Exbino Review

Exbino Review | Many people have requested us to review one of the binary options brokers making news lately: eXbino. Our review confirmed that the platform is a great place to trade your binary options. One thing for sure is that the platform avails US people an opportunity to trade in binary options. The site puts emphasize on easy and secure trading experience. Their trading platform is one of a kind since it has embraced the top of the industry technology that ensures clients do not get headaches while navigating through the various features.

One thing you will note and appreciate about the platform is that they are registered in Montenegro rather than Cyprus. What is the significance of this? Well, it implies that US traders can trade on it since the platform is not regulated totally. US traders should find this to be great news since such kinds of platforms are rare.

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Exbino | Is it a premium broker? Our investigation reveals the truth about Exbino and its services This should be read before you make a decision!

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3Binary Option Robot – How they work in practise
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Different Account Types

eXbino wants to make sure that every trader out there gets an opportunity to trade in a variety of assets and options using various languages and payment options. They offer various types of accounts from which traders can choose based on their needs and test. They include standard, Trader, VIP, VIP Plus, and VIP + Forex. You get more features and privileges when you go for the more advanced levels. However, one thing is for sure: they do not charge a maintenance fee on all their accounts. What about this: They provide free educational materials to all account holder to make them the best traders in the market. Since they do not add bonus automatically to your account, you have to contact them before purchasing any option. Your account manager will activate the bonus manually. In our view, we believe this is a tedious job. Exbino should go automatic to eliminate it.

  • Exbino Standard Account

This package is available for a trader who is casual or has just begun trading in binary options. It gives them a chance to test the platform and prove its effectiveness before leaping to higher levels. However, the account has some great features to offer to these traders a memorable trading experience.

With a minimum deposit amount of €200, you are good to go with this account. Account holders at the Standard level get a bonus of €50. They are also entitled to a one free withdrawal per month, assignment to a personal account manager, a 3% increase in payouts and a full introductory guide on using the platform.

  • Exbino Trader Account

If you are ad binary options trader mildly experienced binary trader who has more than a basic knowledge of making profits in binary options, this account suits you.

You just need a minimum deposit of €1000 to hit the road with this account. The account package gives traders a generous €500 sign up bonus, two free withdrawals per month, and an assignment to a personal account manager. You also get a 2% increase in payouts, introductory guide to trading on the Exbino and investing strategies.

  • Exbino VIP Account

If you have excellent experience in binary options trade and want to try your hands on big ventures that a host of features can provide, the VIP level is a great thing for you.

After depositing a minimum amount of €2500, you are good to go with the VIP account that comes with a €1000 sign up bonus. You also get three free withdrawals per month, a 3% increase in investment return, assignment to a personal account holder, unlimited consulting and an introductory guide to the platform and Exbino trading strategies. As a VIP, Exbino welcomes you to the account by giving you a free iPad Air 16GB or iPhone %C 16GB.

  • Exbino VIP Plus Account

A hardcore binary options trader that needs all the features a broker could provide should sign up for this level.

With a minimum deposit of €5000, this level will be yours to own. It comes with a generous €2500 sign up bonus. You also enjoy free withdrawals throughout the month, assignment to a personal account manager, a 4% increase in investment returns, unlimited consulting and an introductory guide to the platform and Exbino trading strategies. You also get a free iPhone 5S 32 GB or iPad Air 32 GB Cellular.

  • Exbino VIP and Forex Account

This level offers the best possible trading experience to those traders that are expert in both binary options trading and forex market. It comes with great features that ensure the trader combines all his skills to make a great kill.

After depositing a minimum amount of €1000, you get a sign up bonus of €2500. You will get free withdrawals throughout each month, assignment to a personal account manager, and a 5% increase in investment returns. Additionally, the package comes with an automated trading software, unlimited introductory and consulting guide to the platform and trading strategies. You also get a gift in the form of a MacBook Air 13”. A forex tool is available for account holders at this level.

Table of account types
Table of account types

Exbino Trading Software and Assets

Exbino is among the few brokers that have realized the importance of embracing top-notch technology to bring an excellent trading experience to traders. They have a TechFinancials platform that displays trading interface that brings speed and fun to trading. The platform makes the maximum use of your computer display to ensure you do not miss any feature on it. You can easily find the options on your left while the chart and controls are on the right side. At the bottom of the platform, you can follow the portfolio performance as you make trades.

When it comes to those binary options brokers that offer a variety of assets, Exbino tops the list. A good broker should ensure traders get an opportunity to have a diversified and strong portfolio that gives rewarding results. Exbino provides a total of 137 assets: 61 stocks, 39 forex pairs, 25 indexes, and 12 commodities. The trading platform of Exbino supports trading not only the traditional high/low but also the more exotic above/below options. Additionally, be sure to get high yield One Touch options. Exbino has embraced modernity by providing the 60 seconds options with their short-term binary options. If you have the guts of trading on boundary options, the platform has a place for you.

