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Globe Traders Robot: Put that on search engines, you will find that it is one of the latest software known for binary options automated trade. It is said that it can generate between $800 and $8000 per one day. Find out in our review if it is possible or if it is just another scam.

George Proter (or Porter as mentioned on some websites), the CEO of Globe Traders, created the software. He is shown as a man that has discovered and patented some equations and a number of sophisticated trading algorithms and in the end came up with the software. Globe Traders is a high-end private investment company based on private invites and they are searching for 39 more investors to make an ideal sum of 300 investors. This is not an exclusive and private clientele as they are paying a great number of people to send thousands of invites to their whole lists of friends or acquaintances.

Their commercials are done by their affiliates, they say they are a registered company, but don’t offer any more details about the registration number or other important things, they speak about transparency, but do they know how to use this word? The software is given for free, but let’s see what the lie behind all of this is. They mention a new regulation that has been approved on the 1st of January 2016 to fight scam brokers, but if you search about it, you will find a big fat zero. There is no new rule made known on that day that mentions an amount of 300 clients / investors for every company.

It is said that the CEO has been in the binary options business for over a year before he invented Globe Traders Robot, but once you take a look on their website at the “” section, you will be surprised to see that the website was only one month since it was registered. What other lies are there waiting to be unmasked?

The fictional name and the voice without a face make the tracking of “” behind the entire operation impossible. We can come to the conclusion that George Proter does not exist if we can’t find him anywhere. If this was a trustworthy business, do you believe that the CEO would hide his identity?

It is really interesting the fact that their website is not functioning anymore. This is another point in our endless discussion of a great scam. If you track down their IP and hosting company, you may find other numerous scams that they are associated with. There are some scams that were moved on other IPs but the fact remains the same: there is only one scammer that controls them all, it can’t be a coincidence.

Globe Traders

The image of the office and their logo is also fake.

  1. Martini & CO made a fine job doing this:
Another Site With Same Office Background

As a new offer that other binary options scams didn’t have the idea to do, you receive at first an imaginary $50 demo account, or shall we say bonus from the broker, to see for yourself that the software really works. Then you have to deposit more money to reach and withdraw what you have earned in the demo. They say their profits are nearly $9K. Is this real or fake?

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Globe Traders Robot Review

Can You Trust Globe Traders Robot?

The software is free, 100% automated with a minimum deposit of $200. It can be reached from any nation and the maximum returns are of 90%. In fact, the only thing that is real is the “free” part. There isn’t any real information provided, there are fake testimonials and claims and of course, this is an untrustworthy broker. This is not a reliable service.

In fact, Globe Traders has developed a system that is tainted by lies and huge unrealistic earnings mixed with aggressive advertising posted on other scam websites. They were hoping to convince net traders to join them by a deceptive approach in their website marketing propaganda.

You are told that you have full control over the risk levels and profit outcomes, but you will be really disappointed when you will see that the only ones who benefit from this type of arrangement are the people from Globe Traders and no one else.


Globe Traders Robot means..

Globe Traders Robot is another scam, like many other binary option robots out there. They worked a little on their image to attract more people with that demo account, but in fact the whole business is made with less investment. The company, Globe Traders, is trying to pass as a high-end investment, but they didn’t even bother to involve actors in the whole productions, only a voiceover narrator.


Globe Traders Robot is a misleading, unethical and fraudulent algorithm that promises financial freedom for the users and 100% lots of money, but this is truly fake.

Besides the $50 demo account, there is also a pretty creative risk calculator. Inside it, there is a widget that is purportedly showing the sums you can gain with the help of that software and based clearly on the amount of money you deposit with a set risk level.

What they want to say is that at the lowest risk level, level 1, you will earn $430 from a deposit of $250 with a profit rate of 172%. This can’t be and it is not real if this is supposed to work at the lowest risk level. This is really a creative tactic and many accounts on Globe Traders Robot were made based only on this thing.


