The Golden Paradigm Review

The Golden Paradigm Review: Making money online by trading binary options has its own challenges. It has basic challenges every trader must overcome before he can succeed. One of the foremost challenges every trader must overcome is choosing a legitimate trading software, or broker so to say. The rising popularity of binary options trading robot has given rise to a proliferation of trading systems. There are so many options and each is claiming to be the best. The Golden Paradigm is one of such systems. Should you commit your time, money and other resources to doing business on the platform? This is a question you should be able to answer for yourself after reading this article. You should acquire all the knowledge and information you possibly can before deciding on the best trading system to use. This is so that you can avoid making investments that turn out disastrous in the end. This article scrutinizes The Golden Paradigm software for you.

What is The Golden Paradigm?

The Golden Paradigm is a web based binary options trading robot system. It offers automated binary options signals to traders. The software, which is claimed not to need any manual input from you due to its computerized trading system, was developed by a certain Mr. Nathan Weiss. Although advertised as free on its website, you must give a working email address to sign up. You are then promptly taken to the broker’s page where you must deposit between $250 and $5000 depending on what registration plan interests you. Once this process is completed, the robot then begins trading on your behalf. All you need just do from then on is let your profits to reach the minimum threshold then you start withdrawing.

All this might sound familiar and inviting. But is it really possible for the software to fulfill all the mighty promises it is making? The Golden Paradigm system has many red flags that must be a source of concern for every trader.

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The Golden Paradigm Website

Even though the software’s website is short and sweet, comprises a short video clip, a few testimonials and a form for email subscription, it still carries this feeling of urgency that is common to online scams. Most of the testimonial stories sound like the common ‘I’ve made loads of money from this site’ stories you have heard more than a million times. There are so many questions that are begging for answers when you scrutinize the website closely.

  • The Website’s App: The Golden Paradigm app which is meant to enable you gain millions is in fact the most popular app among scammers in the binary options systems market. If you take a close look at the app, you will discover that it is the same with the app used for scams like Amissio Formula, Tauribot and so on. The truth is that the app was never designed to make you any profits talk less of making you a millionaire.
  • The Timer: The ticker timer that shows you how much time is left for you to sign up before the next invitee takes your place is a fake. Traders hardly know anything about web programming. But in layman terms, the timer is just a JavaScript that automatically resets after a specific period of time. This means no matter at what time you come back to the site, there will always be some minutes left before your sign up space is taken.
  • The Broker: The integrated broker you are asked to use on the website is another question that needs an answer. A trader is supposed to enjoy the benefit of being able to choose any broker he trusts. The integrated broker on the website is quite unknown. In fact, even the website does not present us with the name of the broker.
  • Support: The software does not offer any support to traders that are not yet registered members. It is a fact that potential users might have questions about the system. If they cannot ask the support desk such questions then who else are they supposed to ask? Making support inaccessible to unregistered members might mean that the developers are afraid of being discovered for what their system really is.
  • The Badges: The recognition badges on the website are fakes. The badges are not clickable therefore they do not link to any proof. Such badges are meant to lead to the recognition pages when clicked. In that way, they then become tangible proof that the recognition the system is claiming for such badges was actually awarded.
  • The Video: There are so many red flags in the video that is shall be assigned a subheading of its own. There are so many aspects of the video that just don’t seem right.
The Golden Paradigm

The Golden Paradigm Video

The software’s video has so many inconsistencies that must be addressed. That is why it is being treated as a section of its own.