Exbino features in short
Exbino features in short

As if that is not enough, Exbino provides loyalty programs that include Forex platform for those traders who want to make profits on forex trading. We believe many other brokers are yet to realize the importance of this great feature. The next time you want both your forex and binary options trading to be on the same platform, go for their VIP and Forex Account.

exbino platform
exbino platform

Customer Support

The customer support team of Exbino is just unmatched in the industry. In the account we used to test the platform for this review, we had a question that needed an answer. We simply went to the FAQ/Live Chat section of their website and typed in the question. The FAQ prompt appeared with possible questions and responding answers that could satisfy us. Therefore, traders can check to see whether the answer to their queries is already in the system.

When we failed to get an answer from the FAQ, we proceeded to the live chat button at the bottom right. We contacted them and got the answer right away. In case the chat is offline, you can fill in your name and email address, and they will get back to you. You can also reach the customer support team via phone or even remote desk sharing. We give them a plus for being among the few brokers that have embraced Skype to enhance personal and face-face communication with distant clients.

Whatever the channel of contact, the support team professionals value their customers and handle every request, query or complain about the attention it deserves. Since they know that no query is too simple or too hard for them to answer, they always exercise professionalism, courtesy and honesty in their responses. They are always patient and understanding.

One thing that makes the support team stand out from the crowd is a rich multilingualism. The professionals can communicate in five languages- English, Polish, Russian, Czech, and German. Although they should add more languages, we believe the team is better than most when it comes to multilingualism. They need to add other major languages such as French and Spanish to allow people from diverse regions to use their wonderful services in trading binaries and foreign exchanges.

Economic Calendar

A serious trader should ensure he keeps an eye on the major economic happenings around the world. They give some great insights and help investors to make wise predictions in their trading. Exbino realizes the importance of Economic Calendar. Therefore, it has tried to ensure clients get the latest happenings within the economic arena of the world. However, in our view, we think the company should bring more live and enrichment in this section since it is a very crucial part of binary trading. For example, Exbino needs to give daily highlights of the performance of the major trading assets, commodities, indexes, currencies, and stocks. Daily Global Commentary from experts about economic happenings is also a great feature.

Hndy ebook is available in the site
Handy ebook is available in the site

If you feel that following all the news and events from the calendar would take too much time you can always try the Binaryoptionrobot that will trade on behalf of you. There for you can outsource the information seeking and focus on larger trades only and let the robot take care of the daily basic trading.

free robot
Get Your Free Robot

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Banking and Company

The TechFinancials software just wows clients when it comes to banking with Exbino. Customers get an easy experience when depositing, trading and withdrawing funds on this incredible platform. Exbino is a legal company that is regulated by the Montenegro government. Therefore, you do not have to fear anything since they will ensure your money has done what you sent it to do and has rewarded you with real profits. The technicians in Exbino always ensure that encryption of transaction is a priority to eliminate any chance of identity theft. The Company holds deposits in Switzerland, Montenegro, and Polland, depending on the provider of payment.

      • Depositing

Exbino offers a broad range of ways through which its customers can deposit funds into their accounts without charging any deposit fee. The minimum amount you can deposit is €150.

Customers can use their credit cards especially if they need the process to be fast. The cards include Visa, Mastercard, and Visa Electron. The amount reflects on your account immediately after making the deposit. You can deposit your amount in all currencies that Exbino accepts.

Clients can also deposit their funds through Skrill, Neteller, and Moneta RU. With Skrill, you can deposit at least €150 in any of the accepted currencies and expect to see the amount in your account immediately after the process. For Neteller and Moneta RU, you will have to hang around for half an hour before you see the amount in the account. Other payment options include CashBill, Sofort, BitCoin, and the slow traditional bank wire.

The maximum daily and monthly limits are €5000 and €10000 respectively. We believe these amounts are in line with most customers’ needs and help to reduce chances of money laundering and insecurity. The platform also requires clients to use only one credit card issued to their name for depositing funds. You cannot use the same funds to make deposits to multiple accounts. Although a client may find these requirements quite inconveniencing, the platform wants to ensure highest level of security in trading experience.

      • Withdrawals

Exbino extends its stand on ensuring security to the withdrawal processes. A client that wants to withdraw funds simply selects the Withdrawal tab in the “My Account” section and he is good to go. You can use the traditional wire transfer, the credit cards you used to deposit your account, Skrill or Neteller. The minimum amount that you can withdraw is €10.

You have to remember the free withdrawals you have every month to avoid spending high on the charges. As we earlier saw, this depends on your account. The platform allows its clients to withdraw a minimum amount of €25.

