Forex Alert System Review

Forex Alert System Review: Lately, we have been receiving many emails from our subscribers regarding the Forex Alert System. The Forex Alert System is a service provider which provides signaling services for various currency pairs to their registered members. To aid our readers regarding the Forex Alert System we have conducted a thorough review and have enlisted the details below for your consumption.

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Who is backing it?

As a trader, we put our hard-earned money on the line, when we select the signaling service provider, and hence, it becomes very important for us to know the people behind the signaling service and with whom we are dealing. The single page website claims that it has been there for 12 years but remains completely silent on the creator of the software.

However, our endeavor to find the details about the promoters have gone in vain. We could not find any evidence about the developer or the promoters behind the Forex Alert System. If you have read our other articles, you would have known by now how important it is to have a legit promoter and lack of information about the same is a clear warning sign.

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How does it work?

The single page website shows a promotional video and provides information about the types of available accounts. The website also shows that they have been rated at the top since 2004 and have been in the industry for the past 12 years. The website also provides a trial account in case some of you want to try out its services before enrolling.
The website offers three different account types to their registered members starting from $ 4.33 for a 1 day. The membership period offered is 1-day, 30-day, and a 1-year and it requires a payment of $ 4.33, $99, and $500 respectively.
The Forex Alert System also provides 100 % money back guarantee if things don’t work out as per your expectations. Further, the website shows the prominent news website quoting “as seen on” with CNBC, Bloomberg amongst others. We have taken their membership to find out about their claims and we are sharing the information for your consumptions.
In our trial, the service provider could provide up to 53.8% efficiency which is way below our expectations and also did not allow us to break-even. The emails which we have been receiving have also indicated a success range of 10 to 60 percent.
We also tried invoking the money back guarantee but received no compensations. The website has created many doubts and some of which are critical for any business house. Some of the doubts which require clarifications are listed below:

Unidentifiable promoters
This a major discomfort as we are unsure about the promoters of the signaling services. The website is completely opaque on this crucial aspect and does not provide any information about the developers or the promoters of the company.

Such techniques are frequently deployed by scrupulous entities as they hide under a disguise to run away with your hard-earned money. The opaqueness had definitely created many doubts in our mind.

For the last 12 years, really?
The website prominently displays that it has been providing the signaling services to their registered members since 2004 (12 years). However, when we cross-checked the information about the domain name on, one of the well-known domain information provider, we came to know that the website is in existence since January 30, 2008, and has completed 9 years and 120 days.

This clearly shows that what has been claimed on the website and the actual facts have a vast difference. The website says that it has been serving clients for the past 12 years whereas the domain is in existence only for past 9 years. This makes it tougher for us to believe the claims of the Forex Alert System.

Forex Alert System Review

100% money back guarantee?

The signal provider indicates that the registered members will get 100% of their refund if it does not satiate the needs. However, on many of the third party websites, various customers have complained that they have never received the compensations for the pathetic signaling service.
It seems that it is just a marketing gimmick deployed by the owners of the website to attract the new and unsuspecting traders into their scheme of things.

Unsecured website

Generally, all the financial websites have ‘https’ tag to their web address which makes them a secured platform for the financial transactions. However, the website requires a payment to get the pro version, the website is not very secured. As a trader, one needs to provide personal and financial information to such websites in order to make payments and activate their services.

And in the wake of massive virus attacks, we should be extra cautious on using and sharing our financial details. We would advise our readers to take utmost care while dealing with such untrustworthy websites.

The verdict

After thoroughly scanning the website and their claims, we are left with many doubts. The website indicates that they have been in the service for the last 12 years but probing on the internet suggests that the domain has been there only for the past 9 and a half year. The website indicates that the customers are given 100 percent money back guarantee but we couldn’t find any confirmation of that anywhere on the Internet. The website’s tall claims have been put without any substantial data and that makes it very difficult to believe them. Further, the website doesn’t look very professional and looks more like beginner website creating further mistrust. We can finally say that it is very difficult for us to believe what has been claimed on the website and hence recommend our readers to stay away from it.
We further recommend our readers to use the services of a known and reputed signal service provider like the Option Robot. The Option Robot has a very transparent financial dealing along with a safe and secure platform. The platform also has the affiliation of a large set of very reputed brokers who have earned their reputation with consistent and timely service delivery. The performance of the Option Robot’s signaling service is consistent and has been providing success ratio of about 70 percent on a regular basis.

Overall, we recommend our readers to avoid the Forex Alert System completely and register with the option robot for their signaling requirements.

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