, clear and leave no room for hesitation that Google Trader has all the characteristics of a scam and that you should be wary while using it.

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Google Trader Honest Review – We Reveal Scams! How Does Google Trader Help You To Trade Binary Options Better? Is This Binary Option Robot Reliable?

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Proof of Scam

The Google Trader video starts with an unconfirmed claim that this is the smartest trading software out there. With an ITM rate of 100%, there is no trading software that even comes close to Google Trader. The video further suggests making money through this application is as easy as a walk in the park. All you need to do is deposit $250 through the software’s selected broker. No previous experience in trading is required; the software allegedly uses the latest technology put up by the best analytical minds in the field of algorithmic trading. It even gets better; the software is supposedly 100% free.

Below the sales video are two counters; the first one shows the total number of members enrolled with the platform. The second one shows the total amount of cash that these members have earned. According to the website, thousands of investors have enrolled with the system and are now making millions.

After analyzing this sales pitch; we found that the information presented by Google Trader is inconsistent. Firstly, the presenters of the introductory video are most likely paid actors. It’s unfortunate how far these scam creators are willing to go just to rob binary investors of their hard earned money. But thanks to our comprehensive review on Google Trader, we will shed some light to enable you trade carefully.

Trapping investors with an unreasonably high ITM rate is a well known scamming trick. It does not take a genius to know that there is no such thing as a 100% success rate. Such a high success rate translates to a zero risk level. In reality, no investment can promise a zero risk level because there are a number of factors that determine the final return. The binary market is never constant; volatility in asset prices is bound to happen from time to time. This means that there is no way a return can assume a constant percentage, more specifically 100%.

Away from market investment, let’s pose and think for a while: if the ITM rate of Google Trader was so high, why would there be so many negative reviews of the software on different platforms. What’s more is that investors who’ve tried and tested the software are now pulling their hair due to loss of their hard-earned money. There is no doubt that the Google Trader software is very likely a scam.


Google Trader Claimed Profits

No Such Thing as 100% ITM

As we mentioned earlier, there is no such a thing as a 100% return rate. This means that Google Trader is taking potential investors for a ride. If you’ve ever used an auto-trading system before, then you might have realized that the algorithmic mechanism applied is never consistent. However, with Google Trader software, the amounts generated are suspiciously consistent, always assuming a 100% return rate.

No Such Thing as Free Software

One major red flag indicating that Google Trader could be in fact a scam is the cost arrangement. The presenters say that it is 100% free. However, you are actually required to make a deposit of $250 before you begin using it. This is an out of pocket cost for you with no guarantee of return. Thus, the software is actually not free. There are claims that once investors put down this initial investment, their accounts go on lock down. Thus, even before you get to utilize your trader program, your account gets locked down in just a matter of seconds. This is a big sign that Google Trader is highly likely to be a scam.

No Authentic Testimonials Provided

When you visit, you’ll find a number of positive reviews from investors who supposedly made money from the software. The reviews allegedly came from Facebook but upon closer investigation, we realized that the testimonials were all fake.

The only positive reviews on this trading software come from bogus blogs where the owners have been paid to post false information. According to our experience, it won’t take long before these fake bloggers finally disappear since more and more people are getting acquainted to their shady deals.

No Trading Information Provided does not provide users with useful information that could help them progress in their career of binary trading. The only thing presented is a repetitious sales video that constantly yaps on the same key points in an aggressive and irritating manner. Nothing helpful has been mentioned, for example how does the software work? How can users get help in case of any query? None of these aspects are outlined. With our experience and knowledge of debunking binary trading scams, we have found that scams normally flood the unsuspecting traders with aggressive videos to invest in them. They try their level best to convince binary traders to invest their money and lose it. This characteristic has been observed in Google Trader and leads to show that this software is very likely to be a major scam. From their website, a number of charting tools have been provided. After testing, we found that these tools do not work; this strongly indicates that the software is indeed a scam.


Software Not Connected to Google

As we analyzed Google Trader, we made a shocking discovery. Despite its name, this trading software is not connected to Google in way. It is unethical to include the name of a well-known product in a scam production. It’s copyright infringement on the brand name and borders on libel. In their sales video, a narrator mentions that their website is hosted by Google. As a matter of fact, Google is a search engine and does not host a website.


Google Trader Features

Fake Pressure Tactic

As soon as you land on their homepage, you are welcomed with a timer that is supposed to indicate the amount of time left before you can be part of this revolutionary software. The timer counts from top down but the moment you delete cookies and visit page again, you’ll encounter the same timer counting again from the beginning. This pressure tactic has worked in the past to convince unsuspecting binary traders to fall for frauds.

Final Verdict

In summary, we can assure you that Google Trader is a scam. If you love your money, you better stay away from this software. It is not genuine; it uses inferior positions and features to steal money from unknowing investors. Be warned! This is not a program that will take you from hero to a zero. Despite the fact that the website contains a lot of information that reflects how one can easily make big bucks through this trading software, there is no evidence to back these worthless statements. Be smart and choose another good system.

If you still think that Google Trader will make you an overnight millionaire, we feel sorry for you because you are bound to become another broken hearted trader.

Why aren’t the authorities putting a stop to this fake group representing a lie? That seems to be the million dollar question. Unfortunately these scam creators have been able to cover their tracks making it hard for relevant authorities to take legal action against them. The only way to stop them is by exposing their dirty tricks. We personally urge you to make sure that this does not continue. You can do this by inviting your friends and family to read this comprehensive review on Google Trader Formula.

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