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Participant is a fraudulent company

I was recently become a victim of binary option platform fraud, running by . After 4 months of trading on the platform with placing 3 successful contacts, I got on my account $26,600.00 USD. Two days later, after last contract was completed, my broker placed 4 bets each $6000.00, with deliberately loosing entry prices. Luckily, one bet was winning and my account was left with 50% what was before two days ago. At this point I realized that is not trustful company and firmly asked my broker to not place any trades on my account and I’d like to withdraw all my funds. This request was ignored. I sent consecutive 3 emails to my broker and compliance department with no response at all. After I asked my broker over Skype chat, did he received my withdrawal request, he confirmed that he did and there are no issues with withdrawing funds from my account. Right after this conversation, 3 trades were placed on my account. All of 3 were losing and I left only with $152.00.

I strongly believe, that binaryoption net is a fraudulent company, which disguise as an investment company and must be put out of business. I have screenshots from my account and emails confirming my claims.Fortunately for me i was able to recover all of my lost funds including my profit when i contacted the right wealthy recovery firm…. If you have been scammed report the scam to the appropriate authority. Only a recovery company can help you this case to nail out the scammer and also help you recover your lost funds and asset the best recovery company to contact is INFO@CYBER-OPERATIVES.ORG ,This is an investigating firm that helps recover funds lost to Binary Option, Forex trade, Cryptocurrency, and all online scams without charging no upfront payment from victims