Free Money Guaranteed Software Review

Free Money Guaranteed Software Review: Day after day, thousands of binary options traders (the unlucky ones, that is) lose huge amounts of money due to one reason or another. As it were, most of these “reasons” are very shady, playing between below average research before trading, unethical practices by the brokers or, if involved in auto trading, wrong choice of auto trader or binary option signal provider. On that note, is there even a ‘good’ auto trader? Truth is, there’s only few. Almost all the current auto traders are not anywhere near perfect, just like all humans are, but there are some near perfect ones, which are usually recommended. The rest are either below average, or scams, or in most cases, both. One good example of an auto trading system that is both wack and a fraud is Free Money Guaranteed, which goes under our microscope today. This review, just like many others before, has been occasioned by the many complaints – and questions – we received from our friends about the credibility or, since we now know better, lack thereof, of the system.

Free Money Guaranteed Software Review

Free Money Guaranteed is an automated trading algorithm supposedly developed by Robert Anderson, who is also the main actor in the promotional video. Kindly take note of the word actor as used here as we will refer to it later on. Now, that Free Money Guaranteed is an auto trader is not news. What captured our attention was the claims made by the site. True to the software’s name, Robert Anderson guarantees every trader registered on the site a refund of $100k if they don’t earn $525,000 in profits within 30 days of signing up. Frankly speaking, we have seen, and heard, a lot of claims by software developers and even brokers over the years, most of them ridiculous and straight up unrealistic. However, these claims by Free Money Guaranteed are the most ridiculous we have ever heard. I mean, $500k in 30 days? Unbelievable. Impossible even. And the part where one gets $100k free money in their bank account if the promise is unfulfilled is simply a big fat lie. Robert Anderson and his cronies, including the bimbo who appears in the video with him, are looking for money, there’s no way they can give such huge cash backs no matter what.

Before we delve further into why the said claims are untrue, we need to methodically deconstruct the software and its owner, piece by piece.

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Promo Video

Just like many other similar sites, the people behind Free Money Guaranteed rely on a scripted sales video to sale their product. Never mind that the entire production is very lame and very cheap. For one, the so called founder, Mr. Anderson, appears in a high end luxury car, presumably a Rolls Royce in the company of a blonde lady who he “invites” to a holiday. As a side note, the man seats at the back left, with a chauffeur driving him and his lady partner around – the story book description of the lifestyle of a person who earns half a million bucks in a month. And to be honest, the said lady partner doesn’t look intelligent at all, and we have reason to believe that she’s a call girl. Moving on, we are supposed to believe that the software will enable us to lead similar lifestyles by adding $500k to our accounts every month. Never mind that most of us watched the whole thing with our faces scrunched up in disgust and bewilderment at the mediocre script and painfully bad choice of actors.

In the midst of all the allegations, our hawk eyed team was able to establish that the luxury car that Bobby Anderson poses with in the video is not his but belongs to a car rental company by the name mcarcompany. If you look closely enough when the camera pans to the back of the car, you will notice that there is no license plate number and at the bottom of the plate written in upper case letters is the name mcarcompany. For a person who alleges to earn several million dollars in a few months, it is such a shame that Mr. Anderson had to rent a car (probably at a low price) to appear on his site’s primary video.

free money guaranteed
free money guarantee promotional video is quite similar to another

Uncanny resemblance to Free Money System

Some time back, traders were treated to the Free Money System software which was overhyped and made huge promises. Within little time, it was outed as a fraud and all the claims made on the site proven to be lies. The site later was later taken down after traders learnt about its dealings and consequently kept off. Having watched both the promo videos of both sites, we feel that Free Money Guaranteed is more or less Free Money System v2.0 with only a few minor tweaks to the actors and script. For one, Free Money System promised returns of about $1 million in 90 days and claimed a 95% accuracy. Free Money Guaranteed, on the other hand does away with the 90 days and promises half that figure in 30 days, with the added twist that refunds will be made if the returns are not forthcoming. Apart from that, both websites closely resemble each other particularly the graphics and color scheme. There is a very high probability that the creators of Free Money System are the same people behind Free Money Guaranteed. And we must admit that they’re quite intelligent as they didn’t show their faces in either site but instead gave the job to a cheap Internet actor and an even cheaper call girl.


Robert Anderson is not clear about the software’s accuracy in his presentation but judging from the quoted monthly returns, it must be extremely high. To bring in half a million bucks per month with minimal investment amount is no mean feat. However, Mr Anderson is not clear on how exactly the software will be able to achieve that goal and instead intends to use the $100k cash back guarantee to trap the easily gullible traders. Anyone who knows anything about financial markets knows that such amounts of profits are very rare, especially in this era of increased volatility. In fact, even the so called big traders in Wall Street hardly rake such amounts. Furthermore, if the Free Money Guaranteed software really works as Robert Anderson says, he wouldn’t be giving it out for free, don’t you think? Which investor/innovator wouldn’t want some commission for their ideas? To hell with the ‘I’m giving it to you for free because I care about you’ nonsense.


We always stress that every auto trader is as good as the calibre of brokers it is associated with, no discussion about that. When it comes to Free Money Guaranteed, the calibre doesn’t even matter as there is none to talk about. The fact that the list of affiliated brokers remains hidden from view until one actually opens an account with the site is proof enough that there is nothing to be proud of. We did manage to have a sneak peek of the several brokers affiliated with Free Money Guaranteed and we didn’t see a broker we recognized, and we do know quite a number of them. All the brokers we saw are unknown entities and are not mentioned anywhere else on the internet. Thus, they are nothing more than made up fraud vehicles which, coupled with the substandard software, will leave you bankrupt in no time.

Who is Robert Anderson?

Watching the sales video, we could tell that Robert Anderson behavior was not indicative of a millionaire by all means. To prove, or disprove our point, we carried out a Google search and as we expected, found nothing to indicate the existence of a binary options trader by the name Bobby Anderson. In normal circumstances, a person behind such a successful software as Free Money Guaranteed is alleged to be will have some sort of online presence and even a few Google mentions. When it comes to Bobby Anderson, none of that holds, which can only mean one thing – that the person doesn’t even exist in the first place and was only used by the real owners of the site for marketing purposes.


If it is not clear from everything we have said above that Free Money Guaranteed software is a scam, we wish to reiterate that here. In our case, we didn’t even bother trying it out after watching the sales video. From everything that was said in the video – rental car, hired actors et al – there was no doubt that we were dealing with a bunch of con artists who are now more wiser after the failed Free Money System scam. Simply put, Free Money Guaranteed does not work and signing up for the software is akin to signing up for bankruptcy. That said, we know of an auto trader that doesn’t promise as much but actually works. Option Robot has been there for nearly four years now and has never received a scam rating on any site. As a matter of fact, the best industry sites list the software as among the top three most accurate auto traders currently in the market.

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