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Fintech Profits is the most advanced and newest binary options trading system that is offering high returns upon the investment with them. Binary options trading robot has always been on the edge when it comes to the assurance of high-returns on investment of the hard-earned money of the investors or traders. It is a brand new binary options trading company that has been launched with a motive to provide binary options signals software and was opened on 30th January 2016. There are various similar brokers with identical names like Fintech Limited or TradeFintech that must not be confused with Fintech Profits. For those who have been planning to earn greater profits and returns from binary options trading system must be perplexed about the authenticity and reliability of this broker.

Fintech Profits Reviews

Fintech Profits is another name in the industry of binary options trading system founded by the supposed developer named George who claims higher returns and profits to the investors or traders in a matter of few days or weeks once they would deposit a certain amount of money with the recommended brokers of the company. As risky as it might sound, there is no assurance of the money-back guarantee, let apart the surety to gain higher returns and profits out of the binary options trading robot or software. As per the claims of the founder , he is a member of the underground group of elite traders that earns millions of dollars with the help of binary options trading system. With his statement, he claims that his trading company too can generate the same amounts of profits and returns to those who would invest with his trading company. System is claimed to yield as much as $550 per day to the investors or traders.

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How Fintech Profits Operate?

As far as the reliability is concerned, there are several instances to claim it as a spam. Firstly, one can take a note of how the supposed founder and CEO of this binary trading company has been represented by just one name, Mr. George. In addition to this, there are no specific addresses or other names that are shared during the video representation of the trading company. This creates a heap of doubts and confusions about the authenticity of the company in general. The suspicions of the users or viewers can be quickly raised as these facts not only question the reliability but also the legitimacy of this trading company. There are several proven claims of the fact that the alleged founder is a paid actor who has been shown in the video representation about special features of the trading company. He can be considered to be an actor as Mr. George who is also been involved in various other fraud operations of the similar kind. For those users or investors who might have been following the trend of a binary option trading system for a long time, for now, can recognize Mr. George as a man who has given similar representation before as well. Therefore, he cannot be trusted in any given case or situation. As a trader, if you have been thinking of investing your hard-earned money in the newly launched company of Mr. George, Fintech Profits, you will be doing it at your own risk. There are ample claims of the company being run on fraudulent and illegitimate grounds.

Fintech Profits

As far as the working and operations are concerned, there is no strong information about the same. For most of the experts the Fintech Profits trading company can be regarded as a red flag because there is no foolproof definition of the process of execution of the trading company. The overall operation system seems quite shady from the exterior and cannot be trusted in one go. However, a video representation of the company has been launched that reflects the functioning  as similar to that of another trading company named auto-trader. The functioning implies that once you have started using the Fintech Profits binary options trading robot, there are various traders who will do the trading and this trading system will just copy or mimic the positions of the traders into your account. With such claims, there have been several problems with the trading system, some of which are:

  • The operation claims to be a copy of the auto-trader system. However, this is not true. There is no auto-trader system. The entire functioning of the trading system is based on manual operation. This implies the fact that you will have to open the trades by yourself.
  • You might feel the need to ask several questions while using it. Some of these could be “Where are the traders?”, “Why do they not appear in the video?”, “Why the presenter does not share their names?”.

How Fintech Profits Work?

The system is considered to be quite similar to the other binary options trading companies. There have been several emails regarding the performance of systems that claim this could be considered as the newest and great trading software to be used by the traders. This could be done with a motive to invest their money and earn higher returns and profits. If you happen to watch the video representation,  you can view several actors (presumably users or traders) who sound very convincing and genuine about the success story of the trading company. The founder of the company is trying to make the users or traders believe that one can earn as much as $200,000 by following the policies created by trading signals of the Fintech Profits software.

Those who are into the serious business of binary options trading and investing in Binary Options and Forex understand the fact that a binary trading signal can serve well only until the timing of the trade. If someone would tell the users or traders that if you would buy the Euro against the US dollar as its values are going up, then you can make a substantial amount of money. But this is possible only when you would buy and sell the trades at the right time. If as an investor or trader, you would buy and sell too early or too late, especially in the case of binary options trading, you might end up losing money.

As the experts reviewed the performance and reliability, there have been noticed several problems with the system. Some of them could be:

  • What are the binary options signals based on? Are the generated signals random or is there the presence of some technical analysis method behind their generation and operation?
  • What expiry time should the traders or the investors use for the binary option that they are buying or selling? Is the generated signal good for a duration of just 5 minutes or for one month?
  • Why cannot the users select to make use of the CySEC licensed broker that has a good reputation?
  • The historical signals of the Fintech Profits trading company have appeared to be fake as there is no such guarantee of 100% accurate binary signals.

A significant problem with any free binary options trading signals software or automated binary options trading robot is that the brokers that the users or traders choose to work with are quite unreliable. It could be quite an enjoyable and fun experience to earn huge profits with the use of binary options trading system. But this is applicable only until the users or traders are making use of a reliable, regulated, and licensed broker. Every country has its own sets of a government agency that provides the licensed brokers including the CFTC in the US (United States), FSB in South Africa and ASIC in Australia. On the other hand, this systems does not provide the licensed and the regulated brokers upon which the traders or investors can place their trust to earn a substantial amount of money and higher returns. Therefore, it is recommended for the traders and investors to prefer the use of only licensed and authenticated brokers while investing their hard-earned money in binary options trading companies.

There have been several claims made by the users or traders about their success story just a few days after investing their money in this trading company. There are a few individuals who appear in the video representation and claim that they have earned a good amount of money on a daily basis. This earning has been to such an extent that they have even bought expensive cars and homes. How could anyone believe such claims without looking into the authenticity and integrity of the binary options trading systems? However, the researchers and experts have claimed that these people claiming the success are all fake people and paid actors. These actors are paid some amount by the trading companies to give fake testimonials for their lucrative services and to attract a relevant group of users or traders to invest in their portal.

The Fintech Profits trading company has not been endorsed by any binary trading expert and even by the trading community in general. Even the social media pages have been quite harsh on the reviews of the Fintech Profits binary options trading system wherein the people have proceeded to refer it to as a lame scam that is supposed to just run away with your hard-earned money if you try to invest in the trading company in expectation of good returns.

The binary options trading system can serve to be a profitable means of earning huge returns upon the investment of hard-earned money in the trading system software or automated robots. However, the traders and the investors must also keep in mind that the high demand for trading systems is attracting several crooks and spammers in this field. The scammers can try to steal and run away with your money with several lucrative and tricky offers that you must keep your hands off. You must prevent yourself from falling into the trap of such spammers who might incur higher losses to your investment.


Fintech Profits is nothing but a fake money making scheme that has been designed with the intent to steal the money of the traders and investors with their seemingly lucrative schemes and offers, especially from the newbie traders. There are several tested and genuine robots in the field of binary options trading schemes like OptionRobot that can be used to earn realistic and relative profits upon the investment of hard-earned money. This system is definitely not among those that can help you in earning higher returns and great profits upon the investment of your money. The binary option trading robot or software is full of empty promise and phony identities that do not hold ground. Therefore, these must be avoided at all costs to stay safe from any frauds or scams. One can trust upon OptionRobot as an authentic and reliable means of binary trading that can help in making money in a reliable and trustworthy manner without any fear of losing the hard-earned money. You must choose OptionRobot if you are an amateur in the binary trading field and do not wish to take risks with investing money on an unreliable and unrealistic trading portfolio.

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