Demo version has to be avoided

Demo versions are really appreciated in the binary options world and that’s one reason why Global Traders went with the wind and made one for their own Global Traders Robot. It is truly a fake demo version if you ask me because you are shown massive profit gains, but with the real account, you will lose more than you can gain. The values that are found in the demo are not a match for any current market price at any time, day or night. They don’t have any real price feed or asset. Let’s see how it works.

Another part of the scam is the $50 demo account that puts you in a situation in which you have to choose to fund the account in order to receive the final sum of money. How does it work? Simple. After you enter your e-mail address, you will see another landing page where the amount of $50 will grow at $250 in a chart meant to be a good prank. The demo ends there and the narrator’s voice tells you that if you want to collect the $250, you will have to deposit the same amount into your account, resulting a total of $500.

The demo account was programmed to win 99% of the trades you work on while using it. This is only a way to convince you that when you deposit a real sum of money and start working with any of the brokers they offer, you will actually have those results.

If you are familiar with binary options, you definitely know that this additional sum is only a credit for your account and you will be prevented from withdrawing the money until you have reached a minimum trading volume.

The demo account misses some very important elements such as expiry times, strike rates, accurate price movement making it a simple chart that shows a random movement of up and down prices.

Globe Traders Private Jet Is Also Fake

How Does It Work?

The true scam driven by these robots and of course Globe Traders Robot, is that you are offered a so-called free software with the claim that all you have to do is to fund some broker account. This is a business model for these robots. They are affiliates of the mentioned broker and receive a commission for any funding of accounts. This only means that you find out too late that the robot is not working as it is said to. At first, you had to give your email address in order to get an account. Surely, your address will be sold to third parties or used to send you spam messages and offers about other scam robots.

When you enter the Globe Traders website, first you have to sign up. This is the way they earn their commissions, this is strictly business.

Titan Trade is the broker you are assigned to when you make a Globe Traders Robot account. This is an unregulated broker, as many other brokers that work and make partnerships with the affiliate marketing robots are, and of course it has received numerous complaints, which is in fact not uncommon.


Globe Traders offer 50% as a gift

There is a catch offered after you sign in that represents a 50% gift or money waiting to be transferred to the broker you choose. There is only one way this can be possible, and that is if they take advantage of the bonuses the broker you chose is giving you. In fact, they are not offering you anything.

Bonuses are offered by brokers as a legal feature depending on the way they choose to attract new traders and how they want to keep them inside the system. They are made to leverage on the potential of your profit. You already are in a dangerous situation if you put together the idea of Globe Trader Robot and earning bonus money.

Bonuses come often with a specific number of trades that has to be achieved in order to be able to withdraw your money. This can end badly if you don’t have the experience required to finish the number of transactions. You can even lose more than half of what you have invested.


Globe Trader Robot is in the middle of an imaginary company, fabricated results and a lying CEO. This is not a software you can put your faith in and of course, your money. If you don’t want to endure great loses, then don’t take into consideration this software and this company.

There are many reviews made about this scam, Globe Traders Robot. Some of them are even telling you that this is the safest way to earn huge amounts of money and that you should trust the system to bring you the greatest earnings ever, but I can’t stop wondering how they managed to write such things. They say that they have tried the software and it definitely works, but I wonder if these are all lies, because they look the same.


Globe Traders Promises


In conclusion, there is not only one thing legitimate and trustworthy about Globe Traders Robot and the Globe Traders company itself. They are only a low-end scam based on a budget and not the high-end company they pose to be.

I am definitely not sure that the Globe Traders Robot is trustworthy. I had a difficult time searching and finding a really effective software that can actually do what it said it does. If you want an advice on what should you do to use binary options on a trusted and reliable website, you can choose option robot instead. This is not a scam and you can definitely trust

There are many scams out there, but if you take a look on the Internet before you make a step, you will not be scammed. The binary options world is a complex world that a few people understand completely. If you don’t have enough experience with these sorts of things, you should ask for advice from experienced people who can help you. Don’t throw yourself with your head first and without thinking for the consequences. You can lose more money than you can win and that’s bad.

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