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Participant , and are all FAKE. DO NOT USE – SCAM

Another scam running. They are holding my funds and they asked me to pay $6k to get them release. I did and it has now been a week, they are no longer answering emails or message sent via their site. SCAMMERS – AVOID AT ALL COST.

An african/nigerian crook is behind the scam. Run as fast as you from these names above. They do not exist. Do your research heavily and you will understand what I mean. The whole of the website is fake and they do not recover your lost funds they will instead rob you of your funds. I have been a victim sadly not before I did my own homework. I have reported them already to some relevant authorities …also provided all the evidence required. Ever since the scam they are not replying to my email/whatsapp messages and calls anymore. Same scam as and…do not approach them for anything at all. Bunch of lowlifes living the high life after stealing from innocent victims. You will be caught….wait for it!

This site is a scam – do not fall for it.
I have been a victim. This person also calls himself “Isaac”.This is the same as “” and “”

They are out there to pray on victims and will ask you to pay by BTC and after 4 days you will get you funds from the scam broker. They will then ask you after another 4 days to pay 11% of your funds which are help in before they release the funds. after that they will be gone. I have hard evidence on them. So binary victims , do yourself a favour and don’t even contact them, and The same nigerian person manipulating all these.