Exbino always strives to ensure trading on its platform is secure and hustle free. Hence, they always require clients to surrender some valuable documents and information to ensure they are the valid owners of the accounts from which they want to withdraw money. You need to provide a valid identity card, passport or driving license; utility/bank statement, or utility bill; a scan/copy of the relevant payment method’s documents. Clients can place their withdrawal request during any time of the week. You do not have to wait for a specific date or time for you to initiate the withdrawal process.

However, the platform processes payments on Mondays only. On their website, they advice that any order placed after 3 p.m. on Monday has to wait until the following week for execution.

Banking options
Banking options

Bonus and Promotion program

A good trading platform needs to provide attractive and affordable bonuses and promotions to its clients to enhance fun-filled and rewarding trading. Exbino is among the brokers that embrace this generosity. Investors on eXbino get an opportunity to enjoy various devices and bonuses depending on the amount of deposit.

After making a deposit and prior to the first trade, an investor is entitled to a signup bonus. Just make sure you have contacted the support team or account manager to claim the bonus that is due to you. They will inform yours of the amount of your bonus.

For VIP customers, the fun just gets better. They get great devices as per their level of account, just as we had described earlier. Such traders enjoy accessing the eXbino website from their free iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks.

Before we forget, eXbino provides another type of bonus- Referral/Entertainment Bonuses. If the website gives you that feeling of wanting to share the good news- of which it does- simply hit the link found in the Affiliate Program page. You can then share the logo, article or a link to this incredible website on your forum, website, or social media account. After that, you are entitled to an Entertainment bonus of €10-50 free on your players account.

Exbino instruments
Exbino instruments

Education Center

Every serious trader needs to get some grounding to ensure he understands the ins and outs of trading in binary options. Depending on intuition and experience alone can place a trader in a sorry state. Exbino always ensures that this does not happen. Whether you are a novice or a pro, the platform has something in store for your knowledge enhancement.

The education center gives starters some introductions to binary options, their importance and the available instruments of trade. We found out their graphical representation of the concept gives the trader a clearer understanding of the trade.

Traders are also able to get some in-depth knowledge of eXbino’s One Touch options, which allow an investor to determine whether a given asset’s price will reach the expected level before its expiration time. At first, their description of the concept did not sit well with us. However, their clear example accompanied by elaborate graphs acted as an eye-opener. An investor just cannot guess what he is missing on the platform until he masters the One Touch binary options trading. Your experience and opportunities with the platform just get richer.

Are you a newcomer in the world of binary options and do not understand the Above/Below options? There is no need to panic since eXbino settles the issue on its above/below subsection. Their examples nail home the concept and enable investors make wise decisions. The education center also gives useful highlights on Boundary and Short Term options.

In our view, Exbino is the only broker we have come across who provides elaborate information concerning the various types of binary options they trade. A first-time trader should expect to sharpen his/her skills on the different options after exhaustively going through the education center.

Forex Platform

exBino is a 2 in 1 website that the current generation of traders has been searching. You can finally trade binary options and forex simultaneously!

When it comes to providing a thrilling alternative to the regular binary options, eXbino tops the industry by providing foreign exchange on the currency market. You can earn many profits without investing too much into your initial funds. Switching between eXbino,s Binary Options and Forex is just one click away. You may be afraid to take the move because of the possibility of hidden charges, fees, and commissions. However, our team investigated the platform and found out that there is absolutely nothing like that.

The moment you enter the Forex platform, you will feel secure since the platform hands over to you substantial control over your trades. Unlike the traditional foreign exchange markets, eXbino gives traders an opportunity to pip values, control risks, receive unlimited returns, forex ebook, and a zero margin.

Forex trading with Exbino
Forex trading with Exbino

Final Thoughts

eXbino is an excellent Broker that every trader needs to bring his/her trading experience at an entirely new level. It is the first time our team have come across a website that provide both binary options and foreign exchange trading on the same platform. This 2 in 1 platform ensures traders do all their currency trading on the same platform without any hidden charges. Their TechFinancials platform is user-friendly and displays all the features that an operator requires to execute his trading, depositing and withdrawing activities. The moment you land on the platform, the software makes you feel secure as you quickly navigate through it to make trades. You have many options to make your payment, depending on your preference. All traders can find their niche on this platform since it offers various levels of accounts and free education materials. You also get entitled to attractive bonuses and promotions, introductory training and an account manager. EXbino’s customer support system and professionals are always professional and informational to ensure no one is stuck when trading on the platform. Although we removed some scores from the website, it is still among the most sought-after trading brokers. We highly recommend this site for those traders who want to make a kill in their trading endeavors.

Overall review we will give Exbino 4,5 stars out of 5 as a binary options broker site. [yasr_overall_rating]

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