  • The CEO: Nathan Weiss, our ‘supposed CEO’ in the video is just a voice with no face behind it. Even though the lack of a face makes tracing him on hard, he sounds like one of the many actors that can be hired for pennies on the micro-job site. In addition, if you listen to the voice closely and very well, you will admit that is sounds quite familiar. It sounds familiar to the voice you hear on many other binary option trading scams.
  • The Testimonies: Many ‘supposed registered members’ who have made it via the system and are leaving fine are displayed underneath the video presentation window. The mistake the software made was posting Facebook notifications that exposed what they were all doing with their windfalls. The truth is that a search for each of the names in the testimonies on the platform returned no matches. The website could have at least linked their photos to their social media accounts if they were real members. This shows that all the ‘supposed registered members’ are nonexistent.
  • Charlie Treybach: Of particular interest among those that testified in the video clip is this guy. If you look closely at the man you will notice that he looks very familiar. Well, for your information, he is the same guy on the TSI system scam video. He just uses a different name from one scam to the other. Also of particular interest is the account our dear ‘Charlie’ displays as his own claiming that he made $25,000 in just some few days. The interesting thing is that the displayed account is a Photoshop work. This should not be surprising as Titan Trade has been exposed as the broker which The Golden Paradigm uses as its integrated broker. Take a close look at the displayed account and you will discover that the first entry was made on the 2nd of February 2016. This is very interesting because the software was actually launched and made live on the 10th of February 2016. This seems a bit confusing because the software is web based and not a downloadable one. So there is no Beta testing that might be responsible for that. So, what brought this inconsistency about if not the fact that ‘Charlie’s profitable account’ was actually a good Photoshop job?
  • The 5 Point Pattern: This is one of the major catches the video uses in trying to gain attention. It is what the software tried using for its claim to fame. But what actually is the 5 point pattern? Well the truth is that no one but ‘Mr. Nathan Weiss’ knows what it truly is. It is some kind of top secret which the system works on may be. There is nowhere in the video or on the website that an explanation concerning this was given. Even if it were a business secret, one would have expected that the basics will be given for the sake of trust.

These are just some of the red flags from the software’s presentation video that cause one many concerns. But we shall leave the others for another time. This is so we can scrutinize and tackle some red flags that have been noticed in the software’s claims.

The Golden Paradigm Invite

The Golden Paradigm’s Claims

All the claims of what The Golden Paradigm trading software can achieve are just simply unrealistic. They defeat human reasoning. They are way beyond common sense. Granted, it is the desire to win most times that makes every trader want to lower the probability of losing. But when any trading software begins to make promises that you can win every time, then, something is wrong. In addition to any trading software, there are many other factors that combine to determine how often a trader wins in the market.

  • Winning Rate: The software claims a winning rate of more than 90%. In layman terms, that means for every 100 trades you perform in the market, you will surely win in about 95 instances. Even an inexperienced trader will become cautious when he reads this. Trading apps are meant to increase the rate at which you win in the markets. But many other factors like your budget, money management skills and experience also influence how good you will perform when trading binary options.
  • Earnings: The software claims you can make $978.63 in every hour that you trade. That is a whopping $24,000 every day. Is this really possible? For any software to give any figure as to the amount of profit you can make when you trade with it, it must put into consideration and calculate current and future market trends. For ‘our CEO’ to make such a claim, he must have lost touch with the current market trends of binary options trading. Perform a search for what the most experienced traders are currently gaining as profits from the market. This will enable you to better understand the point that is being made here.


These are most of the red flags that raise serious concerns when it comes to The Golden Paradigm binary options trading software. The rising demand for ways of lowering risk and raising the probability of gaining from options trading is the cause of the proliferation of trading software. It is the reason why we have options like The Golden Paradigm to choose from.

With its short, sleek and sweet website, the software has made a lot of promises that can hardly be fulfilled. The testimonials is has posted on its website and the ‘registered members’ whose photographs are posted on the site are all fakes. This is the way of most binary options trading software scams. They are all over the internet so one has to be very careful.

But all hope is not lost. In as much as many scams abound on the internet, there are still a few trading systems that are legitimate. Such systems do not make too much noise. They just let their results speak for them. Option Robot is one among many of such software.

Option Robot has been presented to the world in a transparent manner that will make you love it. You will hardly hear any unnecessary noise being made by the prime software anywhere online. It just let the results that have been obtained by those who have used the software speak for it.

Option Robot’s brokers are many. This is to give you the opportunity of choosing the one you trust and feel most comfortable with. The brokers are all registered, licensed and regulated. The software’s website has a ton of information in its knowledgebase. It also has an FAQ section that caters to any questions you have concerning the software.

Option Robot uses Martingale, Classic and Fibonacci systems and many others to regulate and control the risk level of its users’ investments. It uses the risk management systems to regulate the level of risk that is carried by every investment tool it deals in.

Finally, option Robot does not make too much noise around the internet. As such, may be you have not noticed it. But one thing is certain. Once you experience using the prime software, you will surely forget all the rest.

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