Financial Herald Software Review

Financial Herald Software Review: For an ordinary person, the word Financial Herald more likely means a business or financial publication along the lines of Miami Herald. One would be shocked, as we were to find out that it is a binary options auto trading system. What a waste of a great name! Anyway, auto traders and everything related to binary trading , brokers and option robots is our forte and within little time of discovering its existence, we set out to do thorough research and give you an unbiased opinion to help you make an informed choice. As you read through the review, keep in mind the saying ‘All that glitters is not gold’. Wait, did we just preempt our conclusion? Well.

Financial Herald Software Review

Call it hating or whatever, but we honestly don’t think much of (The) Financial Herald as an auto trader. We think that’s a misleading title and will probably annoy a lot of people who might find themselves on the site hoping to get the latest financial news only to find badly written advertisements for some trading system dealing with binary options, like they would know what that is in the first place. And that’s before we even look at its features which are not even that great to start with. That said, Financial Herald is a fully web based and absolutely free of charge trading software that is accessible using mobile phones, tablets and computers. It does collect data, analyze it and derive usable and relevant trading signals from it and then executes trades based on the signals. Being an AUTO trader, the trader or account holder is not involved in the trading process and their role is limited to investing funds and withdrawing profits (not like there’s any to talk about).

Financial Herald Software also provides signals to traders who are not cool with the idea of a computer program spending their money for them. Despite it not being the primary function, there are no fees charged for this extra and purely optional service and traders who wish to receive Financial Herald signals are required to open (and fund) accounts with the site’s partner brokers, just like the ordinary customers. Under this arrangement, the software will deliver up to 100 signals per day to an email or text address of the trader’s choosing and the trader, if they like the signals can then log in to their broker accounts and place the trades. The same number of signals are generated for the 100% auto trading accounts with the difference being that the signals are not delivered to the traders but are directly used to execute trades. As such, traders are advised to keep checking the trading history to keep track of their trades, and money.

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How it Works

Financial Herald works like every other auto trader out there, at least in principle. Basically, all that one needs to do to get started is key in some personal details like email, name and telephone number and create a password and the account is set. The next step is choosing a broker from the provided options (less than 5), creating an account with them, funding it, and then linking it to the Financial Herald trading system. The process is very simple and fast because, nobody has time to waste trying to get signed up with a mediocre system. Opening a broker account automatically renders you subject to their terms and conditions, in particular where bonuses, deposits and withdrawals are concerned. As such, it is very important to review the terms and conditions of every broker when deciding which one to go with. Nevertheless, we don’t really trust any of the brokers here as none of them is regulated, which makes it risky transacting with them.

Moving on, the Financial Herald system is one of the most rigid we’ve seen, in regards to the settings and customization options. First, traders don’t get to choose a lot of things since most are automatically selected including the number of signals receivable per day. Also, the system deals exclusively in currency pairs and leaves out other asset types which may disenfranchise traders who don’t like, or have no passion for forex trading. Granted, automated trading works best while trading currency pairs perhaps due to the fact that the currencies involved are permanent and controllable by central banks unlike stocks whose values can be affected by a twitter hash tag.

All that said, there’s nothing big to talk about the software’s efficiency, which is very wanting. Advertised as a zero loss software, Financial Herald may as well be a 100% loss auto trader all we hear from users are complaints about how they lost money in unclear circumstances which point at very low quality signals. If they’re not complaining of losing their money due to bad trades, users of the software are lambasting their brokers (unregulated no doubt) for not processing their withdrawal requests in time. Others can’t even access their funds and give up after trying to reach customer support to no avail. Now, in our ideal world, (The) Financial Herald should be an international business newspaper showing headlines but instead it is a shady and downright crooked auto trader making the headlines, and for all the wrong reasons.

Daily Profits

According to what we read on the site, the signals generated by the Financial Herald’s algorithms are very accurate and are capable of generating up to $4,500 per day in profits. Considering the financial markets are open for 5 days a week, this translates to about $22,500 a week and almost $90k a month, which is way more than what the average American family earns in a year. Admittedly, the figures are cool and everyone would like to earn such and live the high life. However, you need to ask yourself how practical it is to earn such profits in a market as unpredictable and volatile as binary options. The answer is, impractical.

See, the people behind the Financial Herald system may be crooks and thieves but they are not stupid. They know, as much as you know, and as much as we know, that human beings have an insatiable greed for money and are known to lose their minds (and morals, and everything else) where money is concerned. They know that by convincing a few thousand people to deposit $250 to some backstreet broker with the promise that their deposits will more triple in a day , they can make huge money through two major ways. One is the commission they will get when the said traders open accounts and deposit money and the other one is the money they get to share with the broker whenever traders lose trades. This is often the highest source of income for software owners and they are known for messing with the softwares to get traders losing so they can share the loot with the equally despicable brokers.

Financial Herald

Just so you don’t think we are just hating on the software, feel free to visit the web site and look for any proof that the site does earn people the said amounts. Better yet, search for the most profitable auto trader on Google and try to see if the name Financial Herald pops up. Hint: it doesn’t. Because it’s not true. The truth is, to get $4,000 in daily returns, an investment of more than $250 is required, and as a matter of fact, even $1,000 may be too little an investment. And even if you invest thousands of dollars, you have to keep your fingers crossed that you don’t lose the whole amount. We have already established that Financial Herald’s signals are not as good as alleged.

Customer Care

Frankly speaking, Financial Herald’s customer service is pathetic and almost nonexistent. As with our case, we sent an email asking for more information about the system before we signed up and the response was swift and informative. That changed when we opened the account – emails in which we were ‘asking’ for help in completing withdrawals went unanswered and there was no phone number to call. After asking around, we realized that we were not the only ones experiencing the problem. A lot of traders have issues with the way their withdrawals were handled and some couldn’t even access their money at all. Simply put, Financial Herald’s management need an intense course in customer service, in a federal jail, of course.


At this point, we don’t have adequate proof that Financial Herald is involved in fraud. However, we do have enough experience to know when an auto trader is untrustworthy, and Financial Herald perfectly fits the tag. Everything is right there for you to see – exaggerated accuracy, unlicensed brokers, lots of user complaints, and we could go on and on. For your financial safety, as well as mental well-being, we strongly recommend only doing business with legit trading systems such as Option Robot. The robot is among the best in terms of accuracy, customer service and the overall features, including educational resources. Sticking to scams such as Financial Herald will only bankrupt you